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About Megrim

You've found your way to Megrim's Resources Page For People Who Really Like Writing Like Super A Lot And Maybe Want To Do It For A Living!

I'm a professional full-time writer of science fiction and fantasy, represented by Caitlin McDonald of the Donald Maass Literary Agency. I used to be a veterinarian, but turns out that's a horribly depressing job and I spent a lot of time crying and being miserable. So I took the plunge, gave my notice, and now I'm doing something I'm much more passionate about.

My existence on YWS is to be a resource for young aspiring authors. I'm part of the Resources crew because I spend most of my time in Resources, but I consider myself an independent party. My main focus is to be a lifeline of sorts for those who are traveling a similar path: those with a strong professional interest in writing and the craft of writing, and/or anyone dying in their current job or life situation and looking to pursue their passion.

Megrim's Super Awesome Services

1. Critique On Request - Because I write and edit on a professional level, I'm not great at toning it down for hobby writers and youngsters. Therefore I prefer to critique on a request basis, rather than inflicting myself on unsuspecting victims.
-> Head to my WRFF if interested: The 'grim is coming for you.

2. Query Critiques - You don't get yourself to the stage of having an agent without having looked at lots, and lots, and lots of queries. I can look at yours too, if you want.
-> Post on the WRFF or PM me your query.

3. Critique Critiques - If me stomping all over your writing isn't enough, I can also stomp all over your critiquing. I have tips and tricks for all skill levels.
-> Check out this thread for a public thrashing: Megrim's Critique Crucible

4. Professional Writing Advice - Are you miserable in your job? Do you think you're ready to start querying? Is self-publishing the right choice for you? Look no further--you've found your one-stop-shop for mediocre and subjective life advice.
->PM for a private conversation, or tag me wherever necessary.

5. Link City - If you have a writing question, I probably have a Writing Excuses podcast link for you. Plus a lot of other stuff.
->PM for a more in-depth conversation, or tag me wherever necessary.


YWS articles from me:
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PS: ... This video about critiquing is AMAZING.


Both my agent and I love strong female characters, diversity, and all things geeky. I write a lot of LGBT and disabled characters. And like, secret identities, magic powers, romance, and explosions.




What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.
— Albert Pines