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I joined YWS almost a decade ago, and it was a creative outlet for me then, but also an incredible source of learning and growth. I'm 21 now, and recently returned from four months studying Anthropology in Tanzania. In a few more months, I will graduate with a degree in Anthropology. Creative writing has been put on a back burner to make room for social theory and trying to understand just how the world works, but words and this site still hold a huge place in my heart.


I like animals, mountaineering, rock climbing, aerials, travel, the outdoors, classical piano, handcrafts, running, reading, writing, anthropology & social theory.

Too often we crave the extraordinary in life, without even learning how to cherish the ordinary first. Friend, I promise you this: if you can learn to take joy in the simple mundane things in life, the extraordinary will take care of itself, it'll be on its way, hurrying towards you. But if you skip the first part, it'll ever evade you.
— Arcticus