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and my wings are widow's wear

by LadyBug

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Sun Jun 02, 2024 7:34 pm
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EllieMae wrote a review...


Hey friend, so sorry for the delay in finishing reviewing you amazing poems :D But I have been so excited to critique these!!! Let's get right into the review:

I love the way you start this.

Who am I, if not a butterfly

I love the questioning feeling mixed with certainty. the 'if not' statement really got the attention right away. it sounds so beautiful and poetry, awesome job, right from the start. I love the metaphor you use of a 3rd grade class watching this butterfly. perhaps watching them grow and finally becoming strong enough fly, only to be discarded and forgotten.

this second stanza is beyond beautiful. saying it out loud flows off the tongue so well. especially the 'wings are widows wear' part, just WOW! This poem, for me, really touches on longing for what you never had. a mix of possibility of what could have been and the reality that what could have been would not have been perfect.

the ending question "will I ever be whole" finishes this so well. extending on the butterfly metaphor, I love this idea of growth into something that wasn't wanted. but growth brought freedom, but freedom was so hard. overall, this was absolutely lovely!

love your poems, always! its cool how poetry can cause us to grow, but we are the only ones who can throw that growth away.

your friend,


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Tue May 28, 2024 10:47 pm
L0ca1Tes1a wrote a review...

Hello! I also really love butterflies and metaphors. while I was reading this poem I could that it was about butterflies but poetry is simply never that easy. my interpretation of this is that its a bout a woman or girl who seen as a beautiful butterfly and she "bloomed" in 3rd grade and all the kids were in awe and they started at her beauty but then as she got older people got meaner "watched me in awe at who I was becoming just to discard me." which I think is saying how after a while people got tired of her. in the second to last sentence it says "I catch their eye, so they catch me just to tear me up." which I think symbolizes that she does in fact catch peoples eye meaning they think shes cute, beautiful, or hot and they decide to "catch her" meaning try to advance with her or date her, but they end up treating her horribly "tearing her up". at the end I fell it symbolizes that she knows that she lost pieces of herself and wonders if she will ever feel whole again or will forever be broken. I feel as if another interpretation is that people loved her personality in elementary school including the adults but as she got older she changed (which happens) but the people around her didn't like that and treated her badly and they would get close to her and than leave her or be mean, and therefore she became broken continueing to wonder if she'll ever be whole. either way if these interpretations are wrong I still very much like this poem, and the butterfly metaphor. Well done!

— looseleaf