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Lucas’ song

by vampricone6783

*This song is from my “Town of Richardson” stories. It’s Lucas’ song back to Isabella. See “Isabella’s song” to understand this better. Gacha Club character designs on my wall.

You say you don’t understand what I’ve become

You say you think I’m losing myself

You say you miss it when I was your husband

But Isabella, you don’t understand!

I have to do this!

I must!

The people there, they’re waiting for me!

I can’t let anything stand in my way!

Not even you, my dear wife.

I’m trying to make hearts glow.

I’m trying to make the children smile.

What? You say our son is unhappy?

No, he’s not! He’s helping me out!

He’s doing the work!

He loves it, he loves it, he loves it!

He doesn’t need my comfort!

Stop overreacting and just let me bring the magic.

Nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong, nothing is wrong!

All is well with us!

We’ve got a joyous and fantastical life!

People envy us!

Don’t you see, dear Isabella?

Life is going perfectly fine.

Life is going perfectly fine.

Life is going perfectly fine..

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Fri Jan 06, 2023 9:33 am
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AkuRashomon wrote a review...

Hi, hello there @vampricone6783! This is Ina speaking. I am here to give a quick comment/review.

I feel like Lucas has a stronger personality yet pretty stupid, and Isabella is too sensitive. Both husband and wife do not understand each other and communicate to each other properly for them to have this type of problem. This is very interesting but I don't know if this is actual song or just lyrics. Do you have like a link where I can listen to the song? The song reminds me of like those old poems I read in my English and Language textbooks.

thank you for sharing your song. I would like to read more about the plot. Have a good morning, day, afternoon, or night.

vampricone6783 says...

No, these are just lyrics. There is no actual song.

You can read about the plot from my stories %u201CThe town of Richardson%u201D and %u201CThe town of Richardson:Part Two%u201D. I%u2019ve made origin stories for the characters and other songs about the characters as well (which are all of my songs expect for %u201CThe happy, carefree, stupid clown song%u201D , %u201CCrazy, creepy clowns%u201D, %u201CThe stupendous and amazing Laughing Jack song!%u201D and %u201CC-L-O-W-N (All my friends play pretend)%u201D )

Thanks for reading!

AkuRashomon says...

Okay, I'll check some other time and you're welcome!

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Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:15 am
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KateHardy wrote a review...

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night(whichever one it is in your part of the world),

Hi! I'm here to leave a quick review!!

Anyway let's get right to it,

I spotted this having spent a bit of time in the green room and I thought I'd take a look. This one seems to be from story that I can remember a bit of too, so we'll see. I am not the best when it comes to reviewing lyrics but I'll take a look at what I think it means and the emotions that it manages to bring across to us here.

So starting right off with the meaning. It seems we're sort of trying to express the idea of these two being in some pretty serious trouble in terms of their life but it also appears that at every turn they almost end up lying to themselves in how much time they spend trying to declare that everything is perfectly fine and under control. I think you manage to pretty much nail the emotions for these though. The beat this song seems to have syncs up quite nicely with these longer stretches of their problems being talked about punctuated by the shorter repeating sections of them trying to convince everyone that everything is perfectly alright.

Overall, I think you've got a pretty nice piece here, one that brings across a surprising amount of meaning even if you don't actually know all of the characters here.

Aaaaand that's it for this one.

As always remember to take what you think was helpful and forget the rest.

Stay Safe

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Thu Dec 22, 2022 4:36 am
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DeadEndsAreOptional says...

sounds like the characters are going through a rough time. I'm intrigued 👀

vampricone6783 says...

You can read more of my %u201CTown of Richardson%u201D songs on my profile to know more. (The only songs that are not %u201CTown of Richardson%u201D are %u201CThe happy, carefree, stupid clown song%u201D , %u201CThe stupendous and amazing Laughing Jack song%u201D and %u201CC-l-o-w-n%u201D).

You can also read my %u201CTown of Richardson%u201D stories.

Thanks for reading!

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