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Letter to the Prime minister

by seekingthetruth

Dear Mrs May , 

I am writing to you today because I am fed up with the amount knife crime their is in Britain, its horrendous, and you wonder why so many people join terror groups. 

Cutting the police , less weapons check , is only encouraging knife crime. I am sorry but it is true. Every day a poor innocent life gets stabbed and you can sit  around and say its not your problem , but I am sorry to you it is your problem. You are the leader of this country make some kind of effort to protect your country's children , women and men. 

Brexit is getting in the way of matters like this , we all know because if Brexit was done then you will be fighting with me here to get knife crime eradicated from are homes and streets. 

This needs to stop , this needs action and clearly you cant handle the pressure so 


yours sincerely jess wright (seeking the truth)

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Sun May 12, 2019 1:16 pm
mb1221 wrote a review...

Hi there seekingthetruth,

First of all, overall, I liked this letter. I am not sure whether you are actually intending to send it to Theresa May, or just wrote it to publish here, but either way, it is precise and brief, just as long as a formal letter to a politician should be.

I just noticed a few spelling error that I cannot miss to address in my review:
1) First paragraph: "their" should be "there"
2) First paragraph: "its" should be "it is", and no short forms since this is a formal letter
3) Third paragraph: "are" is incorrect, it should be "our", a possessive pronoun
4) Last paragraph: Similar to my second point, "cant" should be "cannot", and again no short forms.

The letter has some great ideas being addressed to the Prime Minister, but the writing could be tweaked a little. I hope this helps.
Keep up the great work : )


thanks so much and yh this did get sent to her

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