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Experiences: Six

by TheCornDogEnthusiast

Miss Ya 5/24/2023

I see him

It’s been a while

Well, at least for me

He’s been out



I walk up to him

We shake hands

It’s not so much of a “goodbye”

Just a “I’ll see you around”

We make small talk

What we’ve been doing

I’ll miss him

Hell, I miss him a lot

He’ll do the same

He tells me to keep the guard alive

I tell him I will

“I’ll see ya later, buddy.”


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Fri May 26, 2023 12:30 pm
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AkuRashomon wrote a review...

hello there! this is Ina aka loveissourgrapes and I am here to give you a review/comment about your little cute poem here I found in the Green Room. I like writing stuff about friendship too so I am happy I found this too.

first impressions. I thought it could be about a friend, a friend you like or a boyfriend. like it could be platonic or romantic. but I like viewing this as two friends meeting up. I love how the person expresses how they miss their friend. I love the lines, "it's not so much of a "goodbye" just a "I'll see you around"'. even if the two friends are always having small talks and don't talk often, they still feel like they have a good bond and are there for each other.

I also like how there is a date at the beginning of this poem. it looks like a story type letter, something to send to the friend you are talking to. I love how the friend is busy and you give him personal space. no matter how you want to talk or see that one friend but they ask for space, and you give them space is good. because in a relationship/friendship, you have to miss that someone.

overall, it is good. I wish I had a friend like this because I don't have friends. anyways, keep on writing! you are a good writer. have a wonderful day/night too c:

TheCornDogEnthusiast says...

Thank you! If you were wondering, it's a heavy platonic relationship.

AkuRashomon says...

oh I see. You're welcome too c:

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Thu May 25, 2023 1:54 pm
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alpacaboss wrote a review...

This poem is a wonderful example of great friendship. In my interpretation, these two friends care deeply for each other and have an even deeper bond. The narrator describes how they have seen their friend after some time. I like the part where he says "It’s not so much of a “goodbye, Just a “I’ll see you around”. It reminds me of my own friends. Even though we don't talk often, when we have the opportunity to talk, we talk as if we met yesterday. Thus the feeling of "I'll see you around" every time we end the conversation. We just know that there will inevitably be another time we will hang out together. The raw emotion in these lines tells a lot. "Hell, I miss him a lot; He’ll do the same." Not only does it show emotion, it shows mutual trust. This is a wonderful piece describing the tight bond of a good friendship. Good job!

TheCornDogEnthusiast says...

Thank you!

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