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the resserection

by seekingthetruth

"Doctor where are we off to now?'' asked Rose , the Doctor replied " planet viscous because it has got the best view of the entire galaxy" Suddenly the Tardis began to shake like an earthquake. Rose screamed " what's happening?" the Doctor replied " we are getting pulled towards viscous by an unknown force". Crash! went the console and the force of the explosion knocked Rose unconscious onto the metallic floor" All of a sudden the unknown force that dragged them down had stopped and the Doctor went over to Rose and carried her onto one of the soft leaver seats" "Rose , "Rose" whispered the Doctor until she came round. Rose woke up and asked " what happened , where are we?" The Doctor said, " we have arrived on planet viscus, are u feeling up to it " " yes" Rose replied.

Slowly and fearfully the Doctor and Rose set foot outside of the Tardis and only to discover that they were not on Viscous , but in fact on scaro, the planet of the Daleks. " NO , NO NO!” howled the Doctor. Rose then said " is this … Scaro?" The Doctor didn't need to respond as Rose could see it on his face. " We need to go back to the Tardis now" exclaimed the Doctor. But as they began to turn around a brown and murky coloured Dalek was guarding the Tardis" Rose grabbed the Doctor's hand instantly and they both ran towards the outback of Skaro only for a Dalek to stop them in their tracks.

"You the Doctor and Rose Tyler enemies of the Dalek race , you will come with me or be exterminated" exclaimed the Dalek. The Doctor agreed , however Rose was looking and feeling unwell. " Rose what's wrong" asked the Doctor worryingly. Before she could answer the Dalek ordered silence" But the Doctor ignored this and asked again "Rose what's wrong?" Rose replied "I can't breathe". Suddenly the Dalek angrily replied " no talking or be exterminated" And then the Doctor exclaimed " LET ME HELP HER AND THEN WE WILL BE SILENT". The Dalek looked shocked but agreed.

"Doctor it feels like I can't breathe and my airways are closing up" , The Doctor replied " Rose calm down your having a panic attack, Rose tried to calm down but for some reason she could not. " I can't , I can't" said Rose faintly ,.. suddenly Rose fainted on the Doctor. The Dalek then said " walk with me and carry your companion she will be needed for the great resurrection." The Doctor kept checking her pulse to make sure she was still alive.

The Doctor still walking and still carrying an unconscious Rose through the abandoned and deserted city of Skaro saw how much trouble he and Rose were really in because as they got nearer to the Daleks headquarters the more Daleks appeared and this meant it would be nearly impossible to escape - even for the Doctor. Suddenly the Dalek screamed " you will stop and put your companion down beside you ". The Doctor could do nothing but agree to the Dalek terms. The Doctor and Rose were in a dark and frail cell that only had one door and no windows. The Doctor desperately tried wake Rose up from what seemed to be a coma like state but failed.

Suddenly without any warning the Dalek that had led them to this foul and disgusting cell came in and said "you will bring the girl with you and if you don't comply you will be exterminated" Yet again the Doctor was powerless and he knew one wrong move would lead to Roses death.

As the Doctor began to carry Rose she began to say something to the Doctor "Doctor save me" and that's all the Doctor managed to hear before she fell back into a deep coma that she was in before. The Doctor and the Dalek walked for ages until the Doctor finally managed to ask the Dalek a question.

" Why do you need Rose for , she is just an ordinary girl " The Dalek replied " We need her to help destroy the one person you thought was long dead … the master" The Doctor looked at the smug Daleks in shock and disbelief and then replied " why is Rose in a coma , and the master is dead"

The dalek replied " because we need her brain and her pure heart to turn him into a normal human and use him that way to conquer the earth , the master yes is dead but we are going to use time lord technology to resurrect him and use him in this endless bitter war" The Doctor looking stern and cold replied " what war , against who"? The evil demented Dalek replied "you" and all of a sudden the Doctor was hugging Rose tighter in the hope that she would wake up.

Her eyes flickered and grabbed the Doctor’s shoulder and squeezed it tight but yet again she fell back into a deep coma. Tears running down his face the Doctor angrily said “ what are you doing to her and why are you doing this to her you want me not her” The Dalek responded and replied “ we are processing her brain and her heart , and for that to work she needs to be in a coma and we are doing this because this is our revenge on you , we got fed up of trying to kill you so we wanted to kill you by hurting the girl you love the most”. As the Doctor tried to process the information without losing his temper , the Dalek escorted him and Rose into a small chamber that lay next to the lab. The Dalek exclaimed “you will wait here until the machine is ready for the girl”. As the Dalek left the room the Doctor held Rose in his arms crying to himself “This is all my fault , I should of realised this was a trap , I am so sorry Rose”.

Silence followed for what seemed like day but in fact it had only been 4 hours and there was still no sign of the Daleks giving up , or even the timelord helping. But as the Doctor lay stroking Rose’s cold head she began to awake. “Rose , Rose Rose” repeated a tearful Doctor , Rose then faintly replied “ Doctor , what happened? Where are we. '' The doctor did not answer but gave her a gigantic hug and then slowly he told her everything.

Then all of a sudden “crash!” the giant metallic door fell to the floor with an almighty boom and out of the dust you could see captain Jack Harkness appear out of nowhere killing all the Daleks instantly.

As the dust settled Jack came into the cell and saw the Doctor still holding Rose as she was very weak. “ Doctor there you are I have been searching for you for a long time” The Doctor looking ecstatic said “Jack how on earth did you find us we are in the middle of nowhere on Scaro how did you even get here” Jack just replied with “it's a long and complicated story, how’s Rose”. The Doctor turned to look at Rose and found that she was so weak she fell unconscious. “Not good , but stable we need to get back to the tardis and let her rest” exclaimed the Doctor. But Jack then said “ that won't be easy as there is something else on our way back” “what is it Jack” the Doctor shouted. Jack then said”the cybermen are on Scaro to as they are fighting in a cyberwar and that's why I am here.” The Doctor stared in horror on how he was going to save Rose and stop a whole cyberwar from breaking out across the galaxy.

Jack then asked “what is the plan, how do we get her out before she” The doctor jumped in hastley and said “she is not going to die , we need a plan if we are all going to get off scaro alive well me and Rose as you can never die”. The captain quickly nodded and sat down next to Roses head and scanned her. “ The scan showed that Rose is in a deep depressive state meaning that she can't fully wake up until she is near artorn energy which is the tardis” said Jack. The Doctor then replied “how long before she..dies” “5 hours tops” Jack responded. The Doctor looked daunted in the face but only for a second and decided that the only way to get Rose and everyone else out in 5 hours was to go through the Dalek sewers. “Jack we are going to go through the sewers and you can map the tunnels so we can find the quickest route.” Jack responded “ yes of course i can but why can't we use my teleport” “because Rose would not survive the hectic journey” exclaimed the Doctor. “Fair enough , lets go”.

As the Doctor picked up Rose she muttered something that sounded something like “I love you”. The Doctor kissed her and replied “your going to be fine , we are going to get you out just rest”. As the Doctor and Jack stepped out onto the bloodless corridor they noticed that it was far to quiet for a cyberwar , so the Doctor whispered to Jack “ be ready for anything and make sure we can get to the sewer entrance undetected” Jack nodded and as they made their way to the sewer entrance only to find that there was a cyberman guarding it.

Jack whispered “now what?”. The Doctor began thinking automatically and after a short period of time the Doctor answered “you go behind it and start to unplug the wires and i will distract it” Jack agreed without haste. First the Doctor who was still carrying an unconscious Rose came out first and started to speak to the cyberman , and then the handsome Jack came from behind and instead of doing what the doctor said Jack just shot it in back with a stun gun.

The Doctor looking angrily said “that was not the plan you could of killed us all” Jack looking guilty replied “I know but it was quicker and we only have 4 hours and 40 mins before Rose dies” and all the Doctor said was “ come on let's get going , and Jack let's start mapping the sewers while we have a rest” “ Good idea” exclaimed Jack.

As they entered the sewers they found a small hatch In which they could rest for a bit while Jack was working on mapping the sewers , so they would not get lost in the maze of the undead. The Doctor put Rose gently to the cold but warm floor and he sat next to her praying to the timelords that they help in someway , but of course the Doctor knew it's impossible to go and change someone's timeline without causing a cause and effect around the universe.

Jack said “ the shortest route from here to the tardis will take approximately 4 hours”. The Doctor replied, “it is our best shot so let's get started”. Fearfully and weepy the Doctor picked up Rose and carried her in his arms so tight and so close to his heart. As the Doctor and Jack started to walk to the first of many passages Rose began to say “exterminate” but failed as the Doctor using time lord “magic” made her fall back into a deep depressive state. Jack then asked “Is Rose turning into a Dalek?”. The Doctor then replied “ yes because the nano clouds are forming around her , so I switched her brain off so she could save her strength and to stop the nano clouds forming , but this also means we have 2 hours left because after that her brain would be starved of oxygen and not even the tardis could heal the amount of damage , so let's keep moving.” Jack agreed.

Cold and depressing the Dalek sewers were filled with old , decaying and dead Daleks. The sewers stank of death and destruction but also carbon dioxide , this concerned the Doctor because if a gun was fired or 1 cyberman using a weapon the whole sewer system would collapse trapping them. So the doctor warned Jack “don’t fire a gun or use any weapons until we reach above ground because the Daleks are leaking very flammable gases and one bullet or one cyberman would send the sewers into overdrive and kill everyone within a 20mile radius” Jack looked very serious and understood what the Doctor had said.

As they kept moving through the forest of the dead the Doctor looking deeply at Rose wishing she would survive this , but the Doctor was not even sure anymore as he knew that hardly anyone survives the Daleks as he has lost companions to them in the past , Donna and Martha , so he knew the chances were slim but he knew he had to try because even though Rose’s family are dead he still promised her mother that she would be kept safe .

“We are halfway” Jack said abruptly and the Doctor replied “we need to be back in the tardis in 1 hour is it possible Jack?” Jack replied “ yes”. The Doctor and Jack kept moving forward through the lightless tunnel , until they ran into a barrier of cyberman blocking the final passage. “Now what” asked Jack. The Doctor replied “we are going to have to blow the sewers up and risk it once you fire your gun we will have 4mins to get out or we will be trapped and Rose will die.'' Jack said “ready” and the Doctor yelled “NOW!”.

“CRASH!” the whole sewer shook with fear and the ceiling was already collapsing, “we have 3 mins to get out lets go” shouted the Doctor. Running with tears down his face the Doctor was scared , scared of the possibility of losing Rose , so he ran so fast that the next planet over could hear his tears. Arriving 50 yards away from the entrance the Doctor , Jack and the now critically ill Rose only had 20 seconds to get out before the sewers collapsed. Hearts pacing , tears dropping the Doctor and Jack ran faster and faster until they reached the entrance just in time and only seconds later the sewer collapsed.

“Phew” exclaimed and the Doctor. Jack asked “How is she”. The Doctor replied “very , very ill she needs to be back in the tardis in 1 min and we have no chance of getting their except risking it with your teleport.” Both Jack and the Doctor agreed and pressed the teleport and reached the Tardis.

When they arrived back in the Tardis the Doctor got busy trying to save Rose from death. Jack asked “were we too late”? The Doctor didn't respond by speaking he responded by crying and Jack then knew Rose was gone. Weeping in sorrow the Doctor held Rose in his arms and kept repeating three word “please , please, please”. But nothing happened. Rose’s lifeless body lay in the Doctor’s arms with the Doctor holding on to her so tight that she might wake up .. but she did’not.

Jack then said “I am going to scan her again to check if she really is gone,'' the Doctor agreed as he still believed in her. As Jack put the scanner on Rose , Jack and the Doctor held their hoping for a miracle , and suddenly Jack said “she is not dead , she is just in a normal coma now she will be fine in about week”

The Doctor looked at Jack and burst into tears of joy and sadness , Jack said, “ we should make her more comfortable.” The Doctor agreed so the Doctor picked her up and carried her off to a room with a bed and as he put her in bed the doctor whispered “I love you too” and the Doctor stayed with her and held her tight in his arms swearing to always protect her no matter what.

1 week later Rose was a lot better but she was not awake, the Doctor and Jack still by her side waited and waited until suddenly.. “Doctor , Jack , what happened , where am I?. The Doctor replied “ your safe in the tardis , i thought i lost you”. Rose replied weakly “ everytime the universe tries to hurt one of us we always find away to come back to each other”. Then the Doctor replied “your right , the Daleks , the Cyberman and a parallel universe tried to keep us apart but it was destined in the sky that we were brought back together, Rose tyler I love you.

Written by Jess wright.

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Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:40 pm
FlamingPhoenix wrote a review...

Hello fellow writer, FlamingPhoenix here with a short review for you on this lovely day and to help get your work out the green room.

Okay let's start.

So I did see a few things thank can be fixed in here, but they were very small and you can easily pick them up if you have a read through. And they didn't mess up the story in anyway, your story was still very enjoyable.
I like the way you've started this, it puts your reader right into the action, and I like a story that does that it keeps me hooked and makes me want to read more. So you did that really well.
I thought your description was spot on, it wasn't to much nor was it to little, and having description in a story helps your readers feel like their part of the story, it helps them see what is going on better.
I like the emotions you have but into here and the feelings going on between the Doctor and Rose. it was very sweet, and funny at some parts.
I'm really loving the plot you had for this, you started it out at the perfect place and you kept me interested all the way through until the end. which was a little sad, because I really wanted to read more and well because the ending was sad. Though it was a very good way to end the story.

So as you can see I really loved this story and I hope to read more of your works soon, So keep writing and post again soon. I really enjoyed reading and reviewing this, and telling you what I thought of your work! Have a great day or night.

Your friend
Reviewing with a fiery passion!

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Fri Aug 09, 2019 4:11 pm
demoncat wrote a review...

Hello I thought I should review the full thing seeing as I reviewed the first few parts.

Now im seeing more and more of how much you ship the doctor and rose eh? But I have afew questions about where this fits into the timeline of doctor who? This was obviously after rose was trapped in a parallel universe. And before the doctor regenerated and got a new companion. But is this before the part where him and rose part? Or a scenario where that didn't happen? Another thing I thought I should point t out was that when the doctor held rose close to his heart shouldn't it be hearts? And when you write dialogue it's is nd of hard to tell who is talking. I've recently learned that it helps if you make a new line Avery time someone new talks. And there were some more typos. And I would have liked it if you addressed the cyber war more. But overall I really enjoyed this story. It's really cute. And I really think you depicted a very realistic world that the doctor would be in. Your imagry is great. I hope you write more in the future.

@demoncat. this is set where after journey's end and does not take rose back to the parallel universe and yes it should read hearts. thank you so much I am currently thinking about writing fan fiction for doctor who fans and I will be writing very , soon thanks again , seeking the truth

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— Terry Pratchett, Discworld: Equal Rites