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I Let Critics Have Their Way with Me

by WeepingWisteria

I write poems too close to my chest,
press the paper to my heart,
and stain the paper with palpitations.

The critics just set the paper ablaze,
my veins are burnt to a crisp with it.

I wish I was an emotionless poet,
that I just spat the words on paper,
dripping with apathy instead of lifeblood,
unknotted from my aching soul.

The critics laugh at me as I cry,
painting my face with ashes,
trying to build the poems that were.

I try to write my poems with my heart.
I rub my journal across my brain,
stuff loose leaf paper in my lungs,
but the words that appear aren't mine anymore.
They're strange, crooked, spelled all wrong.

The critics still come with torches,
and tear apart everything I have created,
and now there is nothing of me left.
I gave them everything, and they hated me for it.

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Mon Apr 10, 2023 6:33 pm
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SkyJayde wrote a review...

Heyo! I’m gonna review your piece.

Before I begin:
This poem is full of emotion. It’s pure and in a way it describes the everyday criticism writers receive when they manage to produce something new. I do know that this is a review, therefore, making me a critic but I’m not here to tear you down. I’m here to build you up.

Now let’s begin:
First off, the reader can clearly tell how much you enjoy writing poems. You give it your all in every single piece, give it to the world, and hope for the best. They can also see how you tend to cope with the criticism that is offered when all you may be looking for is a compliment on the piece you’ve provided.

This helps other relate (including me) to how they may feel when all they receive is nothing but criticism.

Second, criticism CAN be a good thing, however as I read this piece, it seems to speaking of “bad” or “unhealthy” criticism. If that makes sense. If not, then what I mean is…well…how doI put this? I guess what I mean is that the poem seems to be referring to either harmful criticism or even critics with harmful intent. (If that still doesn’t make sense then do let me know so I can try and explain it better)

I understand what it’s like to receive criticism on a certain level but I may not understand how you feel about it. However, the poem does portray the emotions you feel when critics do nothing but tear down the masterpieces you’ve created.

Overall, great poem. You seem to be an incredible poet! Keep up the great work!

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Sun Apr 09, 2023 2:33 am
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Kaia wrote a review...

Wow. This is really good. As a writer myself, I struggle with criticism. This really conveys that disgust you feel when you spill out your life in your writing and you get nothing but criticism back. I know the EXACT feeling your trying to get at.

I love this poem. Good job. I really can't think of anything that needs to be fixed. :)

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Sat Apr 08, 2023 11:21 pm
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TheCornDogEnthusiast wrote a review...

This is a poignant and heartfelt poem about the vulnerability and pain that can come with creative expression, particularly when it is met with criticism and rejection. The use of vivid imagery, such as staining the paper with palpitations and the critics setting the paper ablaze, effectively conveys the emotional intensity of the speaker's experience.

The contrast between the speaker's desire to be an "emotionless poet" and the pain they feel when their poems are rejected highlights the tension between vulnerability and self-protection that can exist in creative work. The final lines of the poem are particularly powerful, emphasizing the sense of loss and defeat that can come when one's creative efforts are met with hostility.

Overall, this is a well-crafted poem that effectively captures the emotional complexity of the creative process and the challenges that can come with sharing one's work with the world.

Approved by the Corn Dog Enthusiast Association (CDEA)

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Sat Apr 08, 2023 10:02 pm
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Snoink says...

The trouble is, there are few who will want to review this work and thus become a critic... ;)

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