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Alice and the aliens: Part Three

by vampricone6783

*This is part three of my series “Alice and the aliens”. There are two characters from my series “Love in decaying hearts” that make an appearance here. Their names are Jasmine and Azrail. You may check out the other stories in my “Alice and the aliens” series underneath the folder of the same name. As for “Love in decaying hearts” you may also check it underneath my folder of the same name. Gacha Club character designs are on my wall.*

Alice and A2614 lay in bed for a few minutes, the aircraft on autopilot, not sharing a word. That was fine with the both of them. A2614 was stroking her hair and they had not a single care.

“A2614?! Alice? Where are you?” A girl’s voice asked.

A2614 shot up from bed. Alice thought that she heard Rebecca and Muerte talking to each other, but she couldn’t be sure. She also thought that she heard Melissa giggling, but that was impossible.

“It’s my sister and the girls. Come on.” A2614 said.

So Alice wasn’t imagining things? The girls really did come?

She had to see for herself.


When A2614 and Alice arrived to the main room in the spaceship, they saw Rebecca, Muerte, Melissa, and a blue-skinned girl with long, purple hair, orange snake eyes that matched the eyes of A2614 and wore a gray sweater, black leather pants, and brown leather boots.

“Alice, meet my sister, B392. B392, meet my girlfriend, Alice.” A2614 said.

“It’s nice to meet you, Alice! A2614 has been telling me all about you while we were both on Earth. When he told me that he chose you, I thought that it was only fair to bring your friends along for the journey!” B392 said with a smile.

Muerte and Rebecca were looking around in confusion, but Melissa was jumping up and down with excitement.

“We’re in a real life UFO! Aliens are real! I told you, Alice! I so told you, and you didn’t believe me! I told you! I told you! Na na na! I was right and you were wrong!” Melissa sing-sang.

Alice ignored her and instead said to B392 with narrowed eyes:

“It’s nice that you brought my friends along, but why did you bring my sister?! She’s eight years old! Eight years old and you brought her to outer space!”

“Relax, she’s not alone. She has us.” B392 said with a smile.

Before Alice could object, B392 turned to A2614 and asked:

“Did you set a location for this ship to land?”

A2614 rubbed the back of his neck nervously. He wouldn’t look at B392, only at his shoes.

Why is he acting like this? Alice thought worriedly.

“I forgot.” A2614 said.

“You forgot?! You know what happens when you forget, right? You know that this aircraft is going to crash, right?” B392 asked.

“I’m aware.” A2614 said sheepishly.

“What?!” Alice and the girls asked in unison.

The spacecraft began spiraling down to another planet…


After what seemed like a million centuries, the spacecraft finally landed. The six of them walked out of the ship in a daze, trying to get rid of their dizziness.

At first, Alice thought the impact of crashing into a planet at an unnaturally high speed was making her think that the ground was made of jelly, but when she felt fully like herself, she still felt like the ground was made out of jelly.

“Is it just me or is everything made of jelly?” Alice asked.

“It’s not just you. This is planet Gelata. It’s devoid of life, but never runs short of jelly.” A2614 said.

“That’s amazing!” Melissa said happily. She plunged her hand into the gelatinous ground, but Alice pulled her away.

“What are you doing?! I want the free jelly!” Melissa complained, kicking underneath Alice’s hold.

“You are not eating space jelly! Who knows what that stuff is made of?” Alice asked.

She already had enough things to worry about. The last thing she needed was her sister getting sick from a disease no one knew how to cure.

“Guys, look.” Muerte said, pointing to something in the distance.

Far off was something that was running frantically, as fast as it could.

Without a moment’s thought, the group decided to get a closer look at the thing running in the distance.


When they got close enough, Alice could see that the thing running wasn’t a thing, but a young, pale girl with light blue eyes and blond hair separated into two braids. She wore a black dress with many bows, socks and Mary Janes on her feet, and a black bow and matching black crown that looked like a necklace on her head.

“Who are you?” Alice asked.

“I…could…ask…you…the…same…thing.” The girl said, panting with every breath.

“Fair enough. I’m Alice. This is Muerte, Rebecca, Melissa, B392, and A2614. We crash landed here on mistake. Now, who are you?” Alice asked.

“Sage…my name is Sage…Sage Alíce Beckett…I…I’m a space vampire…the…the Life Seekers…they took me from my home…made me do…terrible things…sent me here…because…I…didn’t…want…to…do it…anymore…” Sage said, panting.

She looked at the group with wild, frightened eyes, then took a brief glance behind her.

When Sage seemed satisfied, she turned to face them and said:

“Gelata…doesn’t…like…it if…anyone living stays…in an area…for too long. It…gets…mad. It…makes…monsters…to…chase and…kill.”

Sage took a few deep breaths before continuing.

“There’s a little girl here. She looks like a doll, but she’s a little girl. She needs help. She’s trapped. We can’t leave without saving her.” Sage said.

The kids turned to look at each other. They couldn’t leave anyone behind. No one deserved it.

“Agreed. Show us the way.” B392 said.

As the six followed Sage, Alice couldn’t help but wonder:

Should we trust her?


After much walking, they stopped in front of molding doll with a yellowed dress.

A doll Alice recognized from childhood.

“That’s Daeva. I had her when I was a little girl. I used to play with her and hold her during thunderstorms. I loved that doll, but I always thought that her eyes looked a little too alive.” Alice said.

She took a step closer to the doll. Sage had said that the doll was a little girl, so perhaps it was possessed.

There was only one way to find out.

Alice held Daeva and closed her eyes. She focused on being connected with the doll, on finding the truth about its past.

It was 1923. A little girl named Jasmine Watson was celebrating her seventh birthday. She clutched a doll that looked just like her. It had blond hair, green eyes, wore a pink dress, and had a bright smile. The only differences were that its hair was shorter and Jasmine was the alive one.

Jasmine was ignored by the guests, but she didn’t seem to mind. She had her doll, Chrisalyn, by her side.

“Are you Jasmine?” A pale, red-eyed boy asked. He had black hair that almost curled and wore dark clothes. It seemed as though his feathery black cape were two large bird wings.

Jasmine turned around to face the boy.

“Yes, I am!” Jasmine said happily.

The boy walked a bit closer to Jasmine and knelt down to her level.

“I got you a special drink, Jasmine. It’s apple juice. Here, have some. It’s only right for the birthday girl.” The boy said, producing a violet vial with a cork from his pocket.

“Will Mommy and Daddy be mad?” Jasmine asked.

“No.” The boy said with a grin.

Jasmine didn’t seem to notice the two fangs in the boy’s beam. She simply opened the cork and drank the bottle.

“I…I…I…what…is…happening?” Jasmine asked, voice slurred, fear in her eyes.

The boy grinned even wider, the smile of a predator, and grabbed the limp girl. Chrisalyn dropped on the ground with a dull thud. With the bustling crowd, it was a wonder that they didn’t notice Jasmine.

He sunk his teeth into Jasmine’s neck, drinking her blood, sucking it blissfully.

Her glowing skin lost color, her eyes lost their shine. No longer was the child beaming.

When he was finished, he dropped the girl as though she were a piece of trash and flew out the window. His cape wasn’t a cape. They were wings. Everyone at the party had noticed Jasmine when it was far too late.

The vampire’s name was Azrail Williams.

Alice tried to imagine Jasmine in a better place, free of woe and pain, but Jasmine struggled under her grip. In Alice’s head, she heard Jasmine cry out:

You hurt me! Just like that boy did!

“I didn’t mean to! I thought that you were a doll! I didn’t know that you were trapped inside!” Alice said.

She tried her best to think of Jasmine being happy, of Jasmine at peace, just like Giselle, but Jasmine kept resisting. All Alice heard in her mind was the anguished, terrified screams of a small child. A child who couldn’t escape no matter what.

“Alice, we have to go! We’ll take her back to Earth. Maybe she’ll be free there.” A2614 said.

But she was so close…all she had to do was keep trying…

The ground was bubbling, threatening to swallow her whole.

“Alice! Come on!” A2614 said.

Alice let go of her mental grip on Jasmine, but still held onto her. As she ran away with the others, the ground fizzing angrily underneath them, she thought one thing:

I won’t leave Jasmine behind.

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vampricone6783 says...

Gelata is Latin for jelly.

I wish literally anything else I ever said made it into the quote generator.
— CowLogic