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About Che

Welcome to my profile, dudes :-)
You can call me Che. Is that my real name? No. Let's just keep some little hint of mystery surrounding me, shall we? Most of you could probably find out my real name really easily :-)
I'm 16, meaning I am in my last year of secondary school here in England, which In turn means I am taking my GCSEs in just a few months! I study: English Lit, English Lang, Maths, Combined Science, RE, History, Music, Drama and French.
This September I will be starting 6th form college and studying A-level psychology, A-level Sociology and BTEC Criminology. I'll also be taking a creative writing class but it wont be an actual qualification.
I've been writing since I was able to pick up a pen, and have hundreds of filled notebooks stored in my room. I take a notebook with me everywhere I go, just in case the perfect idea pops into my head. You'll never see me without my laptop either. It's literally my life- I have all of my stories on there. I've been writing since I could hold a pen, and I'm pretty good at it. Hopefully.
A lot of what I write is inspired by music. I listen to a lot of weird/strange/unknown bands and also write my own music. I play drums, guitar and i sing a little bit. Not very well though.
My favourite bands and singers are: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Glass Animals, Mother Mother, Animal Collective, Everything Everything, Dresden Dolls and PJ Harvey
I'm interested in a lot of TV shows, namely: Hannibal, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, Dexter, Brooklyn 99, and any obscure British comedies
I'm obsessed with everything Hannibal related: Book, movies and TV show. In real life, it's all I talk about.
My profile picture is firebrand from the Youtube ARG "Tribetwelve" which you should really check out if you want some spooks. It's part of the slenderverse, which I am obsessed with.
Oh, and I write a lot. So expect a lot of posts.
I like to review in as much depth as I can, but mostly I just like pointing our grammatical errors and ways to improve :-)

My Wattpad is @gayboyscience
My Instagram is @m4mischa
Go find me :-)

The novella I am currently working on: ... isanthropy


Drumming, playing guitar, writing, reading




No one is perfect; not even your reflection.
— Chalkboard Words