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Be Yourself

by Phillauthet

When the frog tried to climb a tree,
it'd succeeded.
As it was deaf, and free
from critics it hadn't needed.

a bumblebee's too heavy to fly.
But it does, as scientifically,
nobody told it why.

When people are judging you,
and you feel small and beaten,
they don't know what you're trudging through,
so don't let your confidence be eaten.

Take only what you need.
Let society adjust
to your style and speed,
As Be Yourself, you must.

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Mon May 10, 2021 3:41 pm
sunlightwarriorxo wrote a review...

Sunlight Warrior here with a review! Firstly, well done! You have written a fantastic poem, with a simple message, but such powerful words. I love the fact that you've decided to use natural imagery in your first two stanzas, showing the importance of the theme of individuality and how we should embrace ourselves for who we are, rather than feeling obliged to conform to society and meet it's needs. My favourite stanza is the last, as you perfectly wrap up the poem with a message that so many people can take away and realise - life is precious and short. We're only given one chance to live so we should take our time to succeed and make our mark in the world. Well done and keep writing! :)

Phillauthet says...

Thank you!

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Mon May 10, 2021 1:16 pm
LizzyTyler wrote a review...

Good Morning/Evening/Night!

First, I would like to tel you that this was a great poem. I love how you related it to nature! My favorite part was when it said
a bumblebee's too heavy to fly.
But it does, as scientifically,
nobody told it why."
It was such a good line!

In the third stanza's third line, it seemed a little long. Maybe you could shorten it, as it seemed a little wordy. Other than that, I really loved your poem, and hope to see more of your work around.

Happy writing!

Phillauthet says...

Thanks for the review!

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