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I shall not reveal my real name because I am aware of the consequences of exposure. Instead, I shall reveal my interests and achievements thus far on this cold and meaningless existence (my existence certainly isn't).

I did not sign up to this website to make friends but to post works, so I will initiate conversations when I see fit. In addition to this, I am more than willing to critique works, to the best of my ability and with pure honesty. If a work I write upsets you or if a review of your work upsets you, chances are that I won't care.

I have selected Leon Trotsky as my avatar because he, along with Karl Marx, is one of the greatest men to have ever lived. One of my favourite paintings by William Bouguereau is included on this page because it is rather lovely, much like my personality.

I doubt I will make many friends on here, but this is a writing site, so I shouldn't expect to as long as my work is uploaded, which is the sole aim of me being here.


Reading; writing; imagining a world without people


I may still be a student but I have the mental age of a guru.

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how."
— Fredrich Nietzche (Philosopher)