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  • lliyah
    6 hours ago

    Hey Alice! Happy happy birthday! <3 So glad you are part of this wonderful site. :)


  • ForeverYoung299
    9 hours ago

    Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your day!! Here's a cake for you :)

    DreamyAlice Thank you ^-^
    8 hours ago

  • Happy Birthday, Alice! 🎂 I hope you have an amazing day!! 🙂

    DreamyAlice Thank youu =D
    8 hours ago

  • Happy birthday!!!

    DreamyAlice Thanks<333
    8 hours ago

  • Happy Birthday :)

    DreamyAlice Thank youu<3
    8 hours ago

  • 5 hours left for my birthday...tons of questions and emotions bubbling inside. how am I fifteen already?

    LuxLuthor >.> one more left?
    18 hours ago

    tatteredbones Happy birthday
    17 hours ago

  • I wanted to ask since when did this tradition of NaPo in april started?

    IcyFlame So google tells me it started in 2003, when a poet posted a poem every day on her blog in April. The tradition caught on, and so a website was created for people who wanted to take part (napowrimo.net).
    Mar 27, 2023

    Hkumar Some twenty years from now, users will ask a similar question about world famous Chicken poetry and Google will tell them about @lliyah.
    Mar 27, 2023

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  • I woke up to see my team won!!! Well done guys<333
    DreamyAlice wrote:I wanted to do more, but it's late, and I am tired so I will probably sleep. I just wish when I wake up I see my blue team leading just like now xD. You got this people!
    Nate wrote:Just 70 reviews to go!


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  • It's amazing the commitment you make to the site<3 I don't think most people know you are getting up early just do reviews and things. But I see you, thanks for all you do<3

    DreamyAlice Aww thanks quilly<3333 love ya

    And YWS gives me a reason to wake up early in holidays fwhich i would have founded hard otherwise xD

    Mar 27, 2023

  • I wanted to do more, but it's late, and I am tired so I will probably sleep. I just wish when I wake up I see my blue team leading just like now xD. You got this people!
    Nate wrote:Just 70 reviews to go!


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  • I am amazed by the shortage of poems in the green room xD people are storing their poetic juices for NaPo, hah xD

    tatteredbones after i do a review i hope to post a poem :>
    Mar 26, 2023

    DreamyAlice great=D
    Mar 26, 2023

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  • Back to reviewing before sleeping! Let's goooo

  • Okay, so my results of the finals came a few days ago, everything was great above 70 out of 80 in all the exams and yeah everything was great until 56/80 in maths. Don't get me wrong I like maths and physics both of them are my favorite subjects to work on. People told me 73% isn't that bad, I know it isn't and it would not have been such a big issue even if I expected more marks if my parents would have not ignored all my other subjects' good 90%+ scores for MATHS!! I was supposed to be happy now I don't know what score can bring me happiness anymore. So yeah 9th grade starts soon...a repetitive cycle of the same struggle with bits of happiness and excitement here and there

    rida You should be proud you got such awesome marks in the rest of the subjects!!! 90%+ is literally like a topper!!
    And if maths went a lil badly- there’s no point feeling sad about it because all one can rlly do now is practice it like everyday, maybe- make it a goal and work towards that!!
    Don’t let one bad grade make you forget all the hard work you did and all the awesome marks you got!! I’m proud of you <333

    Mar 26, 2023

    DreamyAlice Thanks rida<33333 love ya TT
    Mar 27, 2023

  • Ooo so many people online, everyone is buckled up for the review day!

  • ^-^
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    YWS BB Team

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— T. H. White