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Book Stabber!!

by Horisun

I had a best friend, once...

It was a long, long, time ago. When I was young, naïve, and innocent. I had a loving Mamma and Papa, a sweet little brother, and a happy little puppy. Overall, life was great.

There were two other things that I cared about, and treasured with all my heart, one was my bookshelf, which gained more and more books with each passing month.

The second thing was my then-best friend. He knew about my obsession with books, he knew how much I loved my bookcase, and that's why when we had our falling out, that was the first thing he targeted.

"NO! Jon, don't do this!"

My Bookshelf was tied to the rocket, and it was about to take off, I struggled against his bodyguards, who held me back as I watched the countdown.

"Why are you so upset?" Jon asked, "Your book collection will have really taken off!"

"Nooooo!" I blindly punched one of the guards, it barely made a difference. "Please, Jon, Reconsider! Do you really want to do this? Look inside yourself, this isn't who you want to be!"

For a moment, he looked remorseful, but then he turned and said. "It's to late for me."


"Please Jon."






Then I watched my beloved book collection blast off into space.

That day hardened me, it made me a warrior, it showed me how it felt to lose something you loved.

That was the day my friend back stabbed me.

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Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:48 pm
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FlamingPhoenix wrote a review...

Hello! FlamingPhoenix here yet again with a review for another one of your short stories on this lovely day, and like always to help you out in the best way I can!!

Okay let's begin with the review shall we?

Okay so there is only one this I can point out, and with this feel happy to disagree, it's just a suggestion.

That was the day my friend back stabbed me.

Now with this I'm going to go to the title of your book, it's Book stabber, so I was thinking wouldn't it be more fitting if you changed the back in the sentence to book, then we will know why the story was names Book Stabber, and it will give your reader one last laugh before the end of the story.

Other than that this was a very, very funny book and i just loved it, you know just the right things to say to give your reader a good laugh, and that is what I love most about your writing. This was also very creative, and I haven't read anything like it before so great job.
I also like the small development of your characters in this story, it's small but it helps the reader to understand what they are feeling, and you did that very well. Just spot on.
And this Jon Character as I can tell is rather rich, being that he has Bodyguards, so that was a good way to tell your reader what type of life his lives.

Over all amazing. I just loved this story, it as really funny, and sad at the same time, so wonderful job. I'm also glad I got to be one of the lucky people to come read and review this work, it did brighten up my day that's for sure, so like always keep writing and post again on YWS. Have a great day or night.

Your friend and faithful reader
Reviewing with a fiery passion!

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Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:52 pm
silvermoon17 wrote a review...

okay ummm i wasn't at all expecting a story like this. Again, (well not really again since it's the first time I say this) that doesn't mean it was awful. Fortunately, this umm nonsensical story is short. So you do not force on us to read four pages of a bookcase flying off into space. Just, you know.. that would be horrible.
There just is something quite confusing about the title. For me, the book stabber would be about someone who stabs books. Fortunately, that's not what you did.
Although your piece of work was humorous to read, quite enjoyable actually- it is never established why it is "too late" for Jon, and why would he attach a bookcase to a rocket for no reason other than "to betray his friend." And Jon is- what, thirteen, fifteen years old?- how in seven hells (*before YWS censor me, "seven hells" is not a swear word. I looked it up*) does his best friend have guards??
Okay, maybe Jon wants to make his friend suffer. Okay. Totally understandable.
I also totally understand that he has a rocket in his possession
And that he values sending his beloved bookcase into space instead of, I don't know. Burning it? Sure, it adds to the comedic appeal. But.. some explanation can make it somewhat more interesting. Even something completely out of place, like he ate a banana or whatever, could work. I asked some friends what they thought it meant, and most of them thought it was either a parody. Like, of generic action movies. Because those last two lines convey that feeling. But hey, it was fine. Totally deserves more likes.

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Tue Jul 30, 2019 7:29 am
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Sujit says...

It was a humorous story filled with comedy as one person wants to do something funny meanwhile the other person wants to stop him. Good job in brightening my day with your story. Loved the choice of words. Your second sentence had emphasised how much te bookcase means to you. Wish to see more of such stories.

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Mon Jul 29, 2019 3:05 pm
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Awru wrote a review...

Oh gawd!!That is soo ridiculously funny.I don't know i am laughing so hard right now.Why are you so Puree??My best friend is my bookshelf too.Ah!!the warmth and love of it.How the heck did he tied the bookshelf to the rocket though.Lol!!!!I don't know what else to say.Its too precious to even review.

Horisun says...

Thank you so much!

I will not condemn you for what you did yesterday, if you do it right today.
— Sheldon S. Maye