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People come and go

by BhavyaMehta123

I always had a fear of losing people but I do not have it anymore.I got this golden lesson a few months back and will love to share it.

Fear of losing people was one of my biggest fears. If things did not turn out the way they should have with someone- I started  feeling lonely.Until one day, I heard someone say this and it has stuck with me ever since. The saying goes as follows:

                     " People either come for a reason or season or stay forever"

This has left a great impression on me.I have stopped putting in unnecessary efforts to make someone stay. Those who want to stay will and those who do not want to will ultimately go. Do not drain yourself out in the process of pleasing someone. Make the required effort. I hope it is enough.

And If I want to leave, I do that. But with all the respect and morality. Be true to yourself. Do not try to please everyone because it is not possible .Accept this bitter truth.

Dear reader,

Will love to know your views on this one. Constructive criticism is always welcomed. And thank you for reading...

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Fri Mar 20, 2020 8:51 am
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sulagna wrote a review...

Hi Bhavya di,
Here, I am back again to yws and soon I have to gain review stars. I am not good in reviewing but can more or less judge someone's writing. I loved the topic on which you wrote , that " THE FEAR OF LOOSING PEOPLE". We should not put unnecessary efforts in making someone stay. I love your writing but sorry to say I just found one mistake that is in the line "Do not try to please ...." You made a mistake by putting semi colon instead of comma. this was all !
This was my first review so please reply . I will be eagerly waiting for your next writing .
All the best for the next one.

From Jui...

Hi@sulagna. I am so glad you liked it. I have edited the mistake you have pointed. Oh! I am so happy your first review is on my work. I think the best way to improve at reviewing is to keep doing it. I think you did a great job. I will post soon...
From: Bhavya.

sulagna says...

Thank u sooo much

Your welcome !

sulagna says...

Hey Where do you live?

I live in Haryana and I too wanted to ask this. I am glad you asked.

sulagna says...

I am from Bengal in Calcutta

oh beautiful! I would love to visit once in my lifetime . Those rosugalla,fishes all are waiting for me. I would love to see the durga pooja festival and whatnot... My list is never ending.

sulagna says...

Oh sure ! eagerly waiting for that day !

So sweet of you!

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Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:49 pm
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4revgreen wrote a review...

Hi there!

I'll start by pointing out grammar mistakes etc.

If things did not turn out the way they should have with someone; I started feeling lonely.

This is an improper use of a semi-colon. It should just be a comma or a dash.

I have stopped putting unnecessary efforts to make someone stay.

I think you missed out a word. It should be "I have stopped putting in unnecessary efforts to make someone stay."

Make the required effort; I hope it is enough.

Another improper semi-colon. I'd put a dash -

Make the required effort; I hope it is enough.
Again, you don't need a semi-colon here. Just make it two separate sentences. It makes it more impactful.

I thought this was inspirational, but I'd love it if you could write some longer pieces? Maybe you could turn it into a story about someone who takes this advice and becomes a better person. Either way, it was a nice little motivational read as always

Keep writing!

Hi@4revgreen.Thank you so much for always helping refine my work.
Thank you for all the appreciation and suggestions. I am planning to write a longer piece . I will post it by next week or by end of this month.
From: Bhavya

4revgreen says...

I'll be looking forward to it :-)

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