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Mon Dec 19, 2022 8:51 am
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loveissourgrapes wrote a review...

Hi there! Gonna give a quick review.

Ooh I love showers. Like I can feel the heat of hot water dripping from a shower landing on the top of my back. And I see the mirrors and the glass walls and doors being misty. Although, when I read the last lines, I was like, it's sad. Maybe this person takes showers as a coping mechanism because of someone they love doesn't love them back. But the cursor that the end, makes me think this person may write more about what they feel about that someone or maybe even more about hot showers. It seems like the ending is up to your imagination. Over all, the poem is nice.
Thank you for sharing this. Stay safe and cozy in the cold Christmas days!

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Mon Dec 05, 2022 6:06 pm
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enidskittyteef wrote a review...

I really like this! I like how it shows the little cursor at the end because it seems like there's more to be said or maybe she's scared to say this and might delete it at any moment, and the cursor helps show that. The font also reminds me of a typewriter, which i had when i was little, so it almost gives me a feeling of nostalgia along with maybe the fact that this girl is writing a letter on a typewriter. The word "melancholic," along with the typewriter font remind me of Wednesday Addams for some reason. of course this is my personal interpretation, nobody else probably thought the same. I really liked this! Good job :3

LadyBug says...

omg thank you!

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Wed Oct 26, 2022 3:09 pm
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Snoink wrote a review...

Ooooooh. I do like this. Though, I disagree that a too-hot shower can exist, lol. (Bring on the heat!) I also like the stylized cursor at the very end because it kind of indicates that there is hesitation to be had about how this girl might have been. It's almost as if there is more to be said, but is not said for whatever reason -- perhaps because she can't bear herself to say it? Or who knows? Perhaps because there is nothing to be said at all and that is where the ending is and that is the end. But it kind of makes you wonder all the same. '

Also, I like the ambiguity of the line "mourn the girl i could have been,/ if it wasn't for/ you." It makes me wonder, why is she thinking of this person? There is definitely a feeling of regret. Why? Perhaps she longs for this person, but there is no interest or reciprocity from the other person? Perhaps she was abused or tormented by this person? It's not clear, but honestly I think that's good.

Also, she views herself as "the girl i could have been" which kind of brings into mind kind of this virginal bride image. Except here she is, naked in a shower, so there's kind of this implication of an innocence that was shattered. She could have been "the girl" but now... she has lost her identity and innocence in a way. So there's definitely a strong implication of that!

Anyway, it's a pretty cool poem! Very nice. :)

LadyBug says...

thank you so much for your interpretation; it's super interesting to see how different people resonate with it!!

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Wed Oct 26, 2022 12:20 pm
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vampricone6783 wrote a review...

The “too-hot” shower, as told in this poem, is the blurred world in which the narrator is forced to hide in because a certain person changed them beyond recognition. Or maybe it’s an actual shower and these are the thoughts of the person taking them.

It feels as though the ”frosted window”, is a window of a world the narrator could have lived in, if only they could truly be themselves.

It’s a lovely poem. I wish you a great day/night.

LadyBug says...

thank you!

okay I think I need to grab some nachos
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