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Round and Round Chapter 2
by jadeactor in Novel / Chapter » Romantic

The Gentle Creatures
by Dossereana in Poetry » Chickens

Evil Ex
by Sunflowerdemon3712 in Short Story » Science Fiction

by Lullaby in Poetry » Realistic

The Last Spell 13.1
by SilverNight in Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure

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  • Short Story » Realistic, Historical Fiction
    Crossing Borders

    A tale of unexpected friendship in a time of racism and prejudice in America.

    HB1103 - 2 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Science Fiction, Fantasy
    Evil Ex

    Having a super powerful evil warlord as an ex wife is... interesting

    Sunflowerdemon3712 - 19 hours ago

  • Short Story » Dramatic, Realistic
    Highway of Darkness

    A story about a mysterious van and a girl whose name is of a citrus fruit.

    OrabellaAvenue - Sep 21, 2023

  • Short Story » Realistic, Dramatic
    The Salt and Straw on September 18th

    Reminiscing the last time I went to the Salt and Straw

    farq4d - Sep 19, 2023
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » General, General
    Wakefield Oh!


    fishsashimi - Sep 19, 2023
    12+ Violence

  • Short Story » Realistic, Dramatic
    "And You Didn't Hear It From Me"

    A story about gossip.

    LuminescentAnt - Sep 17, 2023
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Fantasy, Politics
    The Origins of a Phrase

    Could it be that "Silly Goose" came from political turmoil? Find out in this origin of the phrase

    Messenger - Sep 12, 2023
    18+ Violence Mature Content

  • Short Story » Realistic, Dramatic
    I'm growing up.

    Growing up and all the things I can't say out loud.

    farq4d - Sep 11, 2023

  • Short Story » Fanfiction, Supernatural
    Crybaby and the clown-Vanilla ice cream (Chapter Five)

    All it takes is one simple vanilla ice cream cone and it goes wrong.

    vampricone6783 - Sep 9, 2023
    12+ Violence Mature Content

  • Short Story » Fantasy, Supernatural
    Chloe’s story-The adventures of Poppy McLain

    Chloe was used to getting what she wanted. When she lost him, it all changed.

    vampricone6783 - Sep 7, 2023
    12+ Violence Mature Content

  • Short Story » Dramatic, Mystery / Suspense
    An All Consuming Hunger

    A police thinks that his wife's killer is in the building, but there's a bomb and the clock is ticking.

    Andre - Sep 6, 2023
    16+ Language

  • Short Story » Fantasy, Horror
    The Old Man

    Have you ever been so afraid to live you forget that you have to die.

    ghxstfacx - Sep 6, 2023
    E - Everyone

  • Short Story » Mystery / Suspense, Humor
    Lady Alberta and the Wedding Saboteur (Part 2)

    part 2! fun little fantasy/mystery shenanigans!

    Plume - Sep 5, 2023

  • Short Story » General, Horror

    A fairytale about a kind and loving prince... maybe.

    cookiesandcream123 - Sep 4, 2023

  • Short Story » Mystery / Suspense, General
    The Apocalyptic Events of Fearlessness

    A short story that leaves a lingering taste on your tongue- wanting more.

    Serrurie - Sep 3, 2023
    E - Everyone

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