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Mon Nov 15, 2004 1:11 am
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Big Brother says...


1. All comments must be family friendly. Vulgarity is only allowed in literary works. Check here for the YWS position on censorship.

2. All literary works must be rated appropriately, either in the title, or through use of the rating system. Click here for an explanation of content ratings.

3. Members should seek to improve one anothers' writing skills.

4. This is a writers forum, and thus "netspeak" or "1337" is simply not allowed, unless it is in a literary work.

5. Harassment of other members and plagiarism result in an automatic ban from YWS.

6. Asking for someone's personally identifiable information, such as address or phone number, may result in a permanent ban from YWS.

7. Please report all incidents of rule-breaking to a moderator, admin, by using the report button, or by using the 'Contact Mods' button at the top of every page. Do not take it upon yourself to deal with the situation: it is a moderator's duty to tell someone when they are out of line, not your own.

Note: All YWS rules apply to WriterFeedPad.

If you have any concerns or question, e-mail us at


- FAQ For New Users by Nate: If you have a general question about YWS, it's probably already answered here.

- Questions: If you have a question, just ask it here!

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