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If you can, be someone's sunshine.

by BhavyaMehta123

" I have been a struggling mathematician all my life! And, I am perfectly fine with it now." But, I still can't decide what was worst that I labeled myself as a loser or some people who told me the same thing through their actions. There were some people who couldn't help and some pretended  that they couldn't. But I  have been always inspired by the people who became my sunshine in the darkest times. There were some  people who made me believe that I am not a loser until I believe to be one. Seeing their spirit I decided that I will be someone's sunshine in whatever way I can.

I feel we all are " God's beautiful children." And we are bound to help each other in whatever way we can. From the day I realized this truth, I promised myself either to be a sunshine or be a help to someone. I think there are so many people in the world who are heartbroken, indifferent,  pessimistic about  whatever they do in life. If I wasn't encouraged to be happy, confident, and to overcome my fears I wouldn't be whatever I am today.

 On this path, you will find so many people who will name it as : drama, buttering, self interest and what not. Don't care about them. I feel if you can, then do something and if you can't, don't belittle anybody. You will feel that some of your receivers took your advantage. Just distance yourself from them.It doesn't matter who and how you help. The feeling, help, and emotion must be genuine.

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Sat May 23, 2020 5:54 am
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DeliriumNervosa wrote a review...

Hi Bhavya!

I absolutely loved reading this piece! It is such a similar style to how I write and I love to read other people's ponderings and thoughts. You have incorporated some great vocabulary in here! The only suggestion I have is to remove "more" from in front of worse in the second sentence. It disrupts the flow of the sentence and worse doesn't grammatically need the more in front as it would go from worse to worst :) Sorry, I am a bit of a Grammar Natzi.
I can't wait to read more of your work!


Delirium Nervosa

Hi! Thank you for such a lovely review. I am so glad you liked it. I didn't notice that mistake earlier. Thanks for pointing out. I will just edit that out. Lastly, thank you for the appreciation.<3

Always! You have been a loyal follower of my profile and it is only just that I return the favour :) <3

You're so kind. And, I will continue to be your loyal follower.<3

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Thu May 21, 2020 9:25 am
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Tanishka says...

Hi Bhavya,

All your works are just full of feeling , telling us things we all should know. Keep on writing things like this. You are really good at it.

Thank you so much. <3

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Sat May 16, 2020 4:45 pm
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Hkumar wrote a review...

Hi Bhavya!

You always write honest feelings with your heart and it's always a pleasure to read your work.

There were some people who couldn't help and some pretended that they couldn't.

I know how bad it feels to be around such pretentious people who really don't care about you. I was fortunate that I did not encounter them in my school life much but things changed after coming to college. I saw the true face of many people around me. There were people who would try to boast about their achievements and would try to make you feel inferior. It's not always easy to overcome such feelings and keep yourself steady. It makes us engulfed in negativity.
But like you said finding someone who makes you see the good and bright side of your life is always a help. These are the people who make our lives filled with sunshine and positivity.
It's not possible to remove he toxic one's from our lives permanently because it is evident that the world is full of such cruel people. The best way is to just not pay any heed to their harsh words and poor judgements.
As for that critic I would say avoid those commas after 'But','seeing' and 'And'. No use of it there. Also over this place
From the day, I realized this truth,

Remove comma after day, it disrupts the flow.

Thanks for sharing your motivational words.<3
Keep writing and continue expressing yourself! :)

Hi! Thank you for such a lovely review. I agree to your point that we need to stay away from toxic people who spread negativity.I have removed all those unnecessary commas. Thank you for the same. <3

"Do not try to be pretty. You weren't meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. Don't let anyone ever simplify you to just 'pretty'"
— Unknown