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Raabia Tabassum

About Raabia Tabassum

Insatiable, Pensive & A Very Candid Girl Who Hates Monotonous Stuff & Has Concentric & Frivolous Ways Of Life & Luvs Mitigatin & Dissipatin Stuff. I Define My Own Life. I Do Not Let Others Write My Script.. I Insist That You See I Aint A Mystery.
From Hogwarts school of Witch n Wizardry. A person who dislikes tea , gowns & coffee.Chases dreams and is always flying broomsticks in other world.
I'd Be Glad If You Check Out My Latest Poems, Comment And Rate Them.
I have alot of hobbies. Alot In My List SO, I dont think i can mention each one of it but lemme give it a try-
My hobbies- Painting, Swimming, Cycling, Skating (Ice And Roller) , Writing Stories And Poems And All Sorts Of Crazy Stuff And Yeah Did I Mention I Love Martial Arts And Gymnastics. I Love Athletics And I Cannot Sit In One Place. People Say I Have Springs In My Body Yeah Guess That Suits Me. I Am A Fun Loving Person At The Same Time Short Tempered And Sensitive. I'd Love To Be An Athlete And A Writer. I Have Written Only One Story So Far 'Return Of The Unwanted Dead'.. Want To Publish It But I Feel Lazy To Type It All Way Long Though My Typing Is Really Fast. Dont Think I Am Boasting Or Something Like That?
I Love Parties And Shopping. When It Comes To Food I Love Chinese Items, Pizza, Albaik And Alot More.
When I Am Asked To Choose Anything I Take Alot Of Time... Really Alot Of Time. I Am Really Choosy Type.I Think Alot And Go Over Alot Of Stuff Before Buying Something But When I Buy Yeah My Choice Is Great! Besides All These I Am Alot Into Games, Be It Pc Games Or PS2, PS3, XBOX. I Am Alot Into Computers. I Always Am Up To Creating Editing Stuff Online. I Used To Publish A Magazine 'Kids Magazine' But I Stopped
You Can Check It At My Website: -
I Love Harry Potter Series! <3 <3
I Love Photography And What Else... See My List Is Endless...
So I Think I Must Stop Now!
I Love Writing Stories And I Am Good At Editing Other Stories And Novels.
To Check Out All My Poems From 2006 Till Now Please Click This
Besides That I Love Photography And Alot More Stuff.


Sports,Poetry,Writing,Surfing,Photography,Blogging,Editing, etc




"The day, which was one of the first of spring, cheered even me by the loveliness of its sunshine and the balminess of the air. I felt emotions of gentleness and pleasure, that had long appeared dead, revive within me. Half surprised by the novelty of these sensations, I allowed myself to be borne away by them, and forgetting my solitude and deformity, dared to be happy."
— Mary Shelley, Frankenstein