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  • Nice job reviewing this month!

    AilahEvelynMae Thanks, friend! Same to you!!! <3
    25 minutes ago

  • Well some people just came to my door and asked if they could borrow my living room table... and I said yes...

    Lets pray I get it back lol

    Quillfeather uh...
    25 minutes ago

    LuminescentAnt Um...
    2 minutes ago

  • YAYYYYYY! I've had so much fun reviewing this month!! <3

    IcyFlame wrote:

    These reviewers are WONDERFUL! #Reviewershoutouts


    We have two reviewers rocking the pink power with 20+ reviews! That's a lot of reviewing & feedback for the site over the course of the month! :elephant:

    Well done reviewers! @vampricone6783 @AilahEvelynMae

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  • Inktober Day One! This may be a little untraditional, but I will be writing a poem everyday using the Inktober prompts! Here is my first days poem. I’ll also be doing some art as backgrounds on my poems <3


    Quillfeather OMG this is so creative
    7 hours ago

    6 hours ago

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  • You still got the lovely Halloween pfp from like 2021 I love it<3

    AilahEvelynMae ahhhhh i love your new pfp!! An yes!!! thanks so much! I want to keep mine forever hahah <3
    9 hours ago


    Okay, so when I was younger I wrote TONS of short stories. I was going through my old files and discovered this creepy story I wrote. I decided to edit it and rewrite the whole thing and make it more mature and... well... better?

    This is the 2020 version that I posted on YWS three years ago.

    The Choosing Room

    I don't normally publish stories on YWS so I apologize if this is a bit rusty. Also, it is a horror story... so it is not for the faint of heart haha.

    AND HERE IS THE 2023 REWRITE that I published today!

    I'd really appreciate some feedback on:

    The Choosing Ceremony

    It was amazing for me to see how much I have grown as a writer in three years.

    Thanks <3

  • Great job today with all the reviewing!

    AilahEvelynMae Thank you so much! And same to you!! You are seriously soooooo incredible :D
    22 hours ago

    Rinisha Thank you!
    10 hours ago

  • Nice job for review day!

    Also @_@ YOUR BACKGROUND IS SO NICE RIGHT NOW! <3 enjoying the autumn decor ~

    AilahEvelynMae Thanks alliyah!! Review day was lots of fun! I loved using the smores method for my reviews!!

    AND THANK YOU!! I like my halloween cats wearing hats orange/pumkin/spooky theme haha

    24 hours ago

  • You are an AMAZING person. I don't know how else to say it. I don't quite have time at the moment to reply to your message, but I will!! You are amazing!! God bless you!! You have truly brightened a dark day!

    AilahEvelynMae you're amazing too Kaia <3 have a great night friend!
    Sep 30, 2023

    KaiaJersaga Thank you!
    Sep 30, 2023

  • Review Day: *finishes*

    Me: im just gonna slide into the publishing center... Autumn's Alliteration Jubilee

    (also, i bet you cant say my poem without messing up your words because its basically a giant tongue twister hehe)

    also Eternal Melody of Love

  • hey hey

    pick a number 1-3

    AilahEvelynMae oooohhhhh uhhhh i pick 2!!! :D
    Sep 30, 2023

  • Discord link for that server idea I had! I pinned a pitch idea in the welcome channel

    AilahEvelynMae Thanks so much!! :D
    Sep 30, 2023

  • You might call it internet addiction, but I call it YWS.

  • Mom: Are you eating well in college?

    Me: oh yeah, eating great. *no breakfast, tater tots for lunch, and popcorn for supper every single day. Thriving on low iron, being underweight, and a craving for any vegetable.*

    gremlingeodes please eat <3
    Sep 29, 2023

    AilahEvelynMae dont worry im eating my popcorn rn <3
    Sep 29, 2023

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  • *but i want to publish my 'Autumn's Alliteration Jubilee' poem*


    publishing withdrawal is a new feeling

hmmm. you know, the quote generator deserves some garlic bread
— SilverNight