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Tue Jan 11, 2005 6:58 pm
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Being a new member of the Young Writers Society is tough. At first, the site seems huge and it seems like everyone already knows everybody else. But everyone here respects those who come to review, and it's very easy to make new friends.

If you have any questions, this FAQ is meant to help you navigate YWS. The best thing to do, though, is just to start posting right away!

FAQ For New Users
1. How do I post my literary work?
2. What are points and how do I earn them?
3. How do I review another person's piece?
4. What do the stars mean?
5. How do I get my work featured?
6. How can I get my own avatar?
7. Who owns this site?
8. Who runs this site?
9. Copyright?
10. My questions weren't answered here!

1. How do I post my poem / story / article?
To post your work, go to "Publishing Center" on the navigation bar at the top of every page. You must first create a folder by clicking the "Create a Folder" button. Then, a red "Add a New Work" will show up and direct you to the page to do so. However, before posting something new, we do ask that you please take the time to make at least a few reviews of someone else's work. You should also keep in mind that the more work you review, the more your work will be reviewed.

2. What are points and how do I earn them?
It costs 200 points to post a new work, but don't worry! All new members start with 200 points in their pocket already. To earn more points, just review! The longer and better a review is, the more points you earn up to a max of 100. You can also earn a bonus 25 points by reviewing something in the Green Room (for a max of 125).

3. How do I review another person's piece?
To make a review, simply click on any of the literary tabs (All Literary, Books, Poetry, Shorts, or Green Room) and look around until you find something that may be interesting to you. After you have read the piece, you can write up your review and post it.

Just keep in mind two things: first, don't forget to check off the box that says "This is a review" when writing your review. Second, all reviews must be at least 250 characters long, which works out to about 4-5 sentences.

4. What do the stars mean?
The more reviews you make, the more stars you get! Just write 5 reviews to earn your first star.

Below is a listing of the stars you receive per number of reviews:

For Yellow Stars:
5 Reviews = 1 Star
25 Reviews = 2 Stars
75 Reviews = 3 Stars
150 Reviews = 4 Stars
250 Reviews = 5 Stars

For Blue Stars:
350 Reviews = 1 Blue Star, 4 Yellow Stars
450 Reviews = 2 Blue Stars, 3 Yellow Stars
550 Reviews = 3 Blue Stars, 2 Yellow Stars
And so on and so forth

For Red Stars:
850 Reviews = 1 Red Star, 4 Blue Stars
950 Reviews = 2 Red Stars, 3 Blue Stars
And so on and so forth

You can find the official list here.

5. How do I get my work featured?
On the Literary page, you'll notice featured works on the left hand side. Featured works are literary works that people liked enough to give a gold star. Whenever you read something that you like, give it a gold star to improve its chances of becoming featured.

To get your own work featured, write something that's interesting and use good grammar.

6. How can I get my own avatar?
If you would like to have your own avatar, just go to the front page and look to the right hand side of your avatar in the sidebar. You'll see a link to "Change your avatar."

7. Who owns this site?
This site is owned by Nathaniel Lee Caldwell, also known as Nate. He can be reached at nate@youngwriterssociety.com and will try to answer any questions you may have. However, the administrator is not responsible for the opinions of other members on this board.

8. Who runs this site?
Besides Nate, a number of people make this site possible. We have two moderator groups, Junior Moderators and Global Moderators, as well as administrators. JMs moderate specific sections of the site, while GMs and admins moderate the entire site. However, if you have a question or need help, any moderator can help you. You can view the full list here.

9. Copyright?
Any piece that a member posts on this board remains in total whole their work. No member relinquishes the copyright or any rights derived therefrom in posting their work on the forums of The Young Writers Society. YWS will not reproduce their work without the author's explicit permission to do so. If you are still concerned about copyright, please read our Copyright Policy.

10. My questions weren't answered here!
Don't worry! If you have a question about the site, check out the Questions and Answers forum. If you have a writing related question, head on over to the Ask an Expert forum.
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