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avianwings47: April 9, 2024 - Present

Did you know that technically speaking, birds are technically reptiles.

Yeah, let that simmer for a bit.

(P.S. Do you suffer from writer's block? Yeah, me too. :[ You should check this out!)

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farq4d: March 22, 2024 - April 9, 2024

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JazzElectrobass: March 5, 2024 - March 22, 2024

Jazz's natural habitat contains chaos and silliness, those are the necessities for one to survive in a place. Band is a good place to find them, as band is the closest thing you get to a cult in a school. You can also easily find them using anything to do with robots, especially giant robots.

I read a lot, and I definitely check out too many books at a time.
I love music. I am a flautist and a bassist. I listen to music often (mainly classic rock).
I do a lot of volunteer work in my community.
I'm currently in the process of writing 2 novel series.

Times I am on(PST):
-Very spotty throughout day
-Active in the evening - mainly after 8:30-9pm
-Mostly active throughout the day until 5-6 pm
-Active in the evening: after 8:30-9 pm

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herbalhour: January 24, 2024 - March 5, 2024

tis i, FluorescentAnt's best friend and her biggest fan. (she got me to join YWS!)
formerly teatiime (of which, you can call me tea too!)
fine, i was the FM from jan 24 to mar 5
the biggest periwinkle lover
i am silly i suppose
cryptic messages:

Spoiler! :
23: "nozik em ny nymd"
i cannot say it's alright however
quotations, make album
album + favorite number = Q
Y= B-Z
Z= C × D
A= trying to find a part of me you didn’t take up
B= it feels like the perfect night to dress like hipsters
C= i kept you like an oath
D= NaPo

pads are fun too, no?

to sum me up:

Spearmint wrote:jan Ti li pona. sitelen ona li pona.
jaja estoy aprendiendo toki pona :D es muy divertido

Plume wrote:With musical taste sublime
and poet abilities prime,
if you need a cup
of cheering-right-up
why not see teatiime?

Dossereana wrote:teatiime comes rushing out with hands full of hot chocolate and tea.

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RavenAkuma: January 8, 2024 - January 24, 2024

~ Fear not. Despite the wicked face in my profile pic, I am quite friendly. I just like to smile, and so does he ~

I'm an aspiring writer desperate to get into serious publishing. I've been trying to refine my skills for years, and I'm currently working on a book that I hope will be a big break.

I already have an epic fantasy series, and it has been with me through thick and thin. On Wattpad, many years ago, I posted a rough draft of the story that I hoped fellow writers would help me polish. Instead, many found it "cheesy" and uninteresting, and didn't want to help much, so the books got a bad name. Not just on Wattpad specifically, and far from experiencing this with every user, I was feeling this toxic sense of "if I have to read your book, it better be good, and you better read mine." It felt more like we were trading stars and algorithm boosts than sharing writing advice. Soon, my books became old news, and that was double trouble: nobody saw past the rough draft, and Wattpad doesn't like promoting "old" content.

Booksie was my second chance, and while I do love Booksie for a lot of reasons, it is still very hard to find vocal readers willing to give constructive criticism.

I scoped out a couple of other sites, and even started posting on one called "RoyalRoad." They were all dead ends, as well.

I would like to see if Young Writers Society could be a fresh start with fresh critics. I'm very open to reviewing -I actually enjoy it very much. Likewise, I'll be posting some of my first fantasy book soon to test the waters. And I mean it, please be honest about my work!

That is all I feel necessary to cram in here for now. Have a nice day or night, kind visitor ~

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EllieMae: December 23, 2023 - January 8, 2024

Hi friend, my name is Ellie! Welcome to my wall! So glad to have you here.

I am currently writing two novels. One poetry novel and one fiction novel, where my character Astrid goes back in time to meet her mother who passed away. I love free verse poetry and recording spoken word poems.

Account Created: December 22, 2020
Became a JM on March 5, 2024

I would love to be your friend! Please take care and have a fantastically wonderfully splendiferous day!

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PKMichelle: December 8, 2023 - December 23, 2023

I'm not the greatest writer. I'm actually very inconsistent. But I wanted to try getting my work out there to someone, and this is it.

I mostly write horrors and thrillers, and I'm definitely looking for some feedback on both. As a young writer, I always appreciate some advice and/or guidance, and I am always looking for ways to improve my writing!

Writer's Block Combat Pad - This is for me to remember, but you can use it too!! thanks, avianwings47!!!

Spoiler! :
This is the review template I use. It's also for me because I hate going on a scavenger hunt to try and find an unedited version... anyone's free to use it or change it as they please :D

Code: Select all
[color=darkviolet][b]Hello, friend![/b][/color]
I saw your work in the Green Room and figured I’d check it out!


[color=mediumblue][b]Per my interpretation,[/b][/color]

[color=red][b]If I could offer any sort of advice,[/b][/color]

But, obviously, this is just a suggestion, and it's always up to the writer, so please take this criticism lightly and know that I mean nothing negative by it—only trying to provide a somewhat useful critique.

[color=limegreen][b]If I had to pick my favorite part,[/b][/color]


Thank you for taking the time to write and post this, and I hope this review is of some use to you!

[color=deeppink][b]Goodbye for now! I hope you have a magnificent day (or night) wherever you are![/b][/color]

Pronouns: she/her

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Fleur: November 23, 2023 - December 8, 2023

Hi there! I'm Fleur, formally known as Lullaby. I'm a follower of Christ! I am getting my bachelors in English Creative Writing, then pursuing a masters in Teaching! I have a deep love for poetry but I also love to read novels. I also will sometimes write personal autobiographical pieces! If you ever read my work, I hope you enjoy. In my free time I also enjoy taking care of my houseplants, playing video games, being with my dogs, or watching videos of ducks.

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Ventomology: October 27, 2023 - November 23, 2023

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Rose: October 6, 2023 - October 27, 2023

Dreamer and storyteller crafting tales ripe with the potential for epic drama—from yours truly. From sweet poems to twisting chronicles, my words dance on paper, and pencil and sketch paper. Swing by my happy place here.
Can't forget my cinematic side and my unbashed love of books—I'm a proud bookworm!

Lost in recent books

Spoiler! :

- The Stranger by Harlan Coben
- Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
- The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho

That's it, that's all.

This is Rose,
Gone with the words

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Kaia: September 18, 2023 - October 6, 2023

Dark mystery writer, hamster keeper, emotional support-I am many things.

Also, in case you were not aware, carbonated grape juice featured at left is the best beverage. You cannot go wrong with it. Have a drink!

Read my weaves at your own risk. I am considered a cruel writer for a reason.

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LuminescentAnt: August 29, 2023 - September 18, 2023

Hi, I'm LuminescentAnt! You can call me Ant if you want.
As you can probably tell, I really like Pusheen.
As you can also probably tell, I like writing.
I like fantasy. I REALLY like fantasy.
I also like Marvel - My favorite Marvel superhero is Captain Marvel.
My favorite color is red. If you said, "Blue is such a nice color," I would reply with, "Yeah, but red is better." You have been warned.
My favorite food is Poké Bowls. You probably don't know what those are, so look it up. If you do, you probably know that they are awesome. If none of these apply, then I don't know what to say.
My favorite book as of right now is The Girl Who Drank the Moon (You can look this up as well)
I don't really have a favorite song.
I am also a viola enthusiast, because it is the best instrument and I play it obviously.
herbalhour is my best friend, and I told him about YWS. I am the reason for his existence here mwahaha

That's it

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Messenger: August 12, 2023 - August 29, 2023

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OrabellaAvenue: July 21, 2023 - August 12, 2023

Hiya! I'm the local... something. Yeah. Something.

I don't know what I am. But you can call me Orabella, Ora, Bella, Avenue, or Aven. If you find another cool nickname that you'd rather call me, I'm open to ideas!

My pronouns are she/her.

I love bunnies. They're just so cute. And guinea pigs. I mean, have you heard what they sound like?! (If you haven't, I suggest looking it up. They sound adorable. :) )

I'm always open to talking. You can PM me or post a comment on my wall anytime! ^^

I was once a featured member... Featured Member July 22 - August 5: OrabellaAvenue

Squills 8/9/23

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MerleBlackbird: July 7, 2023 - July 21, 2023

- Writer and digital doodlist
- Critter fanatic and lover of floofs
- 22 Yrs, but don't underestimate my pettiness superpower
- If you can't say it nicely, keep your pretty mouth shut :)

Stories don't end because you stopped paying attention.
— SJ Whitby