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Even if I'm slow I will walk with my own feet, because I know this path is mine to take, I will never lose my dream.

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More About Me:

I absolutely love stories in whatever form they come in, whether that's books, movies, musicals, or music. I joined YWS to write prose but within a year of being on YWS I decided to try poetry.

I have a book in its third draft titled "Whispers in the Wind" and, sadly, it's no longer available on YWS. Its story follows a teenage girl who finds out she has strong magical energy and slowly learns how to navigate the world as a new witch. I have many other novel ideas in the works as well.


music, videogames, k-dramas, kpop, musicals, TV, yoga, meditation, etc.


2nd year university student planning to double major in English and Creative Writing, novelist, and poet.

The blood jet is poetry and there is no stopping it.
— Sylvia Plath