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death's flowers hang from the Wisteria, delicate and warm

  • Spearmint
    6 hours ago

    *pokes head in*
    *hands over wisteria ice cream and veggies*
    thank you for all you do for yws, Wist! ^^ it's lovely to have your energy and presence around, especially for RPMo. hope you're doing well <3

  • KateHardy @Spearmint was responsible for that I believe
    16 hours ago

    Spearmint wait really?? XD i have no recollection of that, so i feel like this was before YVS... but shhhhhhhh we can say it is ;D
    13 hours ago

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  • #thankamod

    I just want to extend some gratitude towards the active RP Crew for doing so much for both LSS and RPMO right now. I know it's a lot of work running two events at the same time, so I wanted to thank all of you.

    @Omni, the creator of LSS and the biggest supplier of RPs this month. Thank you for your ingenuity, your encouragement, and all of the opportunities you provide to explore new worlds in new ways.

    @Spearmint for your positive attitude, and sweet spirit, as well as for co-running LSS this time. This event wouldn't be happening without you, and I know many people would not be participating without your kind words.

    @SilverNight for also running LSS despite being so busy in the real world and supporting the rest of the crew in any way she can. We couldn't do it without you either and we greatly appreciate everything you do for us.

    @KateHardy for pushing all of us to be better reviewers, joining almost every roleplay you see, and being so active in LSS OOCs. You're such a positive force everywhere on the site and you've done so much for RPMO, from keeping RPs alive to running the DM Dailies. RPMO wouldn't be the same without you.

    @Ley, our newest member of the crew but still a bright force. Thank you for joining this crazy crew and sticking with us. Thank you for jumping head-first into running LSS and RPMO, running LSS' fierce ad campaign, and creating the RP Workshop that helped so many new DMs create their roleplays.

    I appreciate every fellow mod on this site, but I know it's been a hectic time for the RP crew, so I wanted them to know that they're greatly appreciated for all they've done. Please join me in thanking the mods on our site because YWS would not be the same without them <333

    Ley <3333 and thank you for all you’ve done as well. All your accomplishments and effort has not gone unnoticed. We love you <3333
    Jul 19, 2024

    Spearmint <333 thank you, Wist :'D and thank you for running so many events and roleplays as well, and always being eager to invite new people into the wonderful world of roleplaying. your expertise and creativity and love for roleplaying really give life to yws
    Jul 19, 2024

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  • RangerofIthilien wrote:

    A new Storybook brought to you my @KateHardy and I!

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  • Hey! Just a friendly reminder to update your Checklist Challenge as we go through RPMO ^^ There’s a total of four badges you can win, with challenges that match your level whether you’re new to this or an experienced veteran. We already have two people who qualify for the Completionist badge! But all those who are only aiming for beginner or intermediate are also welcome and we wish you the best of luck ^^

    To check it out, go here: Roleplay Month 2024 Checklist Challenge

  • “I am sometimes more doubt than man.”
    - Welcome to Nightvale

  • Spearmint wrote:This is a very cool roleplay!! If you like fairytales, fantasy, poetry, or writing (which is probably all of you :p), why not check it out? ;)
    Inferno wrote:

    Is there a brave soul who yearns to lifeguard a mighty LSS crew? Arghhh! You're in luck, matey! There is a majestic ship with this exact role open. The LSS: Once Upon A Time roleplayers are recruiting. Do you have the courage to brave the seas along side us? To pull this hearty crew together, intertwine storylines, and contribute to an exhilarating adventure? Hop on, and see where the waves of roleplayin' will take ya'!

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  • omg 3 stars???? *screams*

    Spoiler! :
    and you said you weren't a reviewer *glares* CAP

    WeepingWisteria I knowwww. I don’t even know who I am anymore.
    Spoiler! :
    Heyy I wasn’t a reviewer until you and Kate showed up and made me a Trapper >:(

    Jul 13, 2024

    Spoiler! :
    and I'm glad we did because look at you now ;)

    Jul 13, 2024

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ Congratulations on your new star! :D ☆ ☆ ☆

    WeepingWisteria Thank youuuu
    Jul 13, 2024

  • Another star!! Congratsss! :D

    WeepingWisteria Thanksss
    Jul 13, 2024

  • You did itttt! I'm so proud of youuu! Such a big streakk!

    WeepingWisteria >.> This was the only thing you needed to do. Your wall post was unneeded.
    Jul 13, 2024

    KateHardy But it wasss
    Jul 13, 2024

  • Congratulations on your third review star!! I've still got 29 more reviews to go hehe

    WeepingWisteria Thanks so much!! You got this <33 I believe in youuu :D
    Jul 13, 2024

  • Hehe new aesthetic :3

  • Have I conquered my fear of the green room? It's seeming more likely...

Do. Or do not. There is no try.
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