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About Megrim

You've found your way to Megrim's Resources Page For People Who Really Like Writing Like Super A Lot And Maybe Want To Do It For A Living!

I'm a professional full-time writer of science fiction and fantasy, represented by Caitlin McDonald of the Donald Maass Literary Agency. I used to be a veterinarian, but turns out that's a horribly depressing job and I spent a lot of time crying and being miserable. So I took the plunge, gave my notice, and now I'm doing something I'm much more passionate about.

My existence on YWS is to be a resource for young aspiring authors. I'm part of the Resources crew because I spend most of my time in Resources, but I consider myself an independent party. My main focus is to be a lifeline of sorts for those who are traveling a similar path: those with a strong professional interest in writing and the craft of writing, and/or anyone dying in their current job or life situation and looking to pursue their passion.

Megrim's Super Awesome Services

1. Critique On Request - Because I write and edit on a professional level, I'm not great at toning it down for hobby writers and youngsters. Therefore I prefer to critique on a request basis, rather than inflicting myself on unsuspecting victims.
-> Head to my WRFF if interested: The 'grim is coming for you.

2. Query Critiques - You don't get yourself to the stage of having an agent without having looked at lots, and lots, and lots of queries. I can look at yours too, if you want.
-> Post on the WRFF or PM me your query.

3. Critique Critiques - If me stomping all over your writing isn't enough, I can also stomp all over your critiquing. I have tips and tricks for all skill levels.
-> Check out this thread for a public thrashing: Megrim's Critique Crucible

4. Professional Writing Advice - Are you miserable in your job? Do you think you're ready to start querying? Is self-publishing the right choice for you? Look no further--you've found your one-stop-shop for mediocre and subjective life advice.
->PM for a private conversation, or tag me wherever necessary.

5. Link City - If you have a writing question, I probably have a Writing Excuses podcast link for you. Plus a lot of other stuff.
->PM for a more in-depth conversation, or tag me wherever necessary.


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PS: ... This video about critiquing is AMAZING.


Both my agent and I love strong female characters, diversity, and all things geeky. I write a lot of LGBT and disabled characters. And like, secret identities, magic powers, romance, and explosions.




Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.
— C. Northcote Parkinson