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I'm a Writer, Sir.
by Dustbunny14 in Short Story » Dramatic

Dating The Grammar Police
by speakerskat in Poetry » Romantic

blue birth, cold stars
by Nightcrawler in Poetry » General

by cleverclogs in Poetry » Culture

An Unfinished Letter to the Whole and Healed
by deathwave1 in Poetry » Narrative

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  • Forums » Writing Activities
    What would your characters do?

    "The God of Thunder. It sounds cool. But then again, with Zeus and Thor assuming that position, it won't be unique. In that case, I choose the God of Hell. ...

    Lightsong - 2 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Indigena 2.0 DT

    Haha I know right!! Did the picture of the Fossa come up? It's not working on my computer :/

    Basil - 6 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    The Ruin on the Hill DT

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D You guys are great

    Verser - 6 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Storybooks
    Lincoln Wood Private College Prep

    @HazelGrace16 Philip will be her neighbor Philip Masterson Before going to prom "Aye, can you go get your mother some nice flowers?" my father asked me as I walked past ...

    Nike - 6 hours ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    Biggest Fear?

    I used to be really scared of dying, but now I'm at ease with the idea. My biggest fear nowadays is rejection..

    tigeraye - 6 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Lincoln Wood Private College Prep DT

    it's good to have you @HazelGrace16

    Nike - 7 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Dramatic, Other
    I'm a Writer, Sir.

    Hey there Dustbunny, Edel here for a review. In many ways this reminds me of my situation. Of course it is not exact. I have been laughed at and mocked ...

    Edelweiss - 7 hours ago

  • Reviews » Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Fantasy
    Ordadus- The Prologue (NEW)

    Yay more Ordadus!! :) I was really prepared to dislike this because I generally don't like prologues and I still think your first chapter is awesome . But this pleasantly ...

    Carlito - 8 hours ago

  • Short Story » Realistic, Narrative

    She threw punches that would make Cassius Clay jealous.

    tigeraye - 8 hours ago

  • Forums » Writer's Market
    fast essay writing

    But we're writer's- generally writing is what we do! :D

    Holysocks - 9 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Humor
    Billi Wack and the Story of Mystery- Chapter 4.2

    Where Billi goes inside Sarah's brain.

    Tuesday - 10 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Reviews » Short Story » Realistic, Literature
    The Failure | Unedited

    Hey there artybirdy! I'd just like to start by saying that I'm really impressed by the motivation behind this piece. This is an issue that I feel quite strongly about, ...

    Noldor - 10 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Dramatic, Other
    I'm a Writer, Sir.

    *claps* Holy snickerdoodle cookies, that was amazing. It was so, so inspiring and I loved the ending. Honestly, it was just breathtaking. You take a simple idea that everyone talks ...

    EternalRain - 11 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Hogwarts:Afterwards DT

    Can we do more than one character? I'd love to do 2 guys to mix things up a bit with gender stuff

    Gravity - 12 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    PMD: Seventeen Plates DT 3

    ^ That's both scary and really good to know. Hope I'll have the chance to tango with Terrakion or Virizion, but we'll see... I'll just focus on my first thing ...

    Tortwag - 12 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, General
    A Good Little Soldier- Chapter Seven

    Sage and Silver reach the Snowrunner lands, Potentate Hope is introduced.

    kayfortnight - 12 hours ago

I can't understand why people are frightened by new ideas. I'm frightened of old ones.
— John Cage