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16+ Violence

The town of Richardson-part two

by vampricone6783

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for violence.

*So I did a break from making origin stories and now,here is the sequel to:”The town of Richardson”! Some characters from my story:”Merry Xmas” are there too. You can look at Gacha Club character designs in my wall.

Chapter One-Ava Addams

In the year 2019,there was once a fourteen year old girl named Ava.Ava Addams.Ava and her family were going on vacation,to a town called:”Richardson” or as some called it:”The town of Richardson.”

Ava heard terrifying ghost stories about this town.A girl who was a year younger than her named Avita moved in with her family and little sister and tried to save other ghosts in the town.Avita and her little sister died in the end,joining the other supposed ghosts that haunted the place.

But Ava didn’t believe in it.Ghosts couldn’t be real! Those were just silly stories to scare people.

Actually,she was excited for having her vacation spent here.It was October and this run-down town would be the perfect place to be for a spooky month.

Little did she know that she’d have an experience she’d never forget..

Chapter Two-The girl

Ava and her family would stay in a motel for the time being.

When they reached the motel,Ava thought she saw a pale girl with black tears in a blue dress stare at her from the window.

She peered closer.The blue dress girl was gone.

Huh.That was strange.

Chapter Three-She’s here again

The day Ava had was the most boring day of her life.They just chilled around the motel,no one wanted to do anything,except Ava.

Maybe they’d do more stuff tomorrow.

But for now,Ava had to go to bed.

As she was going to bed,she saw her again,standing in the motel parking lot.The blue dress girl.

The girl disappeared.

“Okay,what kind of stupid Halloween trick is this?!” Ava asked.

She felt cold claws grip her shoulder.A voice whispered in her ear:

“I can assure you,this is no trick.You’re coming with me.”

“Excuse me?!” Ava asked,but the girl held on to her waist and everything went black…

Chapter Four-Waking up

Ava woke up on dirt ground.

Wait,dirt ground? Why didn’t she feel the carpet of the motel floor?

She heard tinkling music somewhere and as her eyes adjusted to the twinkling lights,she realized she was in..

..a circus?

Sure,it looked a bit rusty and dirty,but it was still a magical,beautiful,old-fashioned,circus.

“Where am I?” Ava asked herself.

“The Ladouceur circus.” A voice said from behind her.

Chapter Five-Remember

Ava turned around.A pale boy with black,oozing tears pouring out of his eyes in a ringmaster suit was behind her.

He wasn’t the only one who was there.

There was a woman in a ringmaster outfit,she was also pale and had black tears.A little pale girl with black tears in a purple party dress was also there,a little boy in a blue pajamas,who was also pale and had black tears.A pale preteen with black tears in a white and purple dress,a pale woman with black in a blue dress and a pale man with black tears in a suit.

Not all of the people were pale and had black tears,though.A teen girl in a pink dress was a pale demon,two little girls who were also pale demons and..

..and there was a dark,blurring clown figure person thing around,too.

The blue dress girl was there too!

“Okay,guys,nice costumes.But seriously,it’s against the law to kidnap someone.So please,just leave me out of this-“ Ava was about to say,but the woman in the ringmaster outfit held her hand up.

“We will explain who we are later.For now,we want you to remember.” She said.

“Remember? Remember what?” Ava asked.

“Last Christmas.” She said.

“Last Christmas? What do you mean?” Ava asked,confused.

Then,she remembered.

Chapter Six-Last Christmas

Last Christmas,Ava went to New York,where she took care of a homeless family.

It was also where she heard the ghost story of the Chriselle family and how their souls were restless.The only way to save their souls was to bury their bones.

So that is exactly what Ava did.After she did that,she learned that the homeless family were the ghosts of the Chriselles and she had let them go to Heaven.

How could she forget about that? Of course ghosts were real!

“Remember now?” The woman in the ringmaster outfit asked.

Ava nodded.She remembered now.

Chapter Seven-How did they know?!

“Wait,before you introduce yourselves and we do the whole fun girl meets ghosts thing,how did you know I met ghosts before?” Ava asked.

“We’re ghosts.We can read minds.” The woman said.

“Can we do introductions now? We don’t have much time!” One pale demon child complained.

“Alright,let’s get this over with.” The blue dress girl said.

Chapter Eight-Introductions

“I’m Avita and this is my little sister,Cassie.” The blue dress girl said.She pointed to the purple dress girl.

“I’m Leona and she’s my twin sister,Amelia.” One demon girl said,pointing to another demon girl.

“I’m Madeleine.This is my little sister,Elaine and these are our parents.” The pink dress girl said,pointing to the blue dress woman,the suit man and the preteen in the white and purple dress.

“I’m Isabella and this is my son,William.” The ringmaster woman said,pointing to the ringmaster boy.

“I’m Samuel.” The boy in the blue shirt said.

Finally,it was the clown’s turn to introduce himself.

“Forgive me,I can’t remember my name or much of my past life.You can call me Bubblegum,because that’s all I remember about myself.” The clown said.His voice was strange.It sounded like it was rasping or fading away.

“I’m Ava.” Ava said,to break the odd silence.

“Do you know why we brought you here?” Isabella asked.

“No.” Ava said.

“We’ve all been killed by the same man.My husband,Lucas.We’re ghosts.However,some of us feel more pain than others.” Isabella said,gesturing to Bubblegum,who looked like he might disappear off the face of the Earth any moment.

“We need your help to free us.We need it.Now.” Isabella said.

“How am I supposed to help you when I don’t even know the first thing I’m supposed to do?!” Ava asked.

“Just speak with the last living Richardson.Annabelle-Lee.She’s the mayor of this town.She’ll know what to do.” Isabella said.

“How am I supposed to talk to-“ Ava was saying.

She woke up.

Chapter Ten-Meeting Annabelle-Lee

“Alright,we’re here!” Her mother yelled triumphantly.

Ava was sitting in the car,with her little sister,Rosina.Their parents were driving them into Richardson and they had finally made it.

They had debated on where to go once they got there and it was settled that they go to the cemetery,because Richardson was supposedly haunted and its population of twenty-two people was the amount of ghosts who lived there.If you wanted to count Ava,Rosina,their parents and Annabelle-Lee,it would be twenty-seven.

Speaking of which,when they got to the cemetery,a mysterious woman in black approached them.

“Greetings.I’m Annabelle-Lee Richardson,the last living Richardson and the mayor of this town.Allow me to tell you all about the ghosts that haunt this place..” She said.

Chapter Ten-Off to help the ghosts

Annabelle-Lee looked at Ava.

“Mind if I talk to your oldest daughter? I’d like to tell her some special ghost stories privately.” Annabelle-Lee said.

Her parents narrowed their eyes.

“You can trust me.” She said.

“Alright,but don’t take too long.” They said.

So,Ava and Annabelle-Lee walked together in the graveyard.When they were out of earshot,she turned around and asked Ava:

“So,have you met the other ghosts?”

Ava nodded.

“They asked you to find a man named Lucas?” She asked.


“Okay,here’s what we’re going to do:Tomorrow night,I want you to go to my house.It’s over here,on the graveyard.When you get here,I’m going to hand you a book.This book..will help you summon Lucas.Now,be careful,when you summon Lucas-“ But Annabelle-Lee’s time was up,for Ava’s parents were getting impatient and they took her away.

Chapter Eleven-The ghosts

Meanwhile,at the circus,Bubblegum closed his eyes…


Lucas was chasing him in a dark forest,a knife in his hand.The clown costume was making it harder for him to run away from him.

It was the same dream every night,the one about his death.

But this time,there was a girl running next to him.A young girl,around his age.

A very pretty young girl.

“COME ON,GABRIEL!” She yelled, gesturing at him to follow her.


Bubblegum-Gabriel-was struggling.The costume was difficult to move in.

Suddenly,he remembered why he was wearing the costume in the first place.He stayed later and didn’t have time to change properly.

Looking at Denise,he was overwhelmed with memories of holding her hand,looking into her endless brown eyes,telling her stories,and watching a smile light up her eager,beautiful face.

She was so sweet and dear.She never laughed at him,she laughed with him,she seemed to spend every waking moment on him,he’d do the same for her.

Denise was too good to be true.Not only was she his crush,the popular girl,talking to him,she was a wonderful and good-hearted human being.

Or so he had thought.

They had reached the gate of the circus,but it was locked.

The young girl-Denise-climbed out of it with ease.

The memories of Denise changed into his death again.

He started crying for help,trying to get out,but always falling down and struggling.

Denise was-was-laughing? At him?


“W-What are you doing? Aren’t you going to help me?!” He screamed,tears streaming down his face.

He wanted to live.He wanted to be home.He wanted to see his little sister,Gwyneth,again.He wanted to hear his mother scold him on being out too late,he wanted his Dad to give him on advice on dating,he wanted to live,to bring justice to his friend,William and (William’s) mother.

He didn’t want to die.

Gabriel couldn’t die,he wouldn’t die! He’d live! He’d be safe and sound!



“You really thought I cared about you,didn’t you?” Denise said,her sweet voice ringing painfully,mockingly,in his ears.

“It was just some stupid dare my friends made me do! It was a really fun dare,though.You’re gross and ugly.You’re better off dead!” Denise giggled.

Just a stupid dare.That’s all he ever was to her.

A gross and ugly boy she dated for a stupid dare,all the while dreaming of him being dead.

As if he were a pest to be rid of.

All those dates,her kind words..lies.

“Very funny,Denise.But you’ve got to help me! We don’t have much time!” He yelled frantically.

“Who is we? YOU don’t have much time,not me.” Denise said,flipping her hair and walking away.

He felt the cold hand of Lucas on his shoulder.

Gabriel was dragged away,far off to a circus tent.

He remembered vividly the blood spilling from his body,his intestines and organs being removed,trying to scream,but silenced by the stitches Lucas had sewn onto his mouth.His leg was sliced off,his eyes were bleeding,everything hurt,everything was agony.

But what hurt the most was his broken and toyed heart.


Gabriel woke up in the circus tent.

He could talk now,only through telepathy.But this was the only “cool” thing about being dead.

He was walking in the carnival,he saw Isabella sitting with Leona,Amelia and Samuel on the carnival bench.They were sleeping in her lap.

“Isabella..I remember everything.My name,Denise,my family..everything.” Gabriel said.He was on the verge of tears.

Isabella looked at him,deep in her own thoughts.

“Come,sit with me.” She finally said,inviting him to sit next to her.

He sat down,rubbing his head with his hands.

“If..I was friends with William in life,that means you knew about my past life,too.” Gabriel said.

“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” He asked.

Isabella sighed.

“After Gwyneth grew up and left this town,you couldn’t watch over her anymore.You watched over her after you died.Suddenly,death became agonizing for you without her and you didn’t want us to talk about your life.So,we listened.I figured that whenever you were ready,your subconscious mind would let your remember.” Isabella said.

“I..It’s..so painful…I thought she..loved me..I..I..” Gabriel was saying.He was at a loss for words.

“I know,Gabriel.I know.It’s hard.You think any of us like being dead? Just now,the kids were crying because they wanted to go home to their families.They fell asleep crying on my lap.But you know what?” Isabella asked.

“We’re all here,together.You’re going to be just fine.There,there now.It’s alright.You can cry.Come here,I’ll hold you.” Isabella said.

At this point Gabriel didn’t care if he was “too old” or “weak” for wanting cuddles.He really needed one right now,after remembering everything.


Elaine and Cassie were talking to each other in the darkness of the carnival.They were talking about their lives,the friends they used to have when they were living and all of the horrible homework their teachers would give them when they were alive.

“Do you miss everything about your life,including homework?” Elaine asked Cassie.

“Yeah.I miss everything.Even homework.Who knew I’d miss it?” Cassie asked.

They nodded their heads at each other slowly,in agreement.

But inside,the girls missed their lives.They missed everyone.Especially their friends from school,who’d they never see again.

Cassie cried on Elaine’s shoulder.Elaine held her,holding back tears of her own.

She could see her parents walking toward them.

Without thinking,Cassie and Elaine ran into Mr. and Mrs.Dereece’s arms,needing that comfort from adults that everything would be fine and that they would find peace.


Avita,Madeleine and William were at the cemetery,waiting for Ava to go to Annabelle-Lee’s house.

“Do you suppose she’ll ever show up?” William asked them.

“Of course! She’s got to,she’s the key to helping us!” Avita declared.

“What if she doesn’t care? What if she just wants to live her life,without thinking about ghosts to free?” Madeleine asked.

“No..I have faith that she can save us.I trust her.” Avita said.

“Really? You have faith? When you and Madeleine first came to this town,you were alive.Now,you’re dead,like the rest of us.What makes you think anything won’t happen to Ava?” William asked.

“I don’t.I’m just looking at the bright side.” Avita said.

“And we’re being realists.” Madeleine and William said.

Avita patiently waited for Ava.She’d come,she’d had to.

Avita felt it in her nonexistent gut..

Chapter Twelve-Ava gets help

It was a dark and cold night.Ava was all by herself,walking in the cemetery.She had to sneak out her window in order to be here.

The only light Ava had was from a flashlight she was carrying,she was looking for a house in the graveyard.

Surely,a house in the graveyard would gain attention?

At last,she had found it.The house in the graveyard.

Ava walked up to the house and gently knocked on the door.

“The door is unlocked.” Annabelle-Lee called out.

Ava opened the door.

Sitting on a plush armchair was Annabelle-Lee,in a black nightgown,holding up a spell book.

“Use this to summon Lucas.Be warned,though.He’s a powerful demon and he won’t hesitate to kill you.He’s killed people before,including his own family.It’d be helpful if you summoned ghosts you have a connection with to help you defeat him for good.” Annabelle-Lee said.

“Say,do you know any ghosts? Outside of Richardson?” Annabelle-Lee asked.

“As a matter of fact,I do.” Ava said with a cocky and confident smile on her face.She really had no idea or care for what she was in for.

“Alright,but be careful.These are ghosts we are talking about,you don’t want to anger them-“

But Annabelle-Lee’s words were lost as Ava carried the spell book giddily,the thrill of summoning ghosts and a demon in her veins.

Chapter Thirteen-New ghosts

Once Ava was back home,in her room,she opened the book and flipped the page to a demon summoning.

She wanted to summon Lucas,who she was sure was a demon,so she could stop him for good.

Ava performed the summoning ritual for Lucas,which was surprisingly quick and easy.She wasn’t even sure if it worked.

“It’d be helpful if you summoned ghosts you have a connection with to help you defeat him for good.”

Annabelle-Lee’s words rung through her mind.

Ava flipped to the page on ghosts.

She did the spell.

She hoped it’d work..

“Ava?” Voices asked from behind her.

Ava turned around.

A man,a teen boy,and a little girl with angel wings.

The man was Sandy Chriselle,the boy was Jack Chriselle and the girl was Susan Chriselle.

The ghosts from last Christmas.

“What’s wrong?” Susan asked worriedly.

Ava sighed.

“Well,you see..”

Chapter Fourteen-What Ava needs of the ghosts

“So,let me get this straight.There are other ghosts,restless ghosts,in this town,who need you to stop a man who was murdered them all.This man,Lucas,is already dead,yet still powerful and could hurt others.You were advised to have other ghosts help you and you chose us.You want us to help you?” Sandy asked.

Ava nodded.

“I don’t know how much we’ll be able to do,but we’ll try to help.” Sandy said.

Ava smiled,relieved.

At least she had other ghosts-or angels,since they were in Heaven now-helping her.

This was too complicated to do on her own.

Chapter Fifteen-Ava’s here!

The ghosts were waiting for her,at the circus.

Ava came rushing in the circus with her ghost-excuse me,angel-friends trailing behind her.

“You’re here!” They shouted happily.

“Yes and we have the perfect plan!” Ava exclaimed.

The angels nodded.

Chapter Sixteen-The solution

“What is this plan?” Avita asked.

“Well,I saved these ghosts by burying them.Their souls were freed and sent to Heaven.If we find your bones and bury you,you can be freed too.” Ava said.

“Yes,but did you ever tell anyone you buried people? How did you know whose bones were whose? Do they have graves erected for them?” Avita asked.

“Well…I buried the bones with my Aunt Diana and she promised to call people over to have graves erected for the Chriselles.In another year,I visited the cemetery and saw their graves.”Ava said,gesturing to the three angels,who smiled and nodded.

“We’ve kept the whole thing a secret from my parents.” Ava added.

“Alright,we’ll go with your plan.But we’ll need Annabelle-Lee to identify our bones and erect graves for us,so we can be buried properly.” Avita said.

Ava just smiled at her and the other ghosts.

She had faith that everything would go exactly as planned.

Chapter Seventeen-The woods

The ghosts were in the woods,searching for the place they were buried.

“Dad buried me and my mother’s bones out here,in the woods.Leona and Amelia already have graves,but are still trapped here.I don’t know much about Gabriel and Samuel.” William said to Ava.

“Gabriel? Who’s Gabriel?” Ava asked.

“Me.I remember my name and my life now.I’m Gabriel,not Bubblegum.” The clown said.

“Alright.” Ava said.

They heard insane laughter in the woods.

“You really think we’ll let you be free that easily?!” Two voices asked.

“We? Who’s we? What’s going on?!” Ava asked.

Chapter Eighteen-Lucas and Rebecca

“Soo..when you summoned us,you also summoned our mother,the woman who left me,Susan, and Dad alone to starve.She’s also a demon and she’ll hurt you,along with Lucas.” Jack said.

“He’s talking about my wife,Rebecca.” Sandy said.

“Yes,I’m aware.” Ava said,rolling her eyes.

They weren’t going to run.They had a mission to do.

Darkness enveloped them…

Chapter Nineteen-At the circus,ready to fight.

Ava woke up in a circus tent,tied up in ropes.

Avita,William,Cassie,Leona,Amelia,Madeleine,Elaine,Isabella,Edison Dereece (Madeleine and Elaine’s father,she had learned his name),Serena Dereece (Madeleine and Elaine’s mother,she learned her name,too) and her six year old sister,Rosina,were all trapped together.

Gabriel and Samuel were nowhere to be seen.

At the center of the circus,Lucas and a demon woman in a blue dress stood towering over them.

Ava had to fix this.She had to stop them.Once and for all.

Chapter Twenty-Gabriel’s dear sister

Gabriel woke up on a tile floor.From his surroundings,he was in a kitchen.

His mouth felt…different.

He touched his lips..

There weren’t any stitches! He could talk! Without telekinesis!

He groggily got up from the floor and adjusted to his surroundings.

Gabriel was in his old kitchen,in his old house.

The door to the house opened and he heard the jangling of keys and a woman sighing as she sat on a couch.

He followed the noise and..

….and when he looked at the young woman,he felt as if he should know her.

But who was she? The memories were foggy.

The woman noticed him.She didn’t scream or cry,but she walked up to him and asked,with a searching,longing look in her eyes:

“Gabriel? Is it you? Is it really you?”

She was soft-spoken.He still couldn’t remember her face,it was beyond frustrating for him,he had to remember!

Gabriel didn’t say anything.

“Don’t you remember me?” The woman asked.

Looking deep into her eyes,he saw a little girl..

…a little girl..

…Gwyneth.Gwyneth Edwards.His little sister.She wasn’t so little anymore now,was she?


He remembered.He remembered who she was.

After Gabriel had died,he haunted his old house.Gwyneth was the only one who could see him and he watched over her,helping her throughout life.

At the time,he couldn’t speak,he didn’t have the telepathy ability.He only nodded or shook his head.Sometimes,he wrote messages on her wall.

Also,he was rather monstrous.Standing at 8'10 after his death (He was 6'8 in life) and having long claws,while hiding his stitched up mouth,(by making it look pink and neon) it was a wonder she didn't run from him,ever.Also,he was rather monstrous.Standing at 8’10 after his death and having long claws,while hiding his stitched up mouth,it was a wonder she didn’t run from him,ever.

Gabriel never knew why he had taken that form.Strange things happen when you’re dead.

Of course,other kids,Gwyneth’s friends,saw him and were terrified of a giant “zombie clown” as they called him,but Gwyneth wasn’t.

He was there for her until she was old enough to move from the town.

Then,when she was gone,he couldn’t bare the painful memories of Denise,how she had left him to die by himself,Lucas’s laughter as he was being murdered and the whole town making fun of or not caring about his death.

Gwyneth was the one good thing in his afterlife.

Of course,he had other ghosts,like William,who cared about him,but it wasn’t the same as his sister’s love.


“Gwyneth.I remember you.I love you.” He said.

Gwyneth smiled warmly.

“I’m..I’m sorry..I’m sorry I can’t…I can’t be there for you…I..I..I failed! I failed as your older brother! I..Denise’s memories..they all came back to me…I..I forgot everything! Including you! I..It was selfish of me! To forget you,my sister! Along with my other memories,I should have been a real man and dealt with the pain! I should have..I should have endured! I..I was a real wimp,to go on thinking,wanting to forget everything! I really,really wish I could make it up to you.” He said.

Why did he have to be so emotional?! Why did he have to forget her?!

Why was he so sensitive and sentimental?!

Gwyneth frowned.

“Gabriel,you are making it up to me.You’re here,right now,in my house.” Gwyneth said.

“This is your house now? Wow,I really can’t keep up with the times.When did you move back here? Because I didn’t know you were here.I just..I just..got teleported here.” Gabriel said.

“Yes,it’s my house now.” Gwyneth said.

“Oh.Gwyneth,I’m so proud of you.You’re so mature,you’ve become such a lovely young woman,you’ve got the family house..I’m proud to see you right now,Gwyneth.” Gabriel said.

Gabriel was about to embrace his sister,but his overwhelming feelings of seeing her again after so long came rushing back to him and he fainted,falling deep into his own mind.

He didn’t know ghosts could faint….

Chapter Twenty-One-Samuel’s sister

Samuel woke up in a bedroom.A young woman with black hair was sitting very quietly on the bed,reading a book.

He stared at the woman.She looked…somehow…familiar.

But who was she? He couldn’t place her.

He stared at her,even harder than before,until a lightbulb went off in his head.

It was Melinda Clarkson.His little sister.

She was seven years old when he died.Samuel was ten.

After Samuel died and was cursed to go on in the afterlife as a demon and not a ghost,he had tried to visit his family,but his parents were terrified of him and cried out:”Begone,unholy demon!”

But Melinda wasn’t terrified of him,because she knew who he was.Somehow,she knew.

So,when his parents weren’t around,he’d visit Melinda and he’d watch over  and play with her.Sometimes,since he was so tall and creature-like as a demon,he’d cradle his sister in his arms,especially when she was sleeping.

Seeing her now,all grown-up,mature, and content with life brought tears to his eyes.

“Samuel?” Melinda asked,finally noticing him.

“Samuel! Oh,Samuel,it’s been so long!” Melinda cried,embracing her brother in her arms.

They cried together,siblings reunited once again,like they should be.

Chapter Twenty-Two-Gabriel and Denise

Gabriel woke up in another house.It appeared he was in the living room of this house.He heard a woman talking to someone on the phone.

When the woman stopped talking and he regained his focus,he realized that he heard that voice before.

It was Denise.

Denise,who was all grown up now.

Gabriel clenched his fists.He was done crying.He only felt anger and a blinding hatred for what she did.

He saw Denise walk into the living room.He’d recognize her even as a grown woman.

He sat on the couch,waiting patiently for her to notice him.

“Gabriel? Is..is that you?” She asked.She finally noticed him.

He nodded.

Denise laughed.She still had that annoying laugh,it seemed.

“You! You foolish clown! Come to haunt me,eh? I’m sorry..but..” She burst out laughing.

“Yes,it’s funny,isn’t it? Leaving me to die with that murderer! Very,very funny..” He said.

Gabriel smiled.He knew something she didn’t.

“Are you up for a tale of romance,lies, and murder?” He asked,still smiling.

She still laughed,not paying attention to him.

“Once upon a time,there was a young boy.He was..a clown.He made people laugh.Why,he loved his life,to make others..smile.But there was one person he wanted to see smile the most.” He said.

Denise finally stopped laughing and just smiled at him sarcastically.

“And who was this person?” Denise asked,batting her eyelashes.

“She was a young girl.A very beautiful young girl.He..wanted to know what’d happen if he made her smile.He’d wondered and wondered…until one day,he saw it! In act he did,she smiled! Her whole face lit up like Christmas lights,her eyes twinkled like the stars and his heart soared.”

“She told him she loved him and wanted to date him.Life couldn’t get any better for him.He’d do anything for her.Anything.He was her hopeless and devoted slave.”

“Until one day..on a date,people he cared about were murdered and the murderer was out there,chasing them.They tried to escape the murderer.The girl did,she was faster than him and didn’t have a clown costume on.The boy,however..”

“The boy was trapped.He looked to the girl to help him and do you know what she did?”

Gabriel waited for an answer.Denise just smiled.

“She laughed! She told him it was a dare her friends gave her to date him and she never cared about him,thought he was ugly and gross and that he deserved to die!”

“With that,she left the poor boy to be murdered.His insides turned into a mushy puddle,his blood pooled the ground and his cries for help fell on deaf ears.”

“No one really cared that he was gone.Why,he was just a stupid clown.Why’d care about him? A stupid clown who thought he had a fighting chance with a “young,lovely girl.” Only his family cared.But..he couldn’t bear the pain of remembering that the girl he loved didn’t even love him back and never cared for him at all,so he told every other ghost who was murdered to never speak of his life to him.They listened and he was in a blissful state of forgetfulness.So forgetful,in fact,he forgot his own name.”

“But he remembered.At first,the tears came.Then,he saw the girl,now a woman,in front of him and all he felt was a burning anger in his veins.A desire for her..to die just as he did.

Gabriel finished talking.Denise was unfazed.What could he do against her? He was just a mere ghost!

Gabriel pinned her to the ground with surprising strength.She wriggled under his grasp,but his hands sprouted claws and sliced into her skin.

“What..what are you doing?” Denise asked between choking up blood.

“You destroyed me,Denise.I’m a monster.I’m going to do what I need to do.”

“I’m going to kill you.” He said.

He leaned forward and proceeded to eat her right eyeball.

Chapter Twenty-Three-Lucas and Rebecca…finally gone

The thing was,Ava didn’t know what to do to fight them.They were all tied up and the only way Ava knew how to defeat them was by burying everyone’s bones and then…what?

She was hopeless without a plan.

But she didn’t even have to come up with one,because William freed himself and drove a knife in Lucas’s heart.

“Your second death,from me.A knife to your nonexistent heart.” William said.

Lucas disappeared into thin air.

William freed Ava and everyone else and they all faced the woman in the blue dress who must have been Rebecca.

Ava imagined a knife in her hand that could kill ghosts,demons, and all other supernatural beings.

The knife appeared in her hand and Ava stabbed Rebecca,who disappeared.

It was over.All of it.

It was surprisingly easy as well.

Too easy..

Chapter Twenty-Four-Denise’s child

As Gabriel was about to stab Denise’s heart with a knife,a little child shouted:

“No! Don’t kill my Mommy!”

Gabriel,panting hard,his hand still on Denise’s bleeding neck,turned to look at the source of the voice.

A young boy,no more than four,tears streaming down his face,stood in front of Gabriel,his eyes begging him to let Denise go.

“You! What…what is your name?” Gabriel asked,pointing at him.

“A-A-Aiden.” The boy said,shaking.

“Aiden..” Gabriel trailed off thoughtfully,his voice screechy and rasping.

Gabriel turned to face Denise,struggling under his hold.

He..he was frustrated..no,more than frustrated with Denise.There wasn’t any way to describe how he felt with her.He just wanted to see her die,after what she did to him.

She even had a son! A little boy,Aiden! He could kill him right now.He could kill them both right now.

But could he really? Seeing the little boy’s frightened eyes,trembling lips and feeling his fear for the fate of his mother made him second guess things.

“Tell me,Denise,do you love him? Answer me honestly.You don’t have to love or care about me,but please,please tell me there is some love in your selfish heart for someone.” Gabriel said,loosening his hold on her.

Denise gasped for air and stared at him.There was no twinkle of satanic pleasure in her eyes,no careless laugh escaping her lips.Just a grim and serious woman.

“I..I..I..I love him.Aiden.He’s-He’s the light of my..life.” Denise said,breathing slowly.Her whole body was bleeding.

“Do you? Are you being honest?” He asked quietly.

She nodded.

“Aiden..come here.” Gabriel gestured to Aiden,but the boy backed away from him.

“No? Oh well.Do you love her?” Gabriel asked.

The child nodded.He knew he could always trust the word of a small child when they were asked if they loved their mothers.

“Alright.I’ll leave you be.But Denise,this does not excuse your actions.This doesn’t excuse the fact that you left me to die and thought it was fun.I’m not doing this for you.” He said,staring at her.

“I understand.” She said.She just called an ambulance to help her.

“I’m doing it for him.Aiden.I’m doing it because he loves you and cares about you and I cannot imagine what would happen to him if you were gone.I..I don’t want him to end up like me.A bitter and emotional soul,in eternal agony.” Gabriel said,nodding to Aiden.

“Goodbye,Denise.Be good to Aiden.If not for me,then for yourself.You don’t want to know what I’d do to you if you hurt him.” Gabriel said.

With that,he left them alone.


Chapter Twenty-Five-Their final forms

Back at the circus tent,something curious was happening to the ghosts.

They were all sprouting angel wings and their wounds from their death was present on them once again.

Samuel appeared,turning into an angel as well.

Ava was watching the whole thing with amazement.

Then,as Gabriel finally appeared,his stitched up mouth was more noticeable.

“Gabriel! You’re back! Look,we’re angels! We can go to Heaven! We’re free!” William squealed happily,running past the other angels and hugging his friend.

Not a word escaped from Gabriel’s lips-or mind,for that matter.

“Gabriel? Why aren’t you using your telepathy?” William asked.

“We’re free and we can go to Heaven.Which means every unholy power we weren’t supposed to have but did as ghosts will disappear.Meaning that Gabriel lost the ability to use telepathy.He’s mute,officially mute,forever.” Isabella said to her son.

“Oh.” William whispered.

He didn’t know how to feel now that his friend would officially be unable to talk and speak for himself,forever.He didn’t know if Gabriel would be…in agony.

But Gabriel lifted his face up to his and he saw that his eyes were glimmering with content happiness and tears.

Gabriel would be fine,no matter what.No words were needed to explain that.

Chapter Twenty-Six-The graves

Days had passed and Ava told her family about the bones of the past people who died there and asked for them to be examined.She wouldn’t elaborate further and with the help of Annabelle-Lee,they did as she asked and had the bones buried.

Now,the ghosts were at peace.Their graves read as followed:























Everyone else had graves too,but it was too much to list here.

All that mattered was that Ava saved the ghosts,with the help of William defeating his father,of course.

Chapter Twenty-Seven-Halloween

The day of Halloween had arrived.Ava was taking her little sister,Rosina out for some candy.

As Ava and Rosina were trick-or-treating (Ava watching her as she collected candy) she saw all of the ghosts she helped (minus the Chriselle family) as angels.

But this time,there were some older adult angels with the kids.

“Who..who are they?” Ava asked Avita when they were within reach.

“Gabriel,Samuel, and the girls’ parents.They died of old age and can finally see their children.You already know William is with his Mom and Madeleine is with her entire family.Me and Cassie..”

Avita looked sadly at her little sister.

“We only have each other.Our parents are still alive.” Avita said.

Ava wanted to help them,but Avita beamed.

“Halloween is a time when families reunite with their dead loved ones! We’ll be able to see our living family members! So don’t worry about us.” Avita said.

Ava smiled.They were happy,at least.

Chapter Twenty-Eight-The museum

Many years after Ava saved the ghosts from their peril,Annabelle-Lee,Gwyneth, and Melinda worked together to gather the ghost’s belongings,interviews from people who knew them,written records,etc and started a museum for them.

They wanted them to be remembered,not forgotten.To be known.

Chapter Twenty-Nine-Aiden and Gabriel

Naturally,people began visiting the museum,to learn about the tragic history of these people and thank the Heavens they never had to deal with such things.

Two of those people being Denise and her son,Aiden.

Denise had healed since then.Aiden was no longer the small four year old from earlier.

No,he was twelve.Close to being a teenager.

Anyway,that’s not the point.We’re talking about ghosts here.

Denise avoided Gabriel’s section.It brought back too many negative memories.

Now,how ironic is it that? Denise didn’t want anything to do with Gabriel’s section of the museum,but Aiden was enthralled by it?

He loved to hear the story of Gabriel and read about it.It was entertaining and suspenseful.

Aiden felt a hand on his shoulder.Probably his Mom about to tell him that they were going to leave.

Aiden turned around to beg his Mom if they could stay,just for one more minute…

…..that wasn’t his Mom.

The person standing before him was rotting,bloody, and mangled.The person had wings,angel wings,which were slightly ruffled and red with,well,blood.The person looked like a clown of some sort.The person’s mouth was stitched-up.

Aiden glanced around,awed that everyone acted like the strange person wasn’t there.

“Who…are you?” Aiden asked the stranger.

He knew the person couldn’t talk,but maybe,they could tell him who they were.

The person pointed to Gabriel’s section of the museum.

“Hold on,you’re Gabriel Nikolai Edwards?” Aiden asked.

Gabriel nodded.

“My Mom said you visited once.You tried to kill her as revenge.But…I told you not to and you listened.You promised to never come again.Why..why are you here,now? Why could you talk then,but you can’t talk now? How come I’m the only one who notices you?”

The questions came tumbling out of Aiden.He could control it no longer.He had to have answers.He just had to.

Gabriel took out a crumpled piece of paper and gave it to him.

Aiden smoothed it out and read (not out loud,never out loud):

Dear Aiden,

I’ve only come to let you know that I’m there,always there.I promised to never come again.I meant it then.But I think it’s best that I visit from time to time.See,I don’t think I can ever forgive your mother for leaving me behind to die.That’s not an easy thing to forgive someone for,you know.

I’m not going to hurt anyone,don’t worry.Also…I want to know you,as a person.Maybe you’re not as dreadful as your Mom.

You asked why I could talk then,but not now.See,I wasn’t at peace then and I had unholy powers,like telepathy.However,when I confronted your mother,my mouth wasn’t shut anymore.I don’t know why,it just happened.It never happened again.

When I was saved by this human named Ava Addams,I lost the ability to use telepathy.I can’t talk anymore,but I can still write.

You can see ghosts,Aiden.There’s no other way to put it.Everyone thinks you’re just a silly kid talking to yourself.So keep your voice down,my guy.

Aiden-you’re twelve now,aren’t you? You know,I wasn’t much older than you when I died.

One more thing,Aiden-Be careful with the people you meet.You might end up dead and nearly forgotten,like me.

-Gabriel Nikolai Edwards

Aiden was about to say something to Gabriel,but he disappeared.

“Come on,Aiden! This silly museum is making you talk to yourself.Let’s go.” His Mom said hurriedly, as if she didn’t want to spend another moment there.

She then grabbed him (not too hastily to the point where people stared at them) in an effort to escape the museum as fast as she could.

Meanwhile,Aiden hid the note in his pocket.He just…talked to a ghost.

And not just any ghost,the Gabriel Nikolai Edwards!

Wasn’t that something?

Chapter Thirty-Gwyneth has something to say

Gwyneth,sitting on her couch,stared at you (yes,you,the reader!) and said:

“I hope you don’t ever laugh at the ghosts.Especially my brother.He’s been through a lot.”

Gwyneth was about to go to bed,but she noticed that you were still there.

“You’re still here?!” She asked,looking at you.

“Alright,I guess I have one more thing to say.Be careful when you’re in the town of Richardson,you don’t want to end up dead.”

With that,Gwyneth went to bed and you left,off to do whatever you were about to do.

Hopefully you didn’t die out there..


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Sun Mar 27, 2022 4:52 pm
ForeverYoung299 wrote a review...

Hey! Forever here with a review!!

Just as a quick note, this is too long to review, so I am going to review a part of it(upto chapter 10). I will be able to focus far better if I do so.

We actually had an intriguing story out there. I kind of liked the storyline. As it seems to me, this girl, Ava is going to maybe spend her life(at least the vacation or maybe more) finding Lucas, talking to him and doing a lot of other things related to the ghosts of Richardson.

Anyway, we really really do not need so many tiny chapters. To go a bit further, I think the number of chapters is not going to hurt but yes, you have got to expand each chapter. What we had here is just the skeleton of the story. We are in dire need of some flesh and making it something complete. But yes, there are some chapters which can be merged together, like chapter 2 and 3. The other chapters need expanding.

Another thing is the character development. See, the main purpose of a story sometimes is the plot and I do understand that the plot in this story is very important to it but to read a story, the reader needs to relate to the story and its characters or otherwise its completely futile. Maybe the reader will complete it because they started it but the reader is not going to remember it. No impression. You also need description(you know what it is). Well, done with my ranting, now back to specifics.

It's actually a bit weird that Ava completely forgot about the ghosts. Like it simply cannot be like that. Something seems to be really wrong about it. How can a person forget about such an incident? If something has happened in between, I would really like to know that. Also, I am a bit confused about how this mayor know about the ghosts telling Ava. Did the ghosts just see the children in their dreams and tell them about the ghosts? Perhaps. Well, that's very interesting. Hope you find this review a bit helpful.

Keep Writing!!


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Sun Mar 27, 2022 12:54 am
Stellarjay wrote a review...

Hey Vampricone,
I hope this review reaches you well.


This was a really cute story. It had good flow and great character development. There were a lot of characters to keep track of, but it was fun! I thought that it was very interesting and unique. I don’t usually read things from the horror genre, but no time like the present to step out of my comfort zone.
I loved how right before chapter ten Ava wakes up. It’s like an “oh!” moment, and then the story just continues as if nothing happened.


Right off the bat, this should have a content warning, some bits did catch me off-guard. Especially since there are graphic scenes of killings etc.

Okay so right from the start I see that you aren’t putting a space right after punctuation. Always do this because it makes the story easier to read and it’s aso just grammatically correct. The only punctuation mark you don’t put a space after is an apostrophe. (This thing).

Another issue that I found was that there were very little descriptions of what the town looked like or anything. I find that imagery helps to engage the reader and also it’s just a nice touch to add to any story. A few questions you could ask yourself while writing are: What year is it? (This helps to know if there are castles, cottages or skyrises etc.) What is the weather like? Is the house decrepit and old or is it fancy and new? These are just a few questions to help you get started, but at least try them out!

I found that the chapters were very short, about 100 words each, and that each chapter seamlessly continued from the last. I feel as if the chapters aren’t needed because of this, while I was reading they just interrupted the story. Also that the chapter headings blended in with the normal text, I suggest at least bolding or enlarging them to make them more noticeable.

“Alright,but don’t take two long.” They said,handing Ava over.

First off all I noticed a little spelling error here, two should be too. Also the end off the sentence sounds weird. In my head I imagine her parents handing her over like a bag of groceries or something. You could just omit the “Handing Ava over” bit, because we know that Ava is going with the mayor.

One last little thing, there was a bit of repetition here and there, and there were a few spelling errors. I would suggest getting a friend or someone to proof-read your stories and check for that!


Overall this was a good story! Definitely a few things you could work on here and there but I’m sure that the more you write the better you will get. (Not saying that you are bad at writing, your writing is very good!) I hope this review was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to ask. Anyways, keep on writing and have a great rest of your day!

vampricone6783 says...

Thanks for reviewing!

What should I rate this story?

vampricone6783 says...

Also,who were your favorite characters? (if you had any lol)

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Stellarjay says...

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being really bad and 10 being extremely good. I'd give it a 6/10. The story line, plot and characters are all there but there is definitely room for improvement. I think my favorite character was Gabriel, he was very intriguing!

vampricone6783 says...

Aww, thanks! I like Gabriel too! ^v^

Should I rate this story a 16 for violence?

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Stellarjay says...

Yes I think that would be a good rating!

vampricone6783 says...


vampricone6783 says...

I edited it.

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