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Experiences: Three

by TheCornDogEnthusiast

Kemp 4/16/2023

A boy I’d known for a while

Getting what he’d strived for

What most of us strive for


I remember helping with the flagpole

Which stands proudly at his school

The people who know him talk about him

His motivation to get Eagle

Him not taking no for an answer

Him being a leader and a mentor to many

His parents walk up and they thank us all for

Contributing something towards The Eagle’s life

Then The Eagle talks

He thanks all for helping him achieve this high honor

He then pulls out the case

The Challenge Coin he received

Not to keep, but to give

To give to another scout, to challenge them

To be an Eagle

I take a deep breath

I’m nervous

Who will he choose?

He calls my name

My heart’s beating out of my chest and I walk up, excited, and

I shake The Eagle’s hand, gripping the cold, metal coin, in my hand.

And I smile, knowing he would pick me

“Thank you.”

“Didja think you weren’t gonna get it?”

I was the only one to get a coin that day

A Coin from The Eagle

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Sat Apr 29, 2023 12:52 pm
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HeartPermits wrote a review...

Hullo there!

I decided to read the three experiences and then make a big review.

You seem in your poems to describe moments that stick to you. And I think you did good in describing them. You painted very vivid descriptions of the scenes and did well in taking us to a "present time". Keep going in this direction!

I think you could improve even more by intertwining your emotions in it. Work with what those scenes made you feel. What you experienced is potent for poems, but what do they mean in a bigger picture, that I want to know!

TheCornDogEnthusiast says...

Thank you!

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Tue Apr 18, 2023 7:10 pm
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Headinthestars2525 wrote a review...

This work is astounding and underrated it has so much emotion to it 5stars
I like the premise of a talking eagle it adds a certain fantasy but mixed with realistic fiction vibe I’d love to see more of your work and it really shows how special it feels to be chosen I hope that others can see this amazing story great job

I have to ask. Does every question or statement regarding the quote generator end up in the quote generator?
— WeepingWisteria