Young Writers Society


About the YWS Team

The YWS Team is split into six primary groups: Administrators, Global Moderators, Storybook Crew, Resources Crew, General Literature Crew, and Poetry Crew.

The Administrators are responsible for directing the overall direction of the site, including making sure that the site remains active and relevant. Global Moderators assist the administrators and act as a pseudo-Board of Directors for the Young Writers Society. They also help with ensuring the overall excellence of the site.

Each crew is responsible for a specific section of the Young Writers Society:

  • Storybooks Crew - Manages the Storybooks section
  • Resources Crew - Manages the Resources category in the Forums section
  • General Literature Crew - Manages the Article / Essay, Novel / Chapter, Other, Script, and Short Story categories in the Literary area
  • Poetry Crew - Manages Lyrics and Poetry in the Literary area

In addition to the above, each Crew has moderating powers over the Community forums.

Who should I contact for help?

If you need help with something specific on YWS, the first person you should contact is someone whose responsibilites cover that area. For example, if you need help with a Storybook, you'd contact someone in the Storybook Crew.

If you need general help, feel free to contact anyone on the list provided below. You can also use the 'Contact Us' form.

Meet the YWS Team

Owner and Founder: Nathan Caldwell


Global Moderators

Storybooks Crew

Resources Crew

General Literature Crew

Poetry Crew

In addition, a number of volunteers have contributed to YWS over the years but are no longer active on the site due to other commitments. Members in dark blue are former Junior Moderators, while members in orange are either former admins or former global moderators.

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