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  • Secret life
    Not all secrets are lie
    Not- Guilty secret

    It starts with a word
    wrapped in guilt
    then choked with secrets
    A life of lie

  • Anyone else here use bibisco?? Any other similar places for your novel writing?

    Kaia Im not that familiar with what bibisco can do because if I'm not mistaken you have to pay for it. I use Obsidian a notes app that functions quite well as a writers app. I also use the little outdated yWriter7.
    Jun 20, 2024

  • YAYYY Well done all you guys!
    EllieMae wrote:We did it, friends!! We found the second gosling!!! :D

    KateHardy wrote:
    The Second Gosling Has Been Found


    The green room is currently at 98 works which means we've successfully tracked down our second gosling successfully! Thank you yet again to everyone whose been awesome and done a review this month <33

    We did it yet again folks! Let's not stop now! Just one more gosling and the green room will be clear before you know it!

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  • There is a surprise in the green room. Some cleared space. Under 100 works. Do you know what that means!!!!

  • Main event~ Find the Three Goslings and Clean the Green Room Challenge

    The green room is now under 200 works. We brought down a minimum of 100 works in just 1 week, that is some great work by both the team members! The tiny mischievous guy was found lurking in the corners of green room and after we found the little guy we handed him back to his mama golden goose.

    The Order of Team Trappers takes the lead this week with 95 reviews just in a week! The Order of Team Tricksies can still keep up they are on 77 reviews. But I congratulate both the teams for their amazing work!

    For the members who are interested and want to get along with the mission, click the main thread and join a search team!

  • EllieMae wrote:
    EllieMae wrote:Image

    In the midst of the Great Tortoise Race and searching for the missing Goslings, The Golden Goose has decided that she wants us to refresh our review skills, to ensure that her babies are found and returned to her!

    Please join us on for Review 102! Some of you may remember Review 101, where we learned how to use BBCode, review templates, and detect AI in reviews. I am pleased to announce that Review 102 will be hosted by @EllieMae, @looseleaf, and the Golden Goose. In this workshop, we will celebrate our progress we have made so far, as well as practice review skills with some fun activities.

    Whether you have a few minutes or a few hours, feel free to pop by the workshop to chat and discuss review skills! The event will be hosted in Writer Feed Pad and the link will be posted on the day of the workshop. Hope to see you all there!

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  • KateHardy wrote:The green room is currently at 266 works which is almost 50 less than when June began! All those reviews are really making a big difference! Thank you to everyone whose been awesome and done a review this month <33

    Let's keep it up and the green room will be clear before we even realize it! Remember you don't have to do one a day or one a week, just one whenever you happen to be free this month, and it will make an impact!

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  • OrabellaAvenue wrote:A week in, and we still have eighteen tortoises competing!!! Before we congratulate these amazing people, I'd like to say thank you to YOU!! Whether you're still in the race or not, whether you've reviewed at all or not, you are amazing and please take care of your health. You are important.
    For those of you that dropped out of the race for one reason or another, thank you so much for trying!! Even if you only wrote one review, that made such a big difference. You have no idea how much one review can mean to a person.

    Now onto those still competing! Y'all are amazing! Reviewing something every day takes a lot of dedication, and you're making a difference! We're already a week in - about a forth of the way through! You all have got this, and you can keep going!!! I believe in every single one of you!!!
    @KateHardy, a champion so far with a crazy 31 reviews this month alone. That's more in a week than most people do in a month, and that is absolutely spectacular!!!
    @EllieMae with so many reviews so far as well! 13 reviews is, like, 2 reviews a day! With your kind and positive manner, I know your reviews are truly making a difference!!
    @RavenAkuma also with 13 reviews, you're not only kind to those around you, you also write such lovely, long, and detailed reviews.
    @Ley, our resident potato, is our lovely mythology writer. Also a writer of long reviews, you can see her writing with her new tortoise themed reviews that are lovely to look at and helpful to receive!
    @Moonlily, a champion of last months team tortoise, is back again, and reviewing stronger than ever! They only joined 2 months ago, but already have made a huge impact on the site!!
    @KaeRae88 is a lovely reviewer that joined just last month, and has already done so much! Although I haven't really met you, I'd love to get to know you, and know we're so thankful you're here and for all the reviewing you've done!!! Good luck with college!!!
    @Isbah has been growing more and more active around the site, and is so kind in all their messages! Glad you're reviewing, as I know your kindness will shine through those, too!!
    @goodolnoah is also a fairly newish member (wow we have so many!!). I love reading about your characters on your wall, and your drawings are beautiful! Thank you so much for all the reviews you've given to the site!
    @vampricone6783 is another team tortoise champion, who's been doing it for I have no idea how long. Has it been a year?? Over a year?? It's been months, at least.
    @Coffeewriter I can already tell you're so kind, and I unfortunately don't know you very well! I hope life gets less stressful for you, but thank you so much for all the reviews you've already given us!!
    @IcyFlame, a lovely GM, we're so lucky to have her!! She's been here for over ten years, and has helped me so much!! (Thank you, by the way, even when I messed stuff up XD) You're an amazing reviewer, and thank you for staying and helping on the site for so long. <3
    @Que also joined us a long time ago, and we're so glad they're here! Throughout the years, they've written so many amazing reviews, and I wish I could hear them play the piano.
    @Plume, another wonderful GM, has helped so much behind the scenes, and we're lucky to have this amazing person reviewing!!
    @Spearmint, how can I say thank you for everything you've done? Not only do you support, like, literally everyone, you're always kind and I honestly can't imagine the site without you!!
    @WeepingWisteria is a lovely JM and has been writing for, what, 14 years?? That's insane. I can't believe I don't know you very well yet; you're so kind and your poetry is beautiful!!!
    @TheRebel2007 has been nothing but kind and understanding, and their writing is so interesting! I've never seen their style before. Thank you for adding your lovely reviews to the site! It means so much!!
    @OrabellaAvenue, I- wait, who is this??? We 'ought to report her, her reviews are far too short. (I'm so confused who is this??? Why is she here??)
    @NoOneInParticular and last, but certainly not least, is one of our newest members, or maybe the newest? competing in Team Tortoise, they've been nothing but kind in the few interactions I've had with them. Thank you, and hope you'll like it here!!

    That being said, Team Tortoise, please don't burn yourself out. If you need to drop out of the race, no one will blame you at all!! Please take care of your health! It's so much more important than staying on a silly little online race.

    Thank you for everything, everyone! Have a great summer!! ☀️ 🌞 ☀️

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  • Spearmint wrote:Your attention for a moment please, lovely ywsers! If reviewing every day is a little too much for you, never fear; there are still many ways to participate in the review-based events this summer! Why not check out the Review a Week Challenge? :D Log one review every week to get a badge and a gosling-with-a-hat doodle! ^-^


    Take a look at all the other events here: viewforum.php?f=475

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  • please dont laugh at me....

    I never thought on it....

    turtle and tortoise are different!!!?? why did my mind never made the difference its soo obviouss

    EllieMae XD Same!!!! You aren’t the only one hahahah
    Jun 1, 2024

    Snoink OMG. XD
    Jun 1, 2024

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  • I feel that I have been not able to complete or focus on things I planned or wanted to do recently. I really wish to get things done and also focus on my loved things.

  • Kaia Enjoy!! ^^
    May 23, 2024

    Isbah YESSSS
    May 31, 2024

  • I am literally waiting for summer break I am tired of school!!

    EllieMae You got this, Alice!!! :D
    May 8, 2024

    Quillfeather You got this! But I relate because summer break starts next week for me and I have been counting down the days for sure
    May 8, 2024

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