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"i may fall down and get hurt but i still run endlessly towards my dreams" - BTS

all about muah

Hey ♥

I write pretty much everything, and I post photography on my instagram (info below).

Here is my social media:
Twitter: RachelthePoet
Instagram: littlebitofrachel
Spotify: madwriter
Pinterest: themadwriter


Nu'est, BTS, Orange Caramel, Apink, Blackpink, AOA, AURORA, Choi Ren, Aron Kwak, Anime, books, Melanie Martinez, Kpop, Youtube, Lana Del Rey, Oh Wonder, Liza Anne, Marina & the Diamonds, music, Cinderella, Dean/Deantrbl/Deanfluenza (my husband), Princesses and Queens in general, John Snow's face and writing.


Student, Writer, Dream Chaser, Princess, Owner of Great Hair *flips hair*, Daydreamer, a ARMY, a REBEL, a Warrior and Weirdo, and a L.O.Λ.E.


I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.
— Mitch Hedberg