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Keep your heart intact.

by BhavyaMehta123

           Hello Readers!

           This article is written to bring hope in your lives.

So many instances take place in our lives. Some make us smile, some make us frown, some make us feel cheated, and exploited and list goes on. Today, I will be talking about the instances that make us feel exploited and we conclude that humanity, love, respect, and kindness are not part of this world. We feel everyone is mean and just want to take advantage.There were so many instances where I felt like this. Honestly, it happens now also. Not getting the credit, I deserve. Not getting the deserved position and feeling cheated. 

This stirs up your feelings and you feel like turning into the worst person alive on this planet. You feel like teaching them a lesson, like you saw in your favorite movie or T.V. show. Sadly, life is not that easy. Everywhere you can't raise your voice, every mission is not that successful. But believe me my friend, turning into a devil will not bear any fruit either.

What I have done always is to do the required efforts and the same time believing in Him. Because when you feel nothing can be solved and everything is a mess then, He rescues. I have always kept my heart intact. Learning from past, but being innocent, loving, trusting again and being cautious at the same time. Most importantly, keeping my heart intact and not losing the love, innocence,care which is instored in it.

This doesn't mean you don't raise your voice. But, sometimes things become a mess. Then, it is time to be  help yourself. This doesn't mean to behave how the world does. It is time to heal your heart and soul. And, most importantly speak up if you can or just be ready before you are in that same black hole and protect yourself from it.

Some will say," This kindness is of no use. Should we bare this injustice?" No, but you are meant to be good to your own self and please do not lose the beauty of virtues lying in you. And, every time you can't speak, sometimes it is okay to be silent and prepare and protect yourself from future attacks and become strong, bold and beautiful.

~ Don't lose yourself~

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Thu Apr 23, 2020 2:55 pm
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MoonIris wrote a review...

I think this is absolutely amazing! Sincerely my main reason I really got into writing it was because I was sad and needed something. This gives you a reason to smile. I think you wrote about something that is important but forgotten by too many people. I just think that so many people change overnight to please other or to get revenge and that is simply wrong. I really hope a bunch of people read this letter so we can all be ourselves because that is simply the best way we can be and it's the way we were meant to be. Thank you so much for reminding us that!

Thank you so much. You have just made my day. As a writer, I feel complete when somebody tells me my work helped them. :)

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Wed Apr 15, 2020 5:37 pm
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ToxicAnglerFish wrote a review...

This is a very good positive message about keeping yourself together in these hard times! I really appreciate the metaphors such as "Being the devil won't bear any fruits", it's really poetic and its a really good phrase for being a good person to get what you want. I like how we see your negative experiences and how you learned that despite being used and feeling like you been cheated and upset, you still keep your calm and tell others to keep calm and keep their cools during this uncertain and uneasy time across the world. Excellent Work.

I am so thankful to you for all the appreciation and I am glad you liked it.

The emperor is rich, but he can't buy another day.
— Chinese Proverb