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  • You know when you're crying... and then you get an ad?

    Yeah that was me just now.

  • Do you guys ever feel burnt out even when you've literally done nothing? No? Just me? Okay

    Anyways, I'm back!! We got home a few days ago, but I kinda needed a break from everything going on, so that's why I've pretty much been absent until now

    Kaia Aw, I hope you can rest soon. <33
    Jul 17, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue Ty!! <333 (You get some rest, too)
    Jul 18, 2024

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  • hjfkaldjkfaldjfa

    Noooo I didn't do a review last week now I'm out of review a weekkkk :(

    It's okay I've been on vacation for over a week it's fine it's not like I had any time or anything (I actually did) It's totally fine it's not like I'm upset about it or anything...

    Anyway how have y'all been doing? Haven't seen you in a bit. I'm still away from home, but I'll probably be back tomorrow or the next day. Got any stories to share?

    RavenAkuma Helloo! Tbh most of us are just rolling with the chaos of RP month XD
    Jul 14, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue XD hahaha yess chaos
    Jul 17, 2024

  • Not me obsessively putting on sunscreen all day because I have decided I REFUSE to get sunburned.

    It worked today!

    ...now I just have to survive 4 or 5 more days at sunny 100° Fahrenheit days on the beach.

  • Sometimes I forget I have a poetry thread, but I remembered today and wrote a new poem! Fireworks Against the Stars
    A little poem about the 4th of July for anyone America, but I have a lot more there! Literally reading one in the middle of the thread would mean a lot to me. ^^

    Anyway, hope y'all are having a good day!! :D

  • The fact that my most active hours on YWS is 11PM to 1AM isn't great... um... Yeah I'm gonna try to stop that. Good night! ^^ (Or good morning to you, wherever you are in the world. :D )

    Kaia Good morning! At 3 am. (Insomnia xP)
    Jul 4, 2024

    OrabellaAvenue Noooo not insomnia!! Hope you get sleep soon! <3
    Jul 4, 2024

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  • I dont think I've said this before, but your little doodles are so cute!!

    OrabellaAvenue Aww, thank you so much Kaia! ^^ That really means a lot that you came and said that right now, you have no idea. <3
    Jul 3, 2024

    Kaia Aww I'm so glad :D
    Jul 3, 2024

  • Not gonna lie... Putting a cardboard box on your head is fun. (Especially while you have a hat on so your hair doesn't get staticky.)


    My name is off of Team Tortoise, what?? :(((((( I reviewed every day it was fine yesterday ?????

    Maybe it's because I reviewed so late in the day... but I submitted my review at 11:56 PM my time zone June 30th...

    ...I think it counted that as July instead of June because I'm in a much later time zone (PDT), so YWS was like, hey, it's July now, when my time zone was like, but it's still June...

    Noooooooo I'm literally crying

    WeepingWisteria The same thing happened to me when I reviewed at ten pm. My review counted towards July instead of June.
    Jul 1, 2024

    Kaia You two definitely count in my team tortoise records for 2024. Wish I'd have joined you all but it just wasn't gonna work out this year :(
    Jul 1, 2024

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  • Question for you, YWS!

    When reviewing, how long are your reviews typically? What is the average character count, or length of review at the end of your review? (When submitting your review, you can see the length of review in characters) What do you think is the best length for a review? (Of course it varies by the quality of the review, but in general?) What is the minimum length you think it should be to be helpful?

    Feel free to answer any or all of these questions if you have time and if you made it this far. :D Thanks y'all are awesome! :p

    WeepingWisteria Hey! I don't think there is a good minimum review character limit since I think it depends entirely on the length of the work. Your review for an epic chapter that's 10k words long should not be the same length as your review for a poem. My goal for all of my reviews is to get the most points possible. When you look at a work in the green room, there's a section that says the maximum number of points you can get from a review. My goal is always to write enough characters to get that many points.

    Hope this helps!

    Jul 1, 2024

    Kaia My reviews are LONG. Glancing quickly over my last few reviews, they ranged from 7-18 paragraphs long with the average probably being around 9 or 10 paragraphs..(I dont have a word count for you) Personally, I love receiving an in depth analysis of my works that I post so I try to return the favor.

    Personally, I would not post something as a review if it did not have at least 3 paragraphs...or if I did, I'd leave it as a comment orrrr at least wait until the piece is out of the green room so the author can get at least two worthy reviews.

    But those are my personal rules, hehe. And like Wist said, I go for maximum points even though I don't have anything to do with them right now. :D

    Jul 1, 2024

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  • *lowers spyglass* Ahoy, although I shall not be uttering any "y'arr" or such interjections at you. ;)

    OrabellaAvenue Ahoy! What brings ye to my humble wall?
    Jun 25, 2024

    BrumalHunter You visited mine, so I visited yours! No particular reason beyond that — but, if I do need one, you can tell me which tertiary colour you prefer between spring green or chartreuse! :P
    Jun 30, 2024

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  • My sister is away at a sort of camp... I MISS HER :(((((((((((

    @LucidNightmare come back to meeeee!!!!

  • What an adorable avatar!!! :D

    OrabellaAvenue Aww, thanks! (Love your addition of the parrot on yours btw so cute and perfectly fitted!)
    Jun 20, 2024

  • Thought I'd change my avatar to something totally different... and LSS themed!

    It's still not quite done, (I want to add so much to it and make it better) but I'm too impatient for that so here you go. :p

    OrabellaAvenue Huh... I think this is the first time I've posted any drawings of people before lol... well... here it is?
    Jun 20, 2024

    Isbah It looks so prettyyy
    Jun 20, 2024

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  • My friend told me he talks about me sometimes to people at school (because we go to different schools), and his classmates think I'm made up. I have a unique name in real life, and they're like, really? That's her name? He's described my personality to them, which is very bookish and shy, and full of love for bunnies, and they think I'm a fictional character.

    I mean, I've always wanted to be a book character... So...

    EllieMae Hahahahaha oh myyyyyy, hey being a fictional character is pretty groovy!
    Jun 18, 2024

Just because you don't feel like a hero in your own story, doesn't mean you're not a hero in someone else's.
— Tenyo