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Angry macrons (demoncat)

Im a really quirky awkward person. I try to always be polite ,and rarely ever hate. Im totally a fangirl. Anime is my life. And I enjoy reading fantasy, romance, and horror. I draw more than I write but I think im ok at both. I draw mostly anime but I paint landscapes and I can draw pretty well realistically.


Cats, anime, cartoons, manga, fanfiction, other cultures and beliefs, creepypasta, art, music, hair dye, making friends, horror, animals, myths and legends, romance, comedians.


I hope to be a manga artist some day

"The right is not given, Henry. It is taken. It is taken by blood, by murder. Where is God in that? The king's divinity is a tale men tell themselves, but the right is [i]taken[/i]. It is taken by force and held by force."
— Elizabeth Tudor, The White Princess