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Angry macrons!!!!

Im a really quirky awkward person. I try to always be polite ,and rarely ever hate. Im totally a fangirl. Anime is my life. And I enjoy reading fantasy, romance, and horror. I draw more than I write but I think im ok at both. I draw mostly anime but I paint landscapes and I can draw pretty well realistically.


Cats, anime, cartoons, manga, fanfiction, other cultures and beliefs, creepypasta, art, music, hair dye, making friends, horror, animals, myths and legends, romance, comedians, Anthropomorphic animals, cactuses and small plants, cat ear headbands, listening to music alone in my room, YouTube, Wattpad, yws.


I hope to be a manga artist some day

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.
— Amelia Earhart