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Why I believe in God.

by TakeThatYouFiend


is not a belief at all.

It is a knowledge.

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Fri Feb 19, 2016 1:43 am
DrFeelGood says...

I love your audacity. No wonder, this turned out to be a controversial piece.

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Sun Oct 05, 2014 4:13 am
CuriosityCat wrote a review...

Wow! This is cool!

I think it's also very very VERY cool that you made this a haiku. Haikus are fun, but they're surprisingly fiddly beasts, and I love when you get them to work. :P

My favorite line is the last one: "It is a knowledge." It's just. SO. AWESOME. In fact, I think it's so awesome, I don't know what the heck I am saying right now. I have deleted over seven versions of an explanation for why I like it so much but I can't make even ONE work right. I just like it because it's kind of enchanting and interesting and for some reason makes me get all... philosophical about things. I dunno.

~Curiosity killed the cat

P.S.: By the way, thank you for NOT trying to stuff this down our throats. It's not rude to write a poem about something you are passionate about, no matter how controversial it is, as long as you aren't being mean about other people's beliefs while you're at it.

P.P.S.: I am not actually Christian. :)

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Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:46 pm
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GreenLight24 says...

I love how this short poem is garnering all this attention. XD ;) So I must give u props for the controversial quality of this. Well played. Lol.

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:51 pm
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Master_Yoda wrote a review...

I read this expecting to discover why you believe in God, and you clarified for me. You don't know why you believe in God, but have had some sort of revelation or indoctrination that convinces you that God exists. I have regretfully not had the same revelation, so I must rely on my own experiences to shape my beliefs and convictions about God.

I am not a Christian, but I am a religious Jew, and even if I were to replace your first line with "Judaism", I would feel let down by this poem. I am convinced only of the fact that you are unable to express why you truly believe, and hence I am left skeptical of your beliefs.

A quick,

"I see the crops grow
as white powdery snow melts
to magical spring."

Would do a far better job of convincing me to believe in God than what you have wrought. Sorry.

If you are looking for a more substantial argument Windsailor posted a link to a work like that a little further down.

Master_Yoda says...

You misunderstand me. I am happy with my beliefs and fully understand why I believe. I was simply reviewing this as a poem, and highlighting what I believe to be its flaws.

And I was merely highlighting it as a good poem, with the characteristics you were looking for in my own.

in order to belive in the Lord you do not need a revalation or mystical expiriance, all you need to do is chose to belive in the ovious. i mean, have you seen the evidance that scientist have uncovered?? its like everything points back to him! its crazy! and if you dont belive in the evidance have you seen what eveloutionists have to come up with to contradict it?! its absurd the idias that they come up with. take, for example, fosils. certain scientiste say that it would have taken millions of years to make one. they only say that because of how much rock and dirt was built on top them, that actual fosiaization proces only takes a few years! we, as christians, have a simple but effective answer for all this debrie on top of fossils. Noah's flood. and, aside from that, the flood would have put up the correct conditons for an ice age. one, singular, ice age. there is evidance for that. that is only a smigen of evidance that we have for an inteliagant designer, who we call by many names: God,Lord, Yaway, the Alfa and the Omega (biggining and end), Jesus, Christ, Father. so in conclusion, i have nothing els to say but that i am a beliver in the one, true, and loving God.
-A Beliver In Christ.

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:35 pm
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Love it.

That is all. XD


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Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:57 pm
racket wrote a review...

Racket, here to review your marvelous, amazing, perfect poem.
I'm going to repeat that: ...marvelous, amazing, perfect poem.
Dude, this is awesome! It is so straightforward, it tells you the complete and utter truth that is the key to any existence. The last line, especially.

It is a knowledge.

Perfect, absolutely perfect. Dude, I think you should go post this everywhere and anywhere, it's so short, simple and beautiful. It is perfect and that is all I can say.
Except one thing. By a writer's point of view, their shouldn't be a period in the second line, just a comma. But besides, that, this is a wonderful poem, I cannot wait to read more of your wonderful literature. Thank you for writing what Believers are constantly thinking.

I think the Hayaku demands a period, I read a forum about it somewhere. The writer of that forum is welcome to make a link.

racket says...

I see. I just think it ruins the flow of the poem. I was told that you can have any punctuation in any poem, or something like that. Good job, by the way, on your marvelous poem.

Sureal says...

A comma would be grammatically incorrect, so I vote you don't do that. :p

Google 'comma splice' to get an idea of why it would be incorrect. I'd try to write up an explanation myself, but it's a tad complicated and I'm currently on my phone.

rhiasofia says...

Just gonna toss this out there, it is properly spelled Haiku. Not hayaku. Hayaku isn't a word.

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:57 am
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Gravity wrote a review...

Honestly, I laugh at people who take this personally, as if you're trying to shove our belief down their throats.

To us, it is a knowledge. That's what you're emphasizing. I love this, and not just because I'm Christian. Looking at it from an atheists point of view, I would still love this. Because to believe in something so truly, with so much of your heart that it's not a belief anymore, it's a KNOWLEDGE, that is something truly incredible.

Bravo to your wonderful poem. Thank you for writing it, and for explaining my faith to me, better than I've ever been able to explain it to myself. It's funny how just 17 syllables can bring tears to my eyes.

Definitely Keep Writing, God be with you.


(I know thanks is impersonal (which is negated by this message) but I don't know what else to say)

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:21 am
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Joe wrote a review...

Hello it's joe to the reviewing rescue

Yikes no wonder this sparked so much controversy.
Ok just to start I'm a christian so this isn't like I'm saying there's no god only an empty vacuum of darkness that is space. So now that that's out there.
Isn't this completely biased and belittling to other religions? And I know you must be yawning because you've heard this over and over but it's true! In future I'd refrain from putting hardcore religious stuff on here cus' there's only one audience and you make a ton of other people very mad.
I'm also Buddhist (yes you can be both) and I think god can be believed in any form. Wether vishnu or Buddha as long as they bring people together in a peaceful manner.
So yah over all I don't like this because it's so controversial. But congrats on all the likes and reviews! :)

TakeThatYouFiend (love the name)

P.S do you believe in evolution I'm actually curious to know.


I do belive in evolution, it seems likely and the best theory at the time.
As to the audience, I think people can guess the religious content from the title, and they read it out of choice.

CorianderLee says...

@Joe Hi there I have a, well I don't really know what to call it. A question? a Statement? (God forbid) an opinion? Just know that I do not look for an argument, but when I read your post I was somewhat confused.
You say you are a Christian and Buddhist. How can that be when in the bible it says well over 30 times that God is the Only god and the only way to eternal life.
"Yahweh, He is God; there is no other besides Him." Deuteronomy 4:35
"See now that I, I am He, And there is no god besides Me" Deuteronomy 32:39
Yahweh is God; there is no one else." 1 Kings 8:60
O Lord, there is none like You, nor is there any God besides You" 1 Chronicles 17:20
I am the first and I am the last, And there is no God besides Me." Isaiah 44:6
Now you did say "I think god can be believed in any form. Wether vishnu or Buddha as long as they bring people together in a peaceful manner."
So I think what your saying is that you believe in "A" god just not "The" God.
So in other words your theist? (Belief in the existence of a god or gods, especially belief in a personal God as creator and ruler of the world.)
But If you were truly a Christian you would not believe that Vishnu or any other god from any other religion was the same God.
I hope I don't sound like I'm pointing fingers. I'm only stating christian beliefs. If you care to explain your beliefs further I would like to listen.

I think Buddhism is a way of life, and I am not sure it has a God, but I might be wrong.

Joe says...

Hey everybody.

CorianderLee I was trying to say that there is just one god but different people see him in different ways. If that makes sense.

TakeThatYouFiend Buddhism does have many gods but for me it's more of a way of life you're right.

CorianderLee says...

Ok I see ^-^
Then yes, that would be theism.

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:27 am
WindSailor says...

The Christian Defense In defense of what TakeThatYouFiend believes.

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:16 am
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Willard wrote a review...

I'm going to spill it all out here. This is a poem that garnered a lot of responses. I can see why. This has 20 likes for Christ sakes. I'm going to say what I disliked about this poem
One word to describe this: Biased. "A knowledge." That's a pretty out there move. When they say its knowledge, I can't help but disagree. Where's the proof God exists? I do believe in Evolution, but I can't believe in God. I always disliked works like this. There are a lot of people already shoving religion down our throats. After this, its already down 29 inches. I have no problems with this poem, just the idea. Don't stop reading, because I do like somethings about this.
This holds one hell of a statement, and I LOVE that. When a message this powerful can make people riot, you know you have something powerful. I love how you can do that, and how it holds a punch. This is simply genius though this is simple. I always love when someone does this. Bravo, Fiend
Overall, iffy message, great overall
Strange gives you...
Off the charts!
Great job
Keep writing
Stay groovy Fiend

Jony says...

I think that what the author was trying to get at in this poem, instead of saying that Christianity is knowledge, is that those who celebrate the religion don't just believe it, they simply know that it is true to themselves.

Thanks, and thanks Jony, you explain it well.

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 10:54 pm
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Snoink wrote a review...

Hi Fiend!

Wow, this piece has certainly got tons of reviews! It's probably a nice feeling to have all these people post thoughts and whatnot on your work... even though some of the responses have been less than flattering, it shows that people do care enough to post a response!

This poem is really short, and sometimes I think that these short kinds of poems that turn out to be quips can be pretty neat. In fact, sometimes short poems are the best! However, there is one contradictory thing about this poem that sticks out like a sore thumb, especially because of the shortness of the piece, that is driving me crazy, so I figured I would point it out and let you, the author, figure out what you want to do!

The thing that bugs me is that your title says, "Why I believe in God." So, it indicates that you have a belief in God. Which is cool. Yay for believing in God! Go you!

Then, in your first two lines, you say, "Christianity/ is not a belief at all."

And so I stared at the poem and thought, "What?"

I mean. Think about it. This poem is very short. The title is five words, the poetry is eleven words. So, basically, with the title and the poem together, the title consists of approximately a third of the entire text. Which is a lot. So, in the case of short poems, your title MUST add something very important to the poem. For instance (and I'm not trying to be a braggart here, but this poem was the first thing that came to mind) I wrote a short poem called, alternative history OR how the wooden horse never came to be. The title indicates the Trojan War, so just in case you have no idea who Menelaus is, you have somewhere to fall back on.

For this poem, your title contradicts the entire point of your poem. Which is baffling, and it makes your message horribly unclear and strange and rather un-Christian. Are you saying that belief is contradictory? In a scholarly circle, such a thing might be interpreted. Are you saying that your personal belief in God is incompatible with knowledge? In a scholarly setting, such a thing might be interpreted. Are you saying that Christianity is merely a religious knowledge, and so there is no real belief in Christ at all, but that belief in God can extend beyond the limited confines of Christianity? It can also be interpreted as that. So, your title is really doing a disservice to your poem... or your poem is doing a disservice to your title. One of those two!

In fact, it's really hard to find the pro-Christian part of this poem. In order to make it pro-Christian, you have to basically take the title separately from the poem and the poem separately from the title and not combine the two at all. Which means, you can't really read the poem properly. Mind you, I am pretty sure this is supposed to be a pro-Christian poem, so thus I am reading it this way, and thus warning you about what I see. But, if I saw this in a poetry book, I would assume that it was actually against Christianity and it viewed God with a more universalist manner, i.e., you don't need Christ to find God.

SO. With this said...

If the piece is trying to show the contradictory nature of Christianity, it's probably a good idea to leave it be.

If this piece is supposed to be pro-Christianity, yet still short, I think it might be better to change the title or change the poem and make them non-contradictory. Is this hard? Yep. Not pretending that it isn't. But, as a pro-Christian piece, I don't see how it can be thought of as pro-Christian, when you really think about it.

If this piece is supposed to be pro-Christianity, yet you want to keep the title and the poem, you should probably consider lengthening it and explaining your position more. This may seem to be unpoetic at first, but actually many poets use the first lines as a kind of controversial opening to bring readers into their ideas more. Terence, this is stupid stuff by A.E. Housman comes to mind immediately, where he starts off with a controversial statement and then goes on (in verse) to talk more about that statement in a rather blatant way and why he does what he does! Daddy by Sylvia Plath also kind of does this, but in a much more subtle way, in which she relates to how her father has hurt her and how she says he will do no more to hurt her -- though it is obvious from the rest of the poem that although he has and will continue to haunt and hurt her. Mind you, these poems aren't really that uplifting. But, they're just examples that come to mind quickly.

If you want something more uplifting about how poetry can start in a first controversial way and then, as they continue on, become more godly, then just reread Psalms. There are tons of psalms that cry out about being hurt or betrayed or whatever, and then end with a note of hope that God WILL come and be glorious. So, it at first LOOKS like they might be contradicting God and talking about how horrible he is, but then, nope! They totally go back and talk about how awesome he is at the end and reaffirm their faithfulness in God.

So, if you want to do this, you can continue and say something like, "

It is a knowledge
that God
will come to our aid.

OR SOMETHING LESS HORRIBLE THAN THAT. (That was horrible, was it not?) And just continue until the person reading it is filled with the knowledge that God is awesome and saving and Christ is totally wonderful and that, far from being a merely personal belief, it is more of a life-giving essence. Or... something like that. You're the poet, not I! :o

ANYWAY! This review has gone on for far too long. Good luck and happy editing! :)

Snoink says...

OH. I just realized (from one of the other reviewers) that this is haiku. SO. It is totally okay to have haikus linked together. I think historically that this is how Japanese poetry first began? Though, I am not sure, so don't quote me on this. >.> SO. You can make it longer, but still follow the whole haiku method. If you want.

i see the opposition with the title, how I have the word "belive" in. Kinda stupid, but simply the poems message is that I KNOW God to exist, rather than THINK he exists.
In the nature of hayaku, (however you spell it), there is a stop between the first two and last lines.
As for the exess reviews, it is nice, totally unexpected and messing up my notifications pannel! (46 IN 15 HOURS!)

Snoink says...

Your reply makes me think of the phrase "to know" in the biblical sense. Which makes me smile, because I knew God before I knew my husband, and it's that kind of cool that the intimacy that I would share with your spouse was already there with God. It reminds me once more that God is the original Bridegroom, and He wants us to be His. :)

Maybe you can play around with that sort of thing in your title?

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:50 pm
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Your view on religion?

Here is the "Your view on religion" forum, go to this for religious debate!

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:42 pm
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TheRobster1991 says...

I'm just loving the fact that such a very short piece had this amount of attention and reviews. I'm actually amazed by that fact alone. But I'm sure it's because of the religious nature of the poem

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:40 pm
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Sureal wrote a review...

I don't normally review poetry as it's not really my thing; I'm much more a prose guy. However, with all the controversy and strong feelings this is causing, I'm going to throw my opinion in too.

First of all, I am an Atheist.

Second of all, I think the haiku is okay.

My main two comments would be:

-> On subject, I would have preferred to see some imagery, rather than just a statement. I'm not sure a whole lot is gained from the haiku form.

-> On form; assuming you want to keep the words exactly as they are, I'd rather it be all a single sentence, with a semi-colon in place of a full-stop.

And that's pretty much all I have to say.

Happy writing.

I think I read something about hayakus that want a full stop there, but I see what you mean.

Snoink says...

Good point, Sureal! It totally went over my head that it was supposed to be a haiku because it lacked that natural imagery that is so characteristic of haikus! I mean. It even missed the kigo! :o

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 9:24 pm
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deleted5 says...

Guys this is gonna turn into a weird flame war >.<
I am not religious myself but I don't think we need to bring exterior debate into this? Just review the poem.
@beeyaay I don't think @Lapis has anything agaisnt christians, you are both being rude to each other.
Basically just review the poem and accept other people beliefs.

Love says...

Hehe we are 8)
And I don't truly indeed :P This just annoyed me a little.

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:49 pm
beeyaay says...

1. I think Lapis has something against Christians because this......this is very logical.
2. i loved it, it's facts with enough logic, you just need to find it your own way!
keep writing dearie!

Love says...

e.o Logical... I won't even ask! XD *might as well not continue this*

deleted5 says...

I have to agree with Lapis but I'm happy it has stopped now O_O

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:38 pm
Basilisk wrote a review...

An assertion of faith without any evidence, which is vague and short? I've never seen that before.

I wouldn't mind this so much if you backed everything up with "in my opinion", because this is what this is. An opinion. This isn't stone cold fact. Indeed, Christianity is a belief and although it has knowledge, it only has knowledge of what existed in its time period (say 3,000 years ago). So it is valuable in the understanding of the context surrounding its existence; just not the content itself.

The incredibly short length does not do enough, not even close, to justify and offer an explanation to your statement. All you are doing is keeping the assertion of the Christian God as an unfalsifiable hypothesis and that, in my words, is incredibly undesirable in this day and age. I would like you to revise the certainty of your poem. It just looks and reads naïve. I would love to read an essay of proof that why you actually believe in God, as opposed to why you think he exists (I assume it's a he, pardon my ignorance).

So, please, tell me how you "know" God exists. Until you have provided me with equal weight as science gives currently, then I refuse to acknowledge any statements or justifications.

LadySpark says...

How do you know he doesn't?

LadySpark says...

opps, submitted before I was done. Anyway, there is no backing evidence for either one. You can't know he doesn't exist, and I can't know he does, so why bother to ask a question that cannot be answered. Refusing to be open minded about the world will result in a very dull world, I'm afraid my dear.

I have spoken to him, as have many Christians globally.

Basilisk says...

How do you know he does?
Additionally, I never asserted that I know he doesn't- I just do not believe nor do I like to believe or want to believe. It's a choice thing.

Basilisk says...

You have spoken to him? And what did he say? This isn't me being sarcastic (for once).

LadySpark says...

I hope he is. I've spent my whole believing in him and asking him for strength, and he's always given it to me. Whether he exists or doesn't exist is irrelevant, people believe, therefore he is.

Messenger says...

I think you should all take a look at Nate's review.

The whole message of the poem is I KNOW God to exist, via my relationship. And this is a most opportune day and age, as for now at least I won't be arrested for my religion. It's called freedom of speech, and applies equally now matter how politically uncorrect.

He gave me confidence, and I felt his presence and KNEW he was with me. He told me my German exam was unimportant in my hopeful ascension to heaven. And that is why I got A* at my speaking exam.

Basilisk says...

"Whether he exists or doesn't exist is irrelevant, people believe, therefore he is."

So, you are using the populace argument. The popularity of an idea or a concept does not make it real. Take, for example, a movie. A movie will gain popularity but does that make the characters in the movie real? No.

As for the assertion that you two have spoken to him, I just do not understand. That's not me being close-minded; that's just me really really confused as to why that is.

Basilisk says...

"He told me my German exam was unimportant in my hopeful ascension to heaven. And that is why I got A* at my speaking exam."

Maybe you just did well revising...?

Basilisk says...

"The whole message of the poem is I KNOW God to exist, via my relationship. And this is a most opportune day and age, as for now at least I won't be arrested for my religion. It's called freedom of speech, and applies equally now matter how politically uncorrect."

I am against censorship of any ideal. I never once stated for you to not talk about your religion. I am just curious as to how you KNOW.

He still spoke to me-the rest is additional.
I was not talking about popularity, mearly saying I am not alone in my knowledge .

Snoink says...

This is supposed to be a poem, not a Christian apolegetics essay. :) I think that if you demanded the same kind of standards of an essay in a poem, then you would lose so many wonderful pieces of art. I also think that poetry is meant more to incite into a rebellion of sorts than it is to convince. One of my favorite quotes is, "Art is a rebellion." It was from a documentary about Cuba that just stuck with me.

I also think that if you had to preface all convictions with, "this is my opinion" then it would also choke up poetry and give it a slow, painful death. "My heart wells up with tears as I breathe the your fragrance for the last time" might become something as boring as, "It is my opinion that you leaving me would hurt me very much." Ugh.

ANYWAY. The point is that this writing that you're reviewing isn't an essay. Were you to review a poem of mine like this, I would be partially amused and partially frustrated.

racket says...

I agree greatly with Snoink, if you want to argue, I'm pretty sure there is a forum in the God Has More Followers Club. I have heard of forums just out in the open that debate religions, so if you wish to continue this debate, go their. ( Just for the record, He comforts me all the time. Try praying if you are scared. It really helps to have Him comforting you.)

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:37 pm
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Nate says...

I guess I took a very different approach toward understanding this short piece.

Saying that something is not a belief but a knowledge is usually the same thing as saying something is not a belief but a way of life. That is, the knowledge / actual understanding of the belief leads you to live your life in a certain way.

So in this case, what I take your poem to mean is that Christianity is not simply a set of beliefs -- just saying "I believe in the Resurrection" or "I believe in God" is not sufficient enough to be truly a Christian. Rather, it is set of practices that are informed by the beliefs; a Christian is someone who reaches out to others in their time of need, and treats others as they themselves would like to be treated. At one point in time, Christianity was called "The Way" because unlike the paganistic beliefs that dominated at the time, it calls for living your life in a certain manner. More specifically, it calls for living your entire life in service to others.

Because these life practices are informed by the beliefs, Christianity is often called a knowledge. This is because true knowledge changes the way you interact with others and the world around you.

In a way yes. But also it was me saying, not "I believe in God" but "I know God to exist", if you get the distinction.

ongoeslife says...

Go, Nate!

racket says...

Yeah, go Nate!

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:10 pm
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LadySpark says...

Well, I like it.

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:36 pm
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Karzkin wrote a review...

I have no idea how you could possibly classify this as poetry. The only thread connecting it to any form of poetry is the 5/7/5 syllable pattern of a Western bastardisation of haiku or senryu, but it obviously lacks the other crucial elements of those forms. I just... this might be the worst thing I've seen on this site.

LadySpark says...

That's a little harsh.


Nate says...

It's worse than yet another "I'm 13 and hopelessly in love" poem? You had an emotional reaction to the poem, which is exactly what good poetry should do.

Sureal says...

Fairly certain I've posted some stuff worse than this on YWS. :p

Piper says...

I'm afraid I disagree. You say "Western bastardisation", but you must realise that language plays a significant role in the mental processes. It is completely impossible to follow the exact style of a Japanese poem in English. If someone were to write a sonnet in Japanese, would it be, in your words, a "bastardisation?" And you also have to realise that there is not just one form of Haiku even in Japanese culture. Like all language and art forms it materializes in, it evolves. Also, you say it lacks other 'crucial elements." What do you mean? Haikus are supposed to be based in nature, and I think that you could argue that Christianity is completely based in the idea of nature. So I would really appreciate it if you wouldn't attempt to strip someone of their pride simply because you disagree with the message, and if you absolutely must, at least be a bit more discrete in your diction and syntax. You're quite obvious. Thank you.

Half the people who review like it-the other half hate it. And if it makes you feel any better, I wrote it in 15 seconds the day before review day as an argument that it is easy to write a hayaku, (or as you say, a bastardisation thereof).
I think it worked rather well.
However I assure you the message is heart felt and can be backed up by myself and a good percentage of the Christians on this site.

beeyaay says...

Backing you up, right there!

Random avatar

Are you saying that because it's Christian?

Snoink says...

YOU HAVE NOT READ MY POETRY. I mean. I wrote a piece way back when called, "Suicide with a Butter Knife." THIS IS GENIUS COMPARED TO THAT LOAD.

Karzkin says...

No Rob, I don't care about the intent of the poem, people can write poetry about whatever they like. I just think it's technically bad. It's not even a poem, it's just a sentence with line breaks.

racket says...

You be quiet. If you can't compliment someone, just try not to be all the way offending. Geeze.

Karzkin says...

Reviews are supposed to be critical, not an ego-massaging session.

Random avatar

It is very short yes

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:34 pm
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Love wrote a review...

I find this kinda lame :/ It's an over confident statement that defies all logic and evidence, merely stating that you have pretty much no good reason. I admire the simplicity of this, but aside from that I find that it holds little weight. The assertion that it is a knowledge and not a belief is purely silly. Due to the length, there seems to be little to review to me aside from merely expanding my current statements, but yes.

I know it is Knowledge because I have met the Lord.
If you had spoken to someone, would you not believe in them till you had proven their existence? Check up on there records?
Not only that, God has dozens of books of records; They're called the Bible.

beeyaay says...

oooh please, you just don't like Christianity, look it up, read a bible and try praying @Lapis

Love says...

If I met a person, I would believe in them. If I met a person that spoke to me in my head, was supposedly seen by only one in a thousand people I meet, being invisible to the rest, then I would seek a doctor XD

And I just don't like Christians making such claims that the religion fact! it's annoying :P And I used to. Then I figured it out :P

Random avatar

Not gonna get drawn into a religious arguments. But I'm pretty sure that more than 1 in 1000 people are Christian... just saying...

Love says...

Not christian. Claiming to see and hear god talking to them ;) Probably less.

deleted5 says...

look it up, read a bible and try praying @Lapis

That's a wee bit harsh beeyaay...

Willard says...

May have to agree with you, Lapis

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:11 pm
TheRobster1991 says...

It's certainly short and snappy!

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:08 pm
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rbt00 wrote a review...

We which includes you and me live life according to our whims, desires and hopes saying that this life is the only home we will ever know. We will live and then die and simply turn to bones. If people ever get too confused they just turn towards the alcohol and if they don't feel okay they just turn up the music. People learn to live a lifestyle of drugs and rock and roll. People desire to make as much money as they can and show their backs when it comes to giving money to the poor. I mean, Haven't you ever thought these life questions? Questions like 'What are we doing here?' and 'Where are we gonna go?' 'What is our purpose?' and 'How did we get here?' and 'Who made us so perfect?' and 'What happens once we go?'. Did you ever try to search for this simple life questions? . Is this world all really worth it?
''Questions we don't answer because apparently we don't have to. There's no purpose to this life and our existence is merely natural. ''
Then in that case please let me ask you that did you create yourself? Or was it somebody else who fashioned you?
The way the grass dies and the rain arrives and it re-grows and Allah promises to do the same thing to us and very soul. He will bring us back from our very own fingertips to our toes.
We are surely being tested in our wealth, health , self , actions , thoughts and deeds.
We will surely be brought back to our Lord and our accountant for our every single deed. We ourselves are sufficient for our own account abilities.
People say that they don't care about what they do because apparently they would like to enjoy their life. As the saying goes ' You live once, so enjoy it fully'. I really don't get this.
This life is merely of two and half minutes and the hereafter is forever.
If you disbelieve please read the Glorious Quran and don't let that day be the first day you find out what your life really means because we will surely be resurrected.
Islam is the true religion.
Read the Holy Quran and you will finally come to know the truth.

Sureal says...

My feelings are that this is a place to critique the poem, not to preach or debate the author's religious beliefs. If you want to debate, check out the Serious Discussion and Debate forum.

Love says...

Surreal, yes, but I can dislike it on the basis that I disagree! :P Although this wasn't intended at me.

As to the poster of this review, those answers you gave are pretty simple to explain these days, and rock & roll is awesome <3

I intend to read the Quran one day, jet I shall not stray from the true path of Christianity, and shall mearly do so for my education. :-)

Love says...


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Mon Jan 27, 2014 5:13 am
GreenLight24 wrote a review...

Hi there. This isn't a review really, but I'm certainly up for religious debate (bring on the chaos XD.)

First off is like to say that I come from a very religious family in which I am the exception. Although I believe that there is some sort of higher power that acts within the scope of the universe, I don't buy the creationist point of view and I do not think that it takes the form of a obvious being who singlehandedly governs said universe. I also think that religion does wonders for people as far as giving them hope an an incentive to be better people, but I really don't think that it's as pretty and clean as it's made out to be. Religion has accounted for more loss of life than any other point of conflict over the centuries and religion has led entire nations of people to fall into horrible and vindictive feuds with other nations over something that is meant to be pure, peaceful, and just.

In the United States, religion was used as an excuse to persecute new immigrants during the mid to late nineteenth century and religion was ALWAYS used to justify racial prejudices and Institutionalized racism, especially during the day of slavery. Throughout American history alone, we can see a defined trend in which religion is manipulated by many different ppl to somehow benefit themselves and sometimes exploit others. This seems very ironic when you think about the tenets of Christianity. Nowadays, religion is used to persecute homosexuals.

It is also my personal belief that religion KEEPS PEOPlE FROM TAKING THE INITIATIVE in their lives. Often people in horrible situations aspire to better their state of living but rely solely on religion and prayer to make things happen for them. It's quite tragic when they realize that they actually have to pull themselves out of their hardships, but that's only because they had thought that someone else (not a human but a higher power) would do it for them and are forced to infrint the truth when nothing changes. I'm not saying people should blaim a higher power for anything, but they shouldn't give a higher power all the credit for their own hard work and accomplishments.

I am a strict believer in the power of the human mind and intellect. Human beings are the rulers of the earth. Humans have harnessed the power of nearly every resource availible on this planet. While we have certainly made mistakes with crippling consequences, humans have the capacity to feel empathy and to work towards bettering ourselves and the world around us. Who thought up religion? A human being of course. Why? Because times were tough and their human mind could not figure out how to resolve a problem or explain a reality with a rational solution.

Phew...well, I really blew this one open...sorry if I offense anyone I just love to debate. Anyone who sees this and wants to have a FRIENDLY and interesting debate on the topic of religion vs the human capacity, pm me! ;)

GreenLight24 says...

Yes, there were typos. But that's what happens when the mental sparks are flying lol.

I will answer soon.

Wriskypump says...

like I've said many times over the years: The people doing the violent things supposedly in the name of "religion" were in the wrong. If they had payed attention to what any religion stands for, love and peace, those things would not have happened. I'm positive the partakers knew it was wrong to do that stuff, but they didn't care because they were being selfish. That does not mean religion is at fault. That isn't logical to discount religion on the basis of Human error.

Sureal says...

My feelings are that this is a place to critique the poem, not to preach or debate the author's religious beliefs. If you want to debate, check out the Serious Discussion and Debate forum.

1stly, you are criticising Christianity under the umbrella term "religion". While there are many faiths, and many are similar, it unfair to to speak about them collectively like that. That is like saying all blacks are hostile because you have happen to have heard a black was one hostile.
2ndly, you are arguing against Christianity due to the actions of Christians. Ts totally unfair to a peaceful religion.
3rdly, Christianity is not a reason to be inactive. In a local church there have been dozens of people who have been inspired to preach, spread the good news, evangelize, be a missionary to far of lands etc.
4thly, Christianity has brought great joy into my life and others. You have simply not yet seen Jesus, for when he reached out to you you did not look.
And now you should find him.
Here endeth the sermon.

pensword says...

Okey dokey, listen up. The arguments of religious people being persecutors are certainly true. But if you can name one group of anyone who's anything significant in history that hasn't been a persecutor at one point in time, I'll eat my pajamas. So what does this mean? are people really just evil, and all groups just evil people willing to get together to do eviler things? Nope. Because you don't hear about the normal people. It's just not human nature to listen to that stuff. People want to hear about the grotesque, the exceptions. And people in groups tend not to like the people in other groups, so they magnify their imperfections. Every group at some point will do that to any other group. Usually, however, it is not the group as a whole. A few spaniards thought the inquisition would be a good idea. Do you think every muslim wants Christian heads on Christian platters? You're never gonna hear about the normalcy, the passive people, because passive people are by nature passive. You say that religion is persecuting homosexuals. Does this mean you think every religious person hates gays? What, you don't think there might be religious homosexuals? Have some scope, man. there's always heretics, and there will always be heretics. Some claim to be from the masses, to speak from the heart of the mob, and they don't. They just don't.

beeyaay says...

Gay marraige is a sin. No arguments. Then what people do cannot be blamed on religion, people are different!

Snoink says...

Wait. If this isn't a review, why did you mark it as such? >.>


Love says...

^ good point.
I didn't really read this, but... Gay marriage is a sin? *raises eyebrow* Either you're being sarcastic or silly.

deleted5 says...

Beeyaay that's a stupid thing to say. Simply saying something's wrong because the bible told you is simple minded and offensive. Sorry if this comes across as harsh, but I strongly disagree with what you just said. Like a lot.

GreenLight24 says...

^agreed!^ And all the talk of not blaming those horrible acts on religion, I'm not. I'm just saying that the natural human tendency is to exploit situations to benefit ones self. When religion is introduced to human society, ppl eventually ALWAYS find a way to manipulate and use it to achieve whatever goals or fulfill whatever desired they have. The kkk wanted to keep blk ppl out of the political arena and to keep them disenfranchised. So, they burned crosses and used them as their symbol of justification for heinous acts of violence, etc. The nazis were in a nation with a shitty economy, and blamed a faith (a religion) for everything because of the Christian capacity for persecution of others. Catholic priests have been so horny that they have used their position within the church to get sexual dacoits from altar boys...nuff said. Also, Christians often take the bible's so dayum old first of all. And it's just a series of morally beneficial tales to encourage ppl to act right (which is good) but we cannot force ourselves to live by and for another epoch's regulations and opinions on sex, love, race, or anything at all really. Nuff said.

GreenLight24 says...

@Snoink oops. Force of habit I guess. @beeyay ur from the south aren't you? It must hurt.

There are forums for religious and gay marriage discussion.
Your view on religion?

There are forums for religious and gay marriage discussion.
Your view on religion?

There are forums for religious and gay marriage discussion.
Your view on religion?

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Mon Jan 27, 2014 12:05 am
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dianneece wrote a review...

You know, I wasn't sure I wanted to involve myself into this because it's about religion and discussions and all that with religion are usually very messy, but I couldn't help myself.
This haiku is beautiful and concise and captures an idea so beautifully, I would suggest you don't change it a bit. However, I wanted to say how, in a poem, the author is separated from the speaker of the poem. And, with only a few words, you managed to create a speaker, a persona, who is so much more than just what you wrote down in these three lines. You created an entire character who is religious, devout, and adamant in their beliefs. By establishing this argument, by making such an explicit statement, the character stands up to the face of those who believe otherwise. Your speaker is daring. And I find that absolutely fantastic given that you did this in only three lines and eleven words.
Another point I want to bring up is that I don't agree with a reviewer that this only appeals to an audience of Christians. There isn't anything specific, besides the title, that makes the emotion and beliefs in this strictly about Christianity and that's a factor of this haiku that I think is what makes it so remarkable.
Anyways, I love this and I am astonished by how wonderful your writing is.
Keep writing and good luck,
Dianne E.C.E.

And the first line "Christianity" :-)

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:47 pm
RachelLeeAnn wrote a review...

Hello, TakeThatYouFiend!
RachelLeeAnn here to review! :)

I really liked this! It's short and to the point, like most haikus are. As another reviewer pointed out, it reminds me of that quote by C.S. Lewis, "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."

Much like this quote, you piece is rather a mystery to those who don't have that mentioned knowledge. To nonbelievers, they see it as just a belief/religion, and nothing more. I think your poem captures the knowledge aspect of Christianity. The real essence of actually knowing God.

Great work. I would love to see you expand this into several haikus.
Keep Writing!

Thanks! Not to sure how to expand it though...

RachelLeeAnn says...

Perhaps adding a haiku about craving said knowledge? Or maybe one about when you learned the difference between belief and knowledge? Just a thought. It's perfectly fine in it's stand-alone state. ^^

Wriskypump says...

I agree. It is hard to get the concept of the knowledge part through to the people outside of christianity.

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:23 pm
WallFlower says...


Short, sweet, and to the point. I love it :)

Although there is much more to Christianity than just knowledge, I get your point. Beautiful for such a short poem.

There is more to it, but knowledge is an important part. :-)

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 6:32 pm

Reminds me a bit of an old CS Lewis quote: "I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else."
As for the poem itself, I think there is a little more to Christianity than just knowledge. Both faith, knowledge, and perseverance all play immense parts in it.
Anyway, this is really good for a very, very short poem. Conveys a lot for just eleven words.

Thanks! Great quote-have you read the Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis? It was certainly a most revolutionary book for me. :-)

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:06 pm
wakarimasen wrote a review...

Happy Review Day!

I really like this poem; I hope this doesn't offend you in any way, but, as a religious person of a different faith, I think that your poem would be so much more relatable for a wider audience if you didn't make it specifically about Christianity. On the other hand, not all religions work the same way, so it might do your poem a disservice if you make it about religion in general, so I don't know if I should advise you on what specifically would be written differently.

But all the same, I like the message of your poem from a more general perspective. Religion isn't about blindly believing in something I may or may not understand. It's knowing that what I'm doing is true and right and that's what keeps me strong.

Thanks! I, as the poem suggests, am strongly Christian, so making the poem general would be against my personal message, no offence.

wakarimasen says...

Yup, no problem. I understand. :) Hope I didn't offend you in any way either. It's still a great piece and I found it relatable even though I am not a Christian. Best of luck to you!

By the way, what is your faith?

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 1:19 pm
PiesAreSquared wrote a review...

Alright let's review this new member piece for review day!!

Let's look at your rhythm first of all. Remember that all poetry has rhythm as a foundation. Without rhythm, your poem will be, how shall I put this? Ah, yes, your poem will be spineless. Rhythm is the bones to the words which are the meat. Some flesh are better than others!

Anyway on with the review. You need to know that you rhythm is as follows:




The rhythm thus flows magnificently for this short verse.

The words. Are they aesthetically pleasing?

Christianity is not a belief at all. This does not have artistic flourish. A better possibility is the following:

not at all a belief.

Rather, knowledge.

Don't you think this is more concise?

Anyway happy review day!!

That would break the rhythm, which is what makes it a hayaku. You have missed out a third thing-message. Thanks for the review!

ZLYF says...

Ouch. Wasn't focused on the message!

Thanks, everyone else has fielded that for you! :-) :-) :-) :-)

Love says...

No no no no.... Don't leave out the "a" and stuff!!! XD Well its just me, but I often can't stand when people do it e.o

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:55 am
Apricity says...


Thanks! :-)

Thanks! :-)

Thanks! :-)

Oops. :-)

Love says...


Apricity says...


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Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:37 am
Balilarred wrote a review...

I understand and like what you are trying to do, but Christianity is a belief. In fact, it is both a belief and knowledge. It is knowledge when it pertains to things that can be proven through reason and logic. Subjects such as Macro-evolution, the existence of God, and various things we know about God. We can not, however, know everything because God is infinite and we are finite. It is impossible for us to comprehend or learn everything there is to know about God. What we cannot deduct through reason we believe through faith. We have faith that what God says is true when we cannot understand it through reason, and have knowledge when we can understand it through reason.
An example: If someone tells you that they have their keys in their pocket, but you cannot see them, you are believing what they say to be true based on faith. If they instead take their keys out of their pocket and show them to you, you have knowledge that they have keys because you can deduct through reason that they are in his hand.

Yes, however I know God to exist. When you have spoken to someone, and felt his presence throughout life, it is fair to say you know they exist. In my opinion it is hard or impossible to be a true Christian without utermost knowledge in God, as "Thy God is a jealous God, you shall love the Lord thy God with all all your mind, with all your soul, with all your heart, with all your strength. Finally, to ascend into heaven, it is necessary to perfectly love God.. The rest follows your love (i.e. peace, kindness, and everything in the word of the Lord). This is not possible unless you perfectly know and trust God. Thus it is a knowledge.

Balilarred says...

I did say that you can have knowledge that God exists. There is no doubt that we can deduct through reason that God exists. There are certain things about God that we must take on account of faith; we must believe them.

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:21 am
Crookshanks wrote a review...

Hello! Crookshanks here to review.

So let me just start off by saying that I liked this a lot; it's always interesting to see fellow Christians post Christian things, it really makes me smile. I think you were able to convey a lot within these three lines and for that reason, it's one of the most powerful three-lined poems I've ever read. And the subject matter, of course, makes it even better (for me).

The only thing I would nitpick on is saying "knowledge" instead of "a knowledge," but luckily someone has mentioned that before me. Other than that, it was really great to see such a powerful Christian poem posted here.

I enjoyed this. Happy Review Day!

xoxo Crookshanks

Thanks, and particularly for reading the previous reviews!

beeyaay says...

Christian Hi-five!

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:15 am
Messenger wrote a review...

Messenger here for you! Happy Review Day opposing team member.

Wait . . . you are a Christian? I had no idea. That's really cool and awesome!

Well this is one of the most powerful three-lined poems I've ever read. I have read a lot of good ones, but for me this one is one of my favorite because of the point and subject of it. I think you did a good job of portraying your relationship with Jesus. You didn't write anything that is false or misleading but you also didn't shy away. I am always happy to see a Christian posting Christian things.
Kep it up!

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:27 am
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FatCowsSis wrote a review...

Hello and Happy Review Day! *fireworks* Alright, so Sis her to review for you!!
This really is a neat poem. So, I'm gonna give you a list of pros and cons:

1. In the last line, I think maybe it might flow a bit better if you said,
It is knowledge.
When you say it is a knowledge, you are basically saying, I is knowing something! (DOBBY!!!!!) Or you can say it is a knowledge and mean that it is A KNOWLEDGE. That is possible. But in this case, I don't see how that fits.

1. Lots of people are going to read this and not care. Some people won't read this because God is mentioned in the title. But for those that do, if they believe in God then yay! You are sharing something about Him and what he teaches that you believe. I think that is your point in this poem. Jesus TAUGHT the people, he never force-fed them beliefs. He taught them the truth. I suppose this is what you mean by knowledge. That's really interesting. I'm never heard that before. I like it.
2. You don't care that you are posting about a religion on here. This is almost saying, criticize me, I dare you. That's good. Stand up for what you believe.

Keep writing and smiling! See ya around the site and see ya in the reviews....-.- Red Team.

Go red team. Thanks, I included the "the" to make it scan and mirror "a belief". What I am trying to say is I do not think God is real, I KNOW he is real. :-)

FatCowsSis says...

Okay, thanks for clearing that up! And I know He is too!

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:05 am
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Cailey wrote a review...

Hello!! Happy Review Day!

Okay, so I read the title and made up my mind that I would read this, and then saw Haiku in the description and was a little wary because Haikus scare me. :D

Basically I'm going to assume that you have all the specifics right because I managed to miss the part of school when rules are explained.

Overall, I love this. I also believe in God and this just sums it up so well for the most part. Of course there are times when there are doubts or when my faith feels more like a feeling or a hope than a knowledge, but this is just such a fantastic way to explain Christianity.

A small suggestion, take away the first period and replace it with a semicolon or a dash or something. It just seems like a really abrupt stop in the middle of the poem. Then again, you may have a reason for such a complete stop.

Also, I think it might be nice to read a longer poem about this too. I mean, I know there's a lot to Haikus and you can fit a lot into such a small space and all, but it seems like there is also so much more to Christianity.

But that is kind of a side note. I really don't have anything more to add to this review, but I hope it maybe was kind of helpful? And maybe someone else will come by and give a more complete review.

Thanks! I am not sure, but I think I need the full stop to make it a proper hayaku. I just thought I would give one a shot, usually I am a rhyme and traditional rhythm writer. Don't forget to like!

Cailey says...

Oh, okay, that makes sense. As I said I never learned those rules.. :)

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Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:05 am
Jonathan wrote a review...

Hey Take. Jonathan here for a little review for your poem.

"Christianity is not a belief" Well are you simply stating that it is true or are you saying that if you believe you know.

Okay one thing I think you need more words for this poem I can't get you idea making it hard to write a good review. I know this is a hi-cue or something but I think you should change it.

I hope I help.

One fish, two fish, red fish, aardvark.
— alliyah