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by InuYosha

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fluttering birds chirp cheerfully

as the wind blows in from the east

but as i am cowering in my cave

i am unsure, to say the least


stop, i tell you, danger is imminent

acid rain, hail, and sleet

there could be a meteor strike today

or maybe some athlete's feet


don't you have education?

don't you know the threat?

don't you realize the danger of staying

outside, with no upset?


today, there is a forecast

of a large chance of death

of disease, of hunger, of thirst

or chronic loss of breath


or maybe we get incinerated

by a forest fire

or maybe we're icarus

and we fall after flying higher


you see, my friends, we are all in danger

even if you wont believe

with a high chance of noxious gas

i hope you have a trick up your sleeve


so tonight i am staying in my cave

my safe, safe home

because the chance of disease transmission

is lowered when i'm alone


now you can all live your dangerous lives

chasing a rabbit or hare

and now i'm sleeping with no remorse

i hope there isn't any fun out there

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Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:30 am
ForeverYoung299 wrote a review...

Hello. I am 1234 and I am here to provide you witha review. Hope you find it useful. Ok, so let's jump to the review.
What a poem! I couldn't stop myself from reading the poem although I had several tasks to do. Whatever, yoy did a very good job. You described all the dangers of this age in such a way.

I enjoyed reading your piece. Keep writing

InuYosha says...

thank you for the review!

Welcome. I will be honoured if you review my work Cortez Shivick( Chapter one). You can find it from the literary spotlight. If you can't find, please tell me I will provide you with the link

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Sun Feb 14, 2021 10:16 pm
LilPWilly wrote a review...

I love everything I’ve read from you. It’s good to have an active comedian on site.
Have you read Shel Silverstein's poems? This reminds me of them.
The only critique is that the rhythm doesn’t flow nicely.
It’s okay man, you can come out of your cave every once in a while. Bring a mask and some hand sanitizer and maybe even a milo Murphy type backpack, but it’s alright out here.
Unless of course if you just got hit by a massive snowstorm, in which case, you’d better stay home.

InuYosha says...

I'm honored that you can compare my work with Shel Silverstein!

Haha yeah this poem was more of a satire than a humorous poem, but it could be interpreted as humor.

Thanks for the review!

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