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Conquest of Shadows Chapter 5

by FlamingPhoenix

Richard looked out on the dancing people of the village, their laughter reminding him of his parents, but also putting an unsettling feeling upon him.

Rachel sighed next to him. “Yeah, but our lives are what they are, and we can’t change them.” Her ocean-blue eyes looked down at her feet, “No matter how painful it is.”

“I know,” Richard said plainly his blue eyes looking out into the dancing fire, that seems to move and flicker with the sound of the music. The figures of dancing people surrounding it, as they clap and moved to the gentle melody.

Letting out a low sigh Rachel put a hand on Richard’s back, “Look if you ever need me you know where to find me,” With that, she turned away from him and began to walk away.

“Wait!” Richard called out his eyes turning soft. He turned to look at her, his hands in his pants pockets.

Her back still turned to him, Rachel moved her head so she was looking at him over her shoulder. “Yeah?” She asked her eyes never moving from his.

“Promises me, whatever happens, I will never lose you like my parents.” Richard quietly said, his voice just above a whisper. As his body stiffened.

Letting out a small laugh Rachel nodded as she walked over to him, her steps light on the gravel ground. She cupped his face with her gloved hands and nodded. “Of course you won’t, you idiot. I’m here to stay I promise.” Wrapping her arms around him she put her head on his shoulder. “After all who will look after you, you can’t be out here getting into trouble by yourself.” She leaned back the smile she had, in her sapphire eyes.

Richard hugged her back, the sorrow that was beginning to overwhelm him washed away with her words. “Thank you.” He managed to get out, planting a small kiss on her forehead.

Rachel playfully pushed him away with one of her fingers. “Don’t mention it.” With that, she turned away from him and began to run off yelling “See ya.” Over her shoulder as she waved.

Left standing their Richard waved as he watched her leave, he knew he was going to have to go back home soon, but he couldn’t pair to go back to his cold, darkroom. The thought of it sent shivers up his spine.

With a heavy sigh Richard removed the black mask form around his face letting it fall around his neck, he then pulled back his hood, allowing his blond hair to wave in the now cool breeze that whistled past his face.

With slow steps, he walked out of the dark ally and out into the warmth of the firelight. No one took any notes of him as he took a seat on one of the logs that surrounded the fire.

The woman and the men parted as the next song began to play, Richard watched as the woman began to sway to the slow melody, and the men clapped along with the music, moving their feet along the ground so they went in a circle around the dancing woman.

Richard couldn’t help but smile at a kid who has made themselves at home on their father's feet as they danced, the look on the little girl's face was pure glee.

He suddenly felt a hard pat on his back sending him forwards, managing to stop himself from falling into the dirt Richard spun around to face a grinning teen, his smile stretching across his face.

“Hey!” He said, lifting a hand and waving, his brown eyes warm as he began to introduce himself. “I’m Mikel!” He reached out a hand towards Richard.

Not sure what to do Richard tock the other boy's hand and shook it. “Richard.” He said plainly, who was this guy, why in the world did he come up to him, it’s not like they knew each other.

“I couldn’t help but see you were sitting here by yourself, and I thought I would come and join you.” Mikel began to explain seeing the look Richard was giving him.

“So almost knocking me into the dirt is your way of saying hi?” asked an irritated Richard, as he began to dust his hands off.

Mikel let out a small chuckle his right hand scratching behind his head as he began to look way from Richard. “No, no, that was a mistake. I really didn’t mean to.”

Richard just snorted as he sat down on the log again, feeling Mikel doing the same. They both sat there in silence, watching the people dance.

“So….” Mikel began, as he twiddled his thumbs. “There are girls over there if you want to dance? Their waiting for a dance partner.” He pointed at some girls looking at Richard.

Looking up Richard followed where he was pointing. The girls softly giggled and turned to snicker among themselves. “I don’t dance,” Richard said, his eyes now moving to watch the burning fire.

“Oh…How come?” Mikel asked leaning in to stare at Richard. “Oh is it because the girls always step on your toes.” He stood up, “Yeah I get that a lot.” He said is a matter of fact voice, rubbing his chin, trying to make himself look brainy.

“No it’s not that, I just don’t dance,” Richard said rolling his eyes. Maybe he should have just headed home, then he wouldn’t be stuck in this predicament.

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Wed Nov 27, 2019 11:38 pm
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LadyMysterio wrote a review...

Seems I am the first person to review this.
I like the emotion in this story, especially physical gestures such as looking down or twiddling one's thumbs.
Alrighty, let's dive in shall we? (or I will I guess because I am the one reviewing.....)

“I know,” Richard said plainly his blue eyes looking out into the dancing fire, that seems to move and flicker with the sound of the music.

I would suggest making a few changes to this sentence, to help it read more smoothly.
such as adding a comma after 'plainly', and changing 'that seemed' to 'It seemed'

I like that Richard Doesn't like to dance, it fits his personality, he's a good fighter, and strong but not super social.

-The Lady of Mystery

Thank you so much for the wonderful review Lady. I'll go change that sentence when I get the chance, thanks for pointing that out.

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