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Romancing the Girl from West Virginia

by LadySpark

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Fri Feb 10, 2023 7:33 pm
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4revgreen wrote a review...

I've been meaning to review this poem for a few days now and I'm finally getting around to it now so apologies!

This poem is written beautifully, and honestly I kind of fell in love with your poetic style the more I read. I love the way the poem is structured, and the all lowercase letters much for a much softer and gentle impact when reading. The imagery in your words is so intense and beautiful it was almost sublime. I hope this poem was is true and written about someone you love because i would swoon so badly if someone wrote something like this about me! There is literal love dropping off of your words in each line and stanza.

Some of my favourite imagery was:

my black hole of a girl

The idea of this 'all-consuming' love the speaker has for her is just so pretty.

AAAA i'm really stumped for words here. You're a fantastic poet!

LadySpark says...

Thank you so much for the kind words!

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Wed Feb 08, 2023 3:35 pm
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retrodisco666 wrote a review...

Hello! Deciding to do my first review in literal years and wow what a poem!

You have a fantastic way of creating imagery and the ideas of the almost quiet that you've created is absolutely fantastic. I don't know why but tea-stained angel is heartbreaking! Really fan of this.

For me - I think you last line could be slightly stronger (or even the line in brackets be removed) as I think you penultimate line is strong - in ym opinion!

But overall amazing work - well done!

LadySpark says...

wow, hey old friend!!! Thanks for the review! Good to see you :) Since this was my first work since 2017, very fitting!

retrodisco666 says...

No actual way! Are we a duoact? Are we having a comeback? Are we a sugarbabe? %uD83D%uDE02

LadySpark says...

I think we may be!!!! Comeback QUEENS!

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Wed Feb 08, 2023 5:56 am
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lliyah says...

The imagery and word choice is gorgeous - especially love how intriguing the opening lines are and how the note between the parenthesis in the second line as mentioned in the first line say "love" and then how that comes back again in the final line (lighting up the darkest nights) - lovely continuity that overall portrays the feelings of falling in love with someone so very well.

Thanks for sharing your poetry Spark!

~ alliyah

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