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roleplaying is my platonic love language

  • Areastrixleiell
    Jul 3, 2024

    Thinking of you this role-play month <3 It's been a blast with the new folks who've taken over your niche, but I remember when you were the main one creating role-plays and joining all of them, so it feels a tad strange not seeing another Mage RP, or seeing you around discussion threads.
    I hope your well and living your best life <3
    This is Ashllyn btw, Phoenix obviously.

  • alliyah
    May 29, 2024

    Mage! Wishing you well wherever you are in the world at the moment! And also happy belated birthday - I think you have a May bday!

  • Spearmint
    May 28, 2024

    miss ya, Mage <3

  • Hkumar
    May 24, 2024

    Hope you are doing good <3

  • fantasies
    May 19, 2024

    hi, it’s PaigeFantasy

  • Happy birthday!

  • Spearmint
    Apr 15, 2024

    hope you're doing well, Mage!! <3

  • i was wondering why it felt so empty on yws... we miss you mage <3

  • Hey Mage --

    (I'm pretty proud of knowing you with a lot of your past usernames.)

    I hope you're doing well. I miss talking to you and RPing with some of our various characters over the years. Also, I have kind of exciting news -- I'm getting my teaching credential in biology during the next few months which made me think of you and how teaching might be going for you!

    I hope you're still having fun RPing and writing and teaching students <3

    - Perks/Keystrings

  • Dossereana
    Feb 25, 2024

    Hye Mage hope you doing well, haven't seen you in awhile!!! <333

    By the way the avatar is still awesome! :wink:

  • Random avatar
    Feb 17, 2024

    Hey there Magester, I've been thinking of you alot, and I hope life is treating you well <33

  • Spearmint
    Jan 5, 2024

    happy (late) new year, Mage!!

  • momonster
    Dec 10, 2023

    hey mage! i hope you're doing well; miss seeing you around the site <3

  • alliyah
    Dec 10, 2023

    Hey! <3 Hope you are well Mage! It's been a bit!

  • hi yws <3

    it's been awhile since i was seriously active on here, but i've recently been bitten by the #NaNo bug like i usually am this time of year, and just had to pop on by while it was on my mind. still settling on a novel idea right now, but right now i keep feeling the VERY strong urge to somehow rewrite my seventh grade self-insert novel.

    no matter what, i have a feeling this will be the #NaNo with me being way more true to me, either with a slightly gender funky protagonist or a platonic love story between a girl MC and a boy MC.

    Dossereana So glad to see you back Mage!!!!!!!! <333333
    Oct 23, 2023

    Random avatar
    deleted32 Happy to see you around again, my friend <33
    Oct 23, 2023

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