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by L0ca1Tes1a in Poetry » Dramatic

Project.Xyria-Chapter One
by Coffeewriter in Novel / Chapter » Fantasy

A Bet on Flying Fish
by TheMythMaster in Short Story » Historical Fiction

The UNO Reverse
by KateHardy in Poetry » General

Circus Grave
by AkiraEliza in Poetry » Dramatic

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  • Poetry » Dramatic, Teen Fiction
    Senior and Freshman duo

    This duo can change your life.

    L0ca1Tes1a - 5 hours ago
    16+ Language Mature Content

  • Poetry » Health, Dramatic

    I've seen those lights many times, I've been those lights.

    L0ca1Tes1a - 5 hours ago
    16+ Mature Content

  • Poetry » Health, Dramatic
    Time heals.

    Based on famous quote. but with a deeper meaning.

    L0ca1Tes1a - 9 hours ago

  • Poetry » Narrative, Realistic
    Stand with Palestine

    Hey everyone, I love the reviews, but please be kind. Palestine is terrible and I truly don't know much, but it's been on my mind for awhile.

    FireSpyGirl - May 28, 2024

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Literature

    I wrote this while I was really struggling with finding myself and dissociating.

    L0ca1Tes1a - May 27, 2024
    E - Everyone

  • Poetry » Teen Fiction, General
    Dear younger brother

    A poem a wrote to my younger brother. (I cried when I wrote this.)

    L0ca1Tes1a - May 27, 2024
    E - Everyone

  • Poetry » Narrative, Dramatic
    Whatever happened to this place?

    The story on how a kingdom fell and the man who caused it. I like to imagine it as dramatic, disney-like as side characters occasionally interject.

    NoOneInParticular - May 27, 2024
    E - Everyone

  • Poetry » Fantasy, Other
    whispers in the dark

    poetry about mountains and liminal spaces

    ScarlettFire - May 27, 2024

  • Poetry » Narrative, Romantic
    Everbound Poem : venus of the dead sea.

    A practice piece from the point of view of a mortal man who lost a immortal lover.

    Moonlily - May 26, 2024
    16+ Mature Content

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Realistic
    Running Away

    I'm running away from reality.

    khushi17bansal - May 26, 2024
    E - Everyone

  • Poetry » General, General
    The UNO Reverse

    A little something I did lately that made me get a bit poetic.

    KateHardy - May 23, 2024

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Realistic
    the "throwing up feelings/pouring my heart out" collection

    a bunch of lovesick/heartful poetry

    herbalhour - May 23, 2024

  • Poetry » Science Fiction, Narrative
    A Time Tale of Two

    Sci-fi creative writing meets poetry style storytelling

    LunarAirPollution - May 21, 2024

  • Poetry » Fanfiction, Supernatural
    Plea of a child taken by Laughing Jack

    I’m done playing your games. Take me home. I don’t want to be a monster like you.

    vampricone6783 - May 21, 2024
    16+ Violence Mature Content

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Realistic
    The Longings

    Everyone wants to be what they are not.

    Inferno - May 20, 2024
    E - Everyone

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Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.
— Corrie Ten Boom