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Requiem for the Oppressed

by dystopianmonkey01

Learning something about yourself that people refuse to understand leads to loneliness. You begin to feel isolated like a solo goldfish in a jar, but there's an indescrible hunger, rioting in the pit of your stomach, to learn why you are you.

When you fear that the answers you seek will slaughter your self-worth, always remember this: you are born to be loved by your Creator, the One who thoughtfully handpicked your soul and put it in the fragile lump of miracle in your mother's womb, and whatever or whoever tries to convince you otherwise is wrong, even if it's you. 

Only then will you see that being honest to yourself won't end up in despair. Day by day, you might feel like gradually dissolving into thin air, but at the same time, the essence of your existence grows stronger and thicker. Go, embark on that journey and find yourself in a stellar sky somewhere not one soul has ever seen. 

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Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:00 am
Remington38 wrote a review...

Remington38 here, it's a pleasure to meet you:)

I love how lyrical this is and how beautifully written. He word choice is amazing and just the title alone caught my attention immediately compared to the others on the list. I love the rhyme scheme and honestly thought some of the words you paired up were pure genious! The last sentence is hands down my favorite and I love how much emotion this is filled up with. This was really relatable to me personally and Injust really loved it. You are a very talented writer. Have a wonderful evening.

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Sun Jan 29, 2017 3:02 am
Dest wrote a review...

Aw, I like this a lot. If you intended to leave the reader with an optimistic, heartwarming feeling you succeeded with me at least.

My only nitpick:

You begin to feel isolated like a solo goldfish in a jar

I don't think you really have to specify "solo." Goldfish is not plural here so most would assume it is a single fish.

Keep writing!

*gestures in butterfly meme*
— BluesClues