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January 2023 Review Day

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Sun Jan 22, 2023 4:23 am
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Liminality says...

January 2023 Review Day

In the Kingdom of Yewis,
there was a commotion,
the filling Green Room
did beg a solution.

A wizard did spawn
from review-less works
a most evil wizard
in the site code he lurks.

Now royal Big Brother,
who once was a dog
through wizardly tricks
had become a frog!

To arms, dear brethren!
To pens and quills!
The dog we must rescue
with our reviewing skills!

Event Start Time: -
* Sign-ups will only open 3 days before the event


Forsooth! A quest and wizardly tricks? Wretched Big Brother!

Prithee say, what is a Review Day?

On the last Sunday of every month (well, usually at least), we review as many works as possible with the aim of completely clearing out the Green Room! We also have a goal each month, and this month's goal is 150 reviews.

But hark! There's more! Review Teams!

In addition, you can choose to participate on a team. There's two of them, and you sign up by clicking the red "Join a review team" button on the front page. The teams compete based on how many collective points they earn. This means that the winning team is not necessarily the team with the most reviews!

This Review Day, the teams will also compete to turn our beloved Big Brother back from being a frog, into being a dog again and break the spell!

Quality Triumphs Over Quantity

Always remember, it's better to write one good review than to write 4 quick reviews. Not only will you earn more points, but you'll be more helpful as well!

Magical Elements of a Review

Watch the gates of the People's Tab for tips and magic tricks on reviewing, with the hashtags #MagicalReviewElements and #ReviewTips!

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10 Reviews

Gender: None specified
Points: 3850
Reviews: 10

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10 Reviews

Gender: None specified
Points: 3850
Reviews: 10

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436 Reviews

Gender: Female
Points: 20490
Reviews: 436
Mon Jan 30, 2023 1:38 am
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Liminality says...


The works are reviewed,
the Green Room hath shrunk,
and back to his lair
the wizard hath sunk.

While he is aghast,
the people delight:
they dance in the streets
from dawn to the night.

It was a close match! The winning team who scored the most points, the Clever Elves, poured a magic potion over Big Brother's head and turned the frog back into a dog. But both the Book Wyrms and the Clever Elves' efforts weakened the evil wizard enough to send him scurrying away. All is well again in the Kingdom of Yewis.

The Book Wyrms wrote 52 reviews and earned 5675 points. The Clever Elves wrote 44 reviews and earned 5790 points. With our combined efforts, 96 reviews were written. Fabulous work everybody!

Have you met my friend, The Story Review Template?

I usually show up online at times between 8am-2pm UTC.

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Gender: None specified
Points: 3850
Reviews: 10
Mon Jan 30, 2023 3:21 am
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Big Brother says...


Thank you so much to everyone who helped reverse the wizard's curse and turn me back into a doggo! It is very much appreciated!! And huge congratulations to both teams - ultimately the Clever Elves were victorious but the Book Wyrms put up quite a fight! Here were the final complete statistics:

Review teams:
Clever Elves - 44 reviews for a total of 5790 points
Book Wyrms - 52 reviews for a total of 5675 points

Number of Reviews: 102
Number of Words: 56906
Number of Characters: 236119
Number of E's: 28707
Number of S's: 14388
Number of The's: 2012
Number of Is's: 533
Number of Periods: 3119
Number of Commas: 2246
Number of Semi-colons: 674
Number of Backslashes: 696
Number of Quoted Sections: 1788
Number of I coming before E: 1076
Number of X's: 516
Number of Z's: 497
Number of C coming before E: 1518
Number of -ed: 3540
Number of -ing: 6801
Number of Fahrvergn├╝gen: 0
Number of Schadenfreude: 0

Top 20 Words
  • review used 109 times
  • chapter used 100 times
  • thought used 71 times
  • people used 61 times
  • moment used 59 times
  • writing used 58 times
  • robert used 56 times
  • interesting used 49 times
  • person used 44 times
  • jasper used 44 times
  • feeling used 43 times
  • pretty used 41 times
  • character used 41 times
  • sifuqfua used 40 times
  • darkcyan used 39 times
  • lovely used 38 times
  • characters used 35 times
  • chapters used 34 times
  • stories used 34 times

Top 5 Reviewers
@KateHardy: 13
@Quillfeather: 10
@Horisun: 8
@Snoink: 7
@Dossereana: 6

Top 5 Typers
@KateHardy: 98609
@Liminality: 23184
@Snoink: 21659
@Dossereana: 16443
@Quillfeather: 16355

Number of Reviewers: 29
@Dossereana did the 1 review
@Liminality did the 100 review
@dragonight9 did the last review

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— Calvin