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  • KaiaJersaga
    2 hours ago

    Thank you so much for reviewing Model on a Magazine Chapter 1!

    I will reply to your review when I get the chance, but it may be a bit. Life is stressy chaos right now....:( But I did feel I needed to let you know in advance that I really appreciated your review!!

    Oh, and I love all the halloweeny stuff you put up!

  • I am officially declaring it to be Spooky Season!!!!!! Get ready for my wall to be filled with Halloween poems and Inktober posts!!

    ALSO not a halloween poem but im proud of this: The Unnamed Poem

  • life is so much better with tater tots

    foxmaster YES!
    1 hour ago

    LuminescentAnt So true
    1 hour ago

  • does anyone know how i can properly change my background image on my profile? i am not skilled in this area and its not working for me.

    looseleaf When you find an image you like online, right click it and hit "copy image address." Then, go to the settings tab at the top of YWS --> profile --> Edit style. Copy and paste that link into the "Background Image" box and select whether or not you want that image to repeat. :)
    5 hours ago

    AilahEvelynMae ahhhhh YAY thanks!!! You are amazing!
    5 hours ago

  • i am considering completely covering the back of my laptop in weird/mysterious/bizarre/creepy stickers. do you guys think i should do it? or should i keep it plain?

    foxmaster do it! do it! do it!
    10 hours ago

    KaiaJersaga You know what I'm going to say....but since I haven't said it....I guess I might as well go ahead and say it....

    DO IT!

    9 hours ago

  • my worst fear is that someday ill wake up to discover YWS has shut down and all of my friends and all of my poems will be gone

    KaiaJersaga sammmmmmmeeeeeeeeee
    9 hours ago

  • ive fallen in love with making visual pieces of my poems. Here is a first version i made today of my poem Like A Child

    im working on making much prettier ones!! if you have a poem of your own that youd like to me try im happy to do so too!


  • She mourns for the person once known so well,
    The springtime romance, a fond farewell,
    Wishing for him to return to that place,
    When love bloomed anew with an embracing grace.

    So let this be a lesson, a whisper in the night,
    To cherish love's moments, to hold them tight,
    For in the realm of hearts, so fragile and true,
    Words and actions matter, in all that we do.


  • just a happy person here :D

    Spoiler! :
    im so sorry but someone needs to tell boys to stop being so dumb. like if you are really over me then stop telling me that you miss me and want to see me. now i miss you more and when i tell you that you dont even care. 'yeah' is not a good response to someone who just shared intimate personal life details about how they feel about you. i dont even know how to reply to you anymore. i cant believe that i was actually honest with you. i was expecting you to say more since you made it seem like you miss me so much. i was so happy and thought that you were actually missing me too. im just so sad now. wow "no kidding" is all you can say when i confess that i miss you and want to be with you. you are such a good person. i wish you could be the person i met in the spring. i should have just not texted you at all. this is what happens. Love is a dance.

    AilahEvelynMae im not even joking its been 15 minutes since ive posted this and we are literally now going on a date next week what is even going on
    Sep 26, 2023

    Quillfeather <3
    Sep 26, 2023

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  • Triple scoops for a friend. :D <OOO

    (I was wearing my mask when I delivered this so you won't get sick eating it.)

    AilahEvelynMae KAIA I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! thanks :)))))))
    Sep 26, 2023

    KaiaJersaga You're welcome!!
    Sep 26, 2023

  • pretty much sums up my existence at this moment

    "It’s wonderful, there’s nothing else like it, you write in a trance. And the trance is completely addictive, you love it, you want more of it. Once you’ve written the poem and had the trance, polished it and so on, you can go back to the poem and have a trace of that trance, have the shadow of it, but you can’t have it fully again. It seemed to be a knack I discovered as I went along. It’s an integration of the body-mind and the dreaming-mind and the daylight-conscious-mind. All three are firing at once, they’re all in concert. You can be sitting there but inwardly dancing, and the breath and the weight and everything else are involved, you’re fully alive. It takes a while to get into it. You have to have some key, like say a phrase or a few phrases or a subject matter or maybe even a tune to get you started going towards it, and it starts to accumulate. Sometimes it starts without your knowing that you’re getting there, and it builds in your mind like a pressure. I once described it as being like a painless headache, and you know there’s a poem in there, but you have to wait until the words form.”


  • anyone want to join a YWS addiction support group thats actually just for people who want another reason to stay active and not feel guilty for procrastinating doing things in real life?

    PaigeFantasy y e s
    Sep 26, 2023

  • Also can we talk about the fact that Christmas is in 90 days!?! And it will be 2024 in 97 days!!!

    KaiaJersaga Wahooo!!!! *pops confetti* I'm so excited for 2024! (graduation year for me. ;))
    Sep 26, 2023

    AilahEvelynMae wowwwwww let me do my calculations:

    this december i will be done my second semseter, meaning i will finish my freshman year.

    Then i will do winter semester putting me half way through my sophmore year.

    Then i will go on a mission for 18 months. If i leave in May I will return honme around october of 2025, meaning i will start school again in january of 2026.

    Then I will have 5 more semesters to complete. I can do winter semester 2026, then i will be a junior.
    Then i do spring/summer and fall and i will be a senior. Then i do winter and spring/summer of 2027 and i can graduate XD

    (Dont include getting married, having kids, and going back for my masters so i can actually do my job lol)
    (also this is probably totally wrong because my brain is sick and not thinking right haha)

    Sep 26, 2023

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  • Everyone! I am so grateful right now. I took my exam and actually feel really good about it! I felt so sick this weekend, but all of you were so kind and supportive. I'm feeling about 85 percent better now. Thank you everyone on YWS for being such good friends. I love you all!

    KaiaJersaga I'm so glad to hear that you think you did all right on your exam and that you are feeling better, friendo!!
    Sep 26, 2023

  • Finally feeling well enough to do more poetry today! here's one i just published! im in love with rhyming poetry at this point and i cant stop XD

    Like A Child

    (also this one is about faith!)

If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck…you should not be so quick to jump to conclusions.
— Cecil Gershwin Palmer