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through the years

by lillianna

i remember

when we were seven

we sat on your front porch

eating watermelon

and then we were eight

we went to the same school

like we had the year before

you and i, we never broke the rules

when we were nine

you moved

i was devastated 

but from my life you were not removed

i was ten

and for the first time i was bullied

but you weren’t there to protect me

at least not fully

we turned eleven, then twelve

i admit we weren’t as close

people thought it was weird we were friends

you know how it goes

the years passed by

far too quick

i had never noticed until now

and then it all clicked

things changed in our teens

like they always do

you grew into this handsome young man

to my old thoughts i bid adieu

then it happened

over a year ago

you treated this girl different

and her eyes, with deceit they glowed

i wanted to protect you

from her hurtful lies

because you couldn’t see it

from your innocent eyes

i didn’t realize it then

but what everyone saw

i had a huge crush

but i wouldn’t admit it, it felt against the law

six months pass by

and it was new year’s eve

my friends and your friends whisper

then they began to tease

i finally realized what happened weeks later

while in my friends bedroom

she said it was obvious

those walls felt like my tomb

and so we were secluded

it felt like years on end

but you took the edge off

more time talking you, i started to spend


then the day came

i finally got to see you

we flirted without stop

i couldn’t believe it was true

butterflies filled my stomach

as we drove to church

all i wanted to do was see you

i entered and for you i search

everything went downhill

when i left for merely a few minutes

i’m so sorry this happened

my friends are such idiots

and then we were dating

i was happy

at least for a while

you were never super chatty

i cried every day

for months on end

they told me it was toxic

from foe to friend

so you say you’re not ready

i guess that’s fine

but i cried for days

i wanted you to be mine

after it was over

i heard some new rumors

turns out you broke my trust

i felt like such a loser

and that’s how i fell in love

with my childhood best friend

i know your words are filled with lies

i’m glad i’m no longer your girlfriend

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Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:12 pm
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yumi wrote a review...

This poem is an honest and fittingly unpolished, but with myriad blemishes, distracting from the beauty so crudely crafted. To begin describing those scratches:
This poem is very long, and not very illuminating. It is fine to be deliberately obfuscating, but much shorter poems than this have done a better job highlining a complex issue in more striking ways This poem is about a loving friendship turned relationship that turned sour, a beautiful apple you bit into, which, through some mysterious magic, turned rotten as you ate with relish, forcing you to throw it away. I am forced to conclude it must have been "magic" because you simply mentioned he was "toxic" but without explaining exactly why...unless I missed the part where an evil wizard cast a spell on him.
I need to understand what, exactly, happened to the relationship to empathize with you in the relationship- ideally, you shouldn't merely READ a poem as I did here, you should FEEL it-but I DO feel like I learned something about your life in the reading of this poem, and I do wish I could read more and learn more. You are an intriguing subject ;) lol

lillianna says...

thanks for the review! i%u2019m glad you felt you learned something. honestly, it felt like a wizard put a spell on him. but i can understand what you%u2019re saying! i will use you%u2019re advice in the future. i%u2019m glad you enjoyed it and found my story intriguing.

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Mon Jan 04, 2021 6:42 pm
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Liebensteiner says...


lillianna says...


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Mon Jan 04, 2021 6:03 pm
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LUNARGIRL wrote a review...

Hi, LUNARGIRL here with a review!
First off, great job! I really liked the way it flowed throughout the poem and how you separate stanzas by each year you got older. By doing it that way you could really see the change the occurred as things change. You did a great job on describing the change when your best friend moves away. Even tho you still see each other, just not as often as you used to, things change. You drift apart little by little as you grow up, but then you become close friends again and you realize how much the person has changed. You did a really good job writing this, and I have no critiques to give. Can't wait to read what you write next!

Carpe diem,

lillianna says...

thanks so much!!! you got the story right. he was my childhood best friend :)

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Mon Jan 04, 2021 5:45 pm
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hannah0528 wrote a review...

Hi! Hannah here for a quick review. This might be a little shaky but I will do my best.
First of all, nice job! I liked how it rhymed, but at the same time it was serious. I haven't met people who can do that in poetry. I don't have any critiques. This was great! I feel like this is what it is like to be friends with someone through your whole childhood, have them move away, and get bullied by other people and not have them there for you. Then they kind of are jerks and forget about you. Well anyways great job! I hope you had a merry Christmas, a happy New Year and that you keep writing and have a great day!


hkoetje10 (otherwise known as Hannah)

lillianna says...

thanks for the review! you have it right, i wrote this about my childhood best friend who moved away and switched schools. he and i grew apart for a while but we got close again and dated for a while. i was writing this from my perspective while i watched him change. i%u2019m glad you enjoyed it!!!

"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."
— Lewis Carroll