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Having a bad day or bad phase??? Read this...

by BhavyaMehta123

As i sit down, penning my first work here. I wanted it to be on such a topic which would not only bring smile on my but my readers faces as well.It would give hope and goodwill to weak and much more power to strong. As I start, I want to say good and bad days and phases both come and go. Sometimes we feel we rule the world and sometimes we feel we are no one.It is very normal to feel like this . WHY GET EMBARRASSED? Everyday is not ours and can't be. We must never loose hope as we never know what is instored for us in future.

I believe in "TRUSTING THE PROCESS". And it has always worked for me. One must think what is happening is for some future good.for eg As a writer even if I am not that worthy today . If I am not at the top of my game I MUST WAIT TILL THINGS FALL IN PLACE....

~ let's not loose hope~


I would love you to present your views. Constructive criticism is welcomed.Help me in my mission of growing with each passing day.....

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Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:25 am
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GrinningMan wrote a review...

Well now, what a wonderful way to get me out of lurking around.

Of course, I saw the title and thought, "Why not?" and realized I have more to give other than the bull-headed process I've been trying to give things. It seems lately everything is pushing towards that "Lie in Wait" mentality, if that makes sense.

I'm always an abruptly motivated person, one day I want to take over the world and get myself what I want and now. And other days, I just need a break. I need to wait and relax. I flip-flop between these two, between seizing the day and enjoying the present.

This is oddly timed, too, as I've been worrying so much about what I want to do now with my motivation, that it's dwindling. I really want to make these things and I want to make them NOW, but even I realize that I don't have the current connections to make that work. So why not just wait? Wait for things to fall in place and try again another day.

I have to say, for something so simple, it gives a good retrospective on the current experience I had. As you said, "If I am not at the top of my game, I must wait 'til things fall in place," is good advice. I don't need to expedite any of my processes, I have time, a precious commodity to be sure, but I'm not a frugal person.

Thanks, personally, from me.

Thank you so much for such a lovely review. I am so glad that my work helped you. Keep trusting the process; everything will fall into place. Thank you so much for all the appreciation.

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Fri Mar 06, 2020 10:48 am
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ChrisCalaid wrote a review...

Hi Bhavya Mehta 123. I'm here to review your magnificent work.

I love how you encourage with words. Today I was worn out and tired you just made my day wonderful. It's true it's hard, but you are right we must trust the progress.

And patience is always important, it takes place in everything. I feel like I just watched a motivation video. You are new here so it's time to getting used to things and you are bussy discovering, but you know what even as that you have amazing idea.

True we sometimes feel like we rule the world, but as much as we feel that way, we feel like everythings isn't our and can't be.

I really agree with all the words you said.
It was an great encouragment.
Thank you.

Keep on writing!
>Chris Dixon

Your response is so overwehlming. I am so happy that I could bring a smile on your face through my work which is my ultimate goal.Thank you for all the love and appreciation for my work. It means the world to me.
You too have made my day by supporting my genre and idea...
This review will always be close to my heart as it is my first review that too so beautiful and ofcourse this is one of my favourite topics
Thankyou so much @ ChrisDixon for all the love ...

I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.
— Walt Disney