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roleplaying is my platonic love language

  • Big Brother wrote:Hi everyone, with all the fun reviewing events happening right now this is a important message from your moderator team:

    Do not use AI writing tools to generate the majority of your review. While these tools can be fun to experiment with for your own work and can even aid writers as a tool in generating creating prompts and ideas, representing these types of AI generated writing as your own is unfair to other reviewers and unfair to the authors who are hoping for human (or maybe goose?) feedback.

    As a writing website, YWS exists to promote creative writing and the sharing of writing feedback between writers, representing AI generated writing as your own undermines those things, so it is important that we take this issue seriously. AI writing can be hard to spot, so we are relying on you as fellow writers and community members to act with honesty in representing your work and your reviews.

    If a user is found to be using AI reviews those will be treated as both spam and plagiarism, the review may be removed along with the points earned from them, and the user may be banned from the site. Please reach out to a moderator if you have any questions or suspect that you have received an AI generated review.

    Good luck reviewing this month, YWS!

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  • Liminality wrote:Looking for something to inspire your writing? Try participating in one of the many interesting threads in the Writing Activities forum!

    What would your characters do? invites a bit of roleplay and a think about how your character might respond to a situation.

    Connotations gets you thinking about imagery and symbols.

    Haiku Train and Tanka Train get you to write a poem based on lines someone has written in theirs, in the previous post.

    What's Happening In The Story? invites you to respond to a short scene or paragraph with what you think is happening and to post a scene of your own.

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  • just watched thomas sanders' new cartoon therapy episode on into the spiderverse, and i'm starting to realize that this might actually be something i really want to pursue.

    Spoiler! :
    phpBB [media]

    Mageheart wrote:what if i...wrote a novel with a main character with funky gender vibes. will it easily get published? probably not. do i think it'll be the most visceral piece of writing i've written since i wrote a self-insert novel in 7th grade? yes.

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  • here's another #teaser because i impulsively wrote a second chapter today of that fmab fic

    “I’m sorry,” Envy muttered, even though he really wasn’t. They ran their fingers through Nina’s hair. He couldn’t promise to make things better. The only thing he could do was promise to not let things get worse. “It’s not safe for you to be home anymore. I’m going to get you and Alexander somewhere safe.”

    “Don’t…like…game,” Nina decided.

    “We’ll play better games later,” Envy promised, all too reminded of Gluttony and Sloth then. “Did he hurt you?”

    Nina shook her head.

    That was something good, at least.

    “We need to wait here awhile first,” Envy said. “We’re…playing hide-and-seek. We have to win.”

    Nina nodded.

    The three of them sat there in the alleyway. Envy wasn’t sure for how long. The rain kept pouring, and the world kept moving beyond the alleyway’s entrance. Tucked behind a row of boxes, no one could easily see the soaked soldier and humanoid dog.

  • ended up writing more of that fic today~ here's a fun #teaser from it!

    Envy pushed aside the strange little knot in their stomach.

    “I’ll think of something,” Envy said, distracted.

    Edward and Alphonse mulled it over.

    “Maybe you could go out with her and Alexander!” Alphonse suggested. Suddenly remembering where the last member of their little group was, he added, “You could go by the shops downtown. You could run into Uncle Reyes there.”

    “Maybe,” Envy said, uncertainty lacing his voice. His hand went to his thigh. He didn’t like this kind of weather. It reminded him too much of-

    The three of them went to take a right. Envy saw a flash of long, black hair. Eyes widening, Envy spun around, hearing the ghost of a laugh that sounded all too familiar. Walking in the opposite direction down the street was a woman that reminded them so much of her that it made their chest hurt. Her hair was so much longer. Her arm was intertwined with one of a blond-haired man dressed in a soldier’s uniform. Envy couldn’t see her face from this angle, but he knew it was just his mind playing tricks on him. It wasn’t her.

    “William?” Alphonse quietly asked. “What’s wrong?”

    Envy finally tore his gaze away from the couple. They were a speck on the horizon, now.

    “Nothing,” he said. They tried to think of Nina, or Alexander, or of Reyes, but all that they could think of was her solemn but soft face, asking them to promise to be safe as she ruffled their hair one last time.

    Edward and Alphonse exchanged a glance, but they didn’t push it.

  • if my last wall post didn't give it away im 👀ing my old good!homunculi au fanfiction for fullmetal alchemist brotherhood/the manga, which was deliciously angsty for multiple reasons.

    and also there's a monstrous shapeshifter with self-image issues, so why wouldn't i want to write more of that?

    (im genuinely not sure how many people on yws know fmab, but, if you do: the cliffhanger i left off on was the lead up to the whole thing with nina. the cast met nina, but certain events have yet to transpire)

  • me, this past week: i need to go to bed before 9 the first chance i get im too tired all the time-

    me, tonight apparently: stays up until @ least 11 making an in-depth slideshow exploring the world building of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

  • suddenly realized my guy's parents in #RoommatesWIP would get along adorably well with edna fisher and im 🥺🥺🥺 at the thought of them having a little lunch date while talking about their found families

    for context: my dude kody is the one lucky member of the friend group who has a good relationship with his parents (and is out to them!) so his parents let him invite all of his friends to every single family event. they're also RIDICULOUSLY considerate of each friend's needs, too.

    Mageheart @BluesClues just realized i should probably tag u in this post akjdhfgkad
    Jun 3, 2023

    BluesClues omg that is SO CUTE and yes I love this <333 then they combine found families and Edna's like the grandma of the found family and the parents are the parents of the found family
    Jun 3, 2023

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  • kinda fascinated by how i swapped being out at school and in the closet at home to being in the closet at school and out at home instead-

  • Queer Inklings wrote:happy pride, fellow queer inklings!

    this is the current club admin, mage. i've admittedly fallen seriously behind on actually running this club, but wanted to share some fun links with you from the club.

    one of the topics i've always loved in this club is the pronoun testing room. questioning gender is a frequent queer experience, and that topic is a great place to test out pronouns you think you might vibe with. you can post there as many times as you like with as many pronouns as you like, too!

    pride can be a stressful time, sometimes, too, and queer jokes is a great little pick-me-up. i may or may not be a frequent poster in that topic, seeing that i'm very queer and very much love puns. dad jokes for the win!

    got some queer works here on yws? then pop by the your queer works topic! alternatively, if you're looking for some queer things to read this pride, swing by there, too.

    and on that topic: want some queer reading recs off of yws? favourite queer books? has you covered.

    i can't promise i'll be the fastest at editing them, but there's also avatar requests, a thread where you can request queer pride icons! i've made them for years at this point, and will always be happy to make more. gotta rep those flags!

    as two last little notes that are only somewhat related to pride: if you ever have any ideas for this club, feel free to pop them over into club ideas! and if you're interested in admining this club, please let me know. i'm not nearly active enough to do it myself these days, and i'd love for this club to flourish back to its old activity levels.


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  • happy pride month, yws! pride always hits a little different here than it does on other websites and in my life away from the screen—the first group of people i really came out to were my fellow ywsers (especially the members of Queer Inklings because yws had always been filled with some of the kindest, most accepting people i know.

    this year is also a pretty big one for me. last pride, i was out to my brother, and may have come out to my mom as well. but i chickened out before the month ended and never told my dad. it wasn't until this past year that i fully came out.

    (i do suspect that mom at least hinted at it, but that's never been confirmed or denied. she was the one who gave me the little push, though, after he was cool enough to get a pride flag for our front yard.)

    being out hasn't really impacted my life at home, but, this pride, i'm grateful that i can be out with my family. i hope the other queer members of yws can all find that comfort, safety, and joy with someone in their lives—whether it's at home, with irl or online friends, or right here on yws.

    BluesClues <333
    Jun 2, 2023

  • Spearmint wrote:*gasp* is that a new tagbook i see?? eeeee!! :3


    (psst, click the image! c: )

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  • Spearmint wrote: reviews! rewards! geese! :]

    Hey, you! Yes, you! c: Have you done a Green Room review today? If so, make sure to log it so you can claim some awesome badges and doodles!

    1. If you're in a team, add your review to the total count! Team Maple Team Lily (If you haven't joined a team yet, go sign up in this thread! ^^)
    2. If you write 5 Green Room reviews between June 1 and August 1, you can complete the Following the Feathers Challenge and claim a badge and green hat avvie!
    3. If you do 10 GR reviews, you can log them at the KotGR Main Challenge thread and claim a badge and custom drawing from me! =D I can draw flowers, buildings, and occasionally characters~
    4. You don't need to do GR reviews for this next one! Any reviews count towards the Review A Week Challenge. The rewards are a badge and a goose doodle from alliyah (who makes some pretty mean bird doodles)!
    5. If we, as a site, manage to clear the Green Room by August 1, we'll celebrate with a super fun social week and free works for 3 days! If you haven't done a GR review yet, why not pull out your sword/spear/pen/weapon of choice and get to fighting those green beasts? ;)

    Last thing: check out the Summer Review Events forum for more info and cool things, like a tagbook! Happy reviewing!! =D

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  • pov: you just realize that ur school doesnt have heating but that you're probably also expected to wear long pants all year 👀

— looseleaf