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illy7896: April 4, 2021 - Present

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Spearmint: March 19, 2021 - April 4, 2021

Hi, I’m Spearmint, though you can also call me mint! And, uh, hmm... I’m not entirely sure what else to put here. Anyways, I’m excited to get to know you all!

Random notes~
Favorite ice cream flavor: mint chocolate chip :>
Honorary birthday: October 10th (10/10) ^-^

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Yoshikrab: March 3, 2021 - March 19, 2021

Hey! Welcome to this chaotic place you call a "Wall"! (I've always wondered why these are called "Walls". Wouldn't something like "Yoshi's Message Box" be nicer?) I'm Yoshi, a hobbyist (MORE THAN A HOBBY) writer. I like writing poetry, novellas, and long form novels.

You know, maybe I should change my wall to a poem? You guys want that?

Okay, well, be warned: You will be about to face extreme magnificence.

Welcome, welcome, one and all,
To my wonderful, wonderful, beautiful wall,
Temptation too great,
You're fingers too late,
And now you are trapped within my law.

Sorry if that seemed a little bit mean,
I don't get much visitors, and don't get sheen,
So don't be offended,
Cause' I think this is splendid,
And I'll shine you until you glean.

My name is Yoshi, short for Yoshikrab
I am a dino, not a chocolate lab,
I like to shoot eggs,
And also bite legs,
For that is why I cause many, many scabs.

But I am somewhat new here,
So I don't know who to sue here,
For making this place,
Much too great,
And now I'm trapped like glue here.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my poetic wall,
Goodbye, Goodbye, one and all,
But wait, this isn't right!
This is a profile! Right in hindsight!
But farewell, for I need to follow my call.

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veeren: February 16, 2021 - March 3, 2021

I gotta remember to fill this in one day...

Don't call me Bob tho.

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SilverNight: February 1, 2021 - February 16, 2021

Hi! I'm one of those people who sometimes go by something other than their username. Feel free to either call me Shadow or Silver!

I like helping others out and meeting new people. I have a novel in progress and I like writing poems whenever I'm hit with inspiration. A few of those poems are on here, and the novel will be posted chapter by chapter later— let me know if you're interesting in reading it! I also love collaborative writing and roleplaying.

I was Featured Member from February 1st to February 15th, 2021. I'm also a winner of the January Review Challenge!

And I love chocolate. That's a lot less relevant than anything else here, but I just wanted you to know. I need it to survive, after all. <3

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SpunkyKitty: January 17, 2021 - February 1, 2021

Hi! I'm SpunkyKitty, but you can call me Spunky, or whatever else you like.

I'm a stubborn, passionate Christian girl. I love going to church, hanging with my friends, and staying up late to read a book I've already read ten times. That about sums me up XD.

If you wanna chat, feel free to PM me at any time!

What I'm reading: Eight Cousins

I was the Featured Member January 17-January 31, 2021

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lillianna: December 31, 2020 - January 17, 2021

hello hello! how are you today? i’m lillianna, but also known as harper. i write mediocre poetry and do random art. i’m a very frequent people’s tab poster, so beware. i’m a HUGE harry styles fan. you’ll see a picture of him every once and a while on my wall♥︎♥︎♥︎. i’m currently loving hockey and taylor swifts album evermore. i’m also teaching myself to play piano! thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day!

previously known as harperlouise06 and lulon

most recent work: i am numb

i also do review requests:
lulon is now doing more reviews!

i was featured memember december 31st 2020-january 14th 2021! Featured Member Dec 31 - Jan 14: lillianna

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MomoMajesty: December 17, 2020 - December 31, 2020

Hi there!

Thanks for dropping me a visit, however short it might be. If you ever want to talk, PM me or post on my wall! I check my profile at least a million times a day, so I won't miss it!

First, If I disappear for a while, it's because my mom has banned me from screens. You can contact my sister Overwatchful, and she'll let you know if I'm dead or something like that.

I'm a 12 year old girl. I've been dancing for six years, so that takes up most of my short life, and my time. I play the piano (not very well), I sing (very well), and I (obviously) write. I mainly write poetry, but I'm writing a novel (I am Mari).

Um, that's really all I got. If you have any questions, contact me some way or another; I won't mind! Bye!

Psst: I was featured member December 16-31.

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Euphoria8: December 1, 2020 - December 17, 2020

Hiii! Thank you for paying me a visit <3

I'm Euphoria, and in short, I'm basically a sentimental, slightly stupid (XD) and passionate girl who tries to show up and be there for the people she loves.

I love stories and poetry, to both read and write, and my aim when showing people my work is to evoke deep emotions in their heart and instill love, joy and motivation into their day.

My hobbies include art, journalling, scrap booking, playing with pets, studying (you read that right), researching, singing and everything else under the sun.

And I've published a novel so I'm well on my way to becoming a decent author!

Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

My Cute Songs Playlist ... =copy-link

I'm hoping to rewatch Your Lie In April, you know, to fit the month XD but my life's saying no-

Still YWS <3

Goodbye and have a wonderful day for me <3 don't be afraid to love and be there for yourself, take care, and take on the world!

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Valkyria: November 7, 2020 - December 1, 2020

I was born in Queens, New York, but I moved to a different state five years ago.

My favorite author is Neil Gaimon. I mainly write short stories, but I am currently working on a novel. I'm trying to write more poetry since I struggle with that.

I usually don't listen to music when I write, but I sometimes listen to movie soundtracks to get my inspiration turning.

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IcyFlame: October 23, 2020 - November 7, 2020

I joined this site 10 years ago hoping for a place to post my writing (which at the time of course I thought was wonderful, but now can't bear to reread). I thought maybe I'd get a comment or two and it would spur me on to writing further chapters but boy, I got so much more.

This little community in our shared corner of the internet means so much to me and is why even after some extended breaks I will always come back <3

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TheScribe: October 8, 2020 - October 23, 2020

I see that you've found us...
Oh well. We knew we couldn't hide for long.

There are just a few things you need to know about us...

  • We are a system, meaning we have DID. Myself (Vilnius/Vil ~ he/him), Carolina (she/her), Honorine (they/them), and Edwin (he/him) will do most of the fronting, and we'll try to keep people up to date with who's front in pads.
  • Many of us are LGBT+
  • I (Vilnius) am the host, meaning that I am front most of the time and take care of daily tasks/chores.
  • We run the Role Play ~Victorian Dives~
  • We will add to this list over time

Most of my (Vilnius) books center around or involve politics of some kind, and I am always ready to dive into real and fictional politics. Most of us write poetry from time to time.

We were the Featured Member from October 8 to October 23.

Photo by @Elfboy

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Buranko: September 22, 2020 - October 8, 2020


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WaterSpout: September 7, 2020 - September 22, 2020

Well, I was born in Dallas, TX. I live in the same neighborhood for as long as I can remember, so I have a pretty deep connection to it and the city in general. That's where I also keep buying Hot Wheels at the local Walmart. I fell in love with reading and writing when I found out what you can do and create. But yeah, I write.
Writing is the physical form of your creativity.
I experimented with all sorts of genres, which I found that I like reading a lot of them, though I'm picky with which one I choose to write based on. Then, I started to get into cars HEAVILY. Well, I've been liking cars since I was a little kid, which grew into a love and passion after. I am still a pretty new car enthusiast, though.

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VioletFantasy: August 21, 2020 - September 7, 2020

Hello! I'm not really sure what I should write, so I'll just spit out some random facts :). YWS is the best online site (fact, not opinion). My two favorite books series are The Land of Stories and Six of Crows (I also love Harry Potter, but I felt that it was too obvious an option). I like to write fantasy and mystery mostly, but will dabble in other genres as well, which is evident in my growing poem collection. I've become a major Gleek, or Glee fan, recently, and would have to say that it is one of my all time favorite shows, only bested by Stranger Things. My taste in music is, let's just say, all over the place. I like 80s music, musicals, modern pop, some alternative, and some rock. Currently, my favorite song is Life on Mars by David Bowie. If you read through all of that, bravo! Here's a heart: <3

There is more to life than making fart noises, and then laughing about those fart noises.
— Waddles, Gravity Falls