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reminiscing on you - a compilation of poems

by lillianna

what makes me think of you

my friends tell me it’s been too long

and that i should go ahead

but i don’t want to leave without you

so i lie here in bed


as i stare up to the ceiling

i imagine you by my side,

with your arm around my shoulders

my tears are never dried

i want to lay my head on your chest

and let my worries go

but i’m afraid you are long gone

and so it begins to snow

i sing softly to myself

the song to we used to play

it says it over and over

the word you used to say

”beautiful, beautiful, beautiful”

echos in my head

i still hear it with your voice

but my heart you ripped to shreds

everything makes me think of you

from the music to the sky

i have to keep telling myself,

“he really wasn’t that great of a guy”

but as much i as long to

and as much as i care

i can’t love you

i’m leaving this time, i swear


i don’t want to love him

the butterflies still fill my stomach

whenever i see his name

i don’t want to love him

i feel so much shame

my cheeks still flush

to the the darkest shade of red

i don’t want to care for him

still these tears i shed

his smile still makes me smile

but i don’t think it should

i don’t want to think about him

nobody can make me happy like you could

i stare longingly

at his bright blue eyes

i don’t want to despise him

but he is surrounded by lies

my palms get sweaty

and my hands get shaky

i don’t want to leave him

i let the memories get grainy

however much i miss him

and however much i care

i don’t want to love him

i don’t even want to share the same air


the pictures that haunt my mind

they haunt my mind like ghosts

roaming the lonely halls

of a forgotten old mansion

that used to be filled with grandeur and balls


the pictures that ruined my life

and made me a goddess

i hate them more than anything

if i’m being honest

i know people remember them

and i know they always will

it wasn’t something i’d do again

the aftermath wasn’t worth the thrill

and so they still haunt me

sneaking into my dreams

they turn my sleep into nightmares

i’d rather stay awake, by all means


because i know better now

because i’m not enough

you suddenly left

thanks to you

i was always stressed

because you weren’t ready

we parted ways

day and night blur together

the months pass in a daze

because i apparently lied

you might as well stab me in the chest

even though i spoke my words truthfully

even though i confessed

because you broke my trust

i let it go the first time

but you treated our relationship poorly

like you only worked half-time

because you were the one that cheated

i won’t trust any kind of love

i never flirted with your best friend

you did exactly the above

because you couldn’t come to me

with everything that happened wrong

i had to accept my loss

now i cry to our song

because you’re not good enough for me

i’ve decided to see someone else

now i’m starting to forget about you

collecting dust on a forgotten shelf

because i want something better

it’s ok if you leave

but there is something i’ll miss

putting my arm down your sleeve


because i now know what’s right

i’m never going back

you didn't know how to treat me

the memories have gone black


if you read this whole thing, thanks so much. also, feel free to only review the poems you want.

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Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:27 pm
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LordMomo wrote a review...

I am here with review!!! :D

To start, I love this. You express your emotions so well in this poem. I always love reading your stuff; it's so amazing. I love the rhyming here too!! There were a couple things I wanted to point out, so here you go!! Note: if you do not like to disagree with any of the following, feel free to ignore.

but i’m afraid you are long gone

and so it begins to snow

Snow doesn't seem like the right word here. But you could be referencing spending a snowy Christmas without him, so it could work?

i’m leaving this time, i swear


i don’t want to love him

Here you use periods instead of tildes (~). I'm not sure if this was to show where one poem ends and the next starts, but I would recommend being consistent.

That's it!! Keep writing, and have a Happy New Year!!

lillianna says...

thank you!

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Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:09 pm
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yumi wrote a review...

This was the perfect long-form epic poem to me, detailing the anguish of a failed relationship in a relatable way-we've all been there. I could feel exactly as you felt, and in the best way: I could PICTURE it. I do feel I have a legitimate gripe against you, however, because this is CLEARLY one long poem, not several, ad you claim, and longer poems have different expectations than short ones, and attract a different audience. I've written poems before where each stanza was wildly different and self contained, but telling the same story, just alternating between free flowing and structured verses to reflect my emotions, sometimes written weeks or months apart. Still, that is not a critique of the poem itself, I suppose, but it was SO good-I loved this one.

lillianna says...

thanks so much! i%u2019m glad you liked it :)

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64 Reviews

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Reviews: 64

Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:06 pm
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LordMomo says...

Wow. <3 I'll leave a review on this later, I promise. <3

Maybe I should say something quote-worthy, like, I dunno... "You can only be happy if you decide to be happy?"
— Necromancer14