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Fiddle me Rrich-o'c`het

by Wriskypump

There is a COMEt…
To destroy the earth it is coming
In the distance, can be heard, the sound of drumming
The World isn’t Training for this kind of attenTion... or TranS-fishiion

There are the fiddlers
Bows wailing for peace and trust
Until that moment dawn disperses the Nightlife;
The blur of vampire feet stagger through streets in cities of dust.
America. the satisfied: fades, . . .
bouts as miser-Able as grass in the summer-days

There, citizens freely access knowledge
Edu-take it for granted. Common "core" like their * porn Stars & der Social-mEDIAc glory-
teaching Heart, follow it to depravity, relapse on The FOOL's GOD system: Generations Aug-mented ~ or might I say subbin'`those GENIE-rubbed GOAlD$: Honies, homies,
par`Tase And club-coded red-white-an'blue dollar`
So why-the>roll-To-towner’send_inSignia2v33EeE.. . =
the HEY!! the flag be green with the Capital env!l
In a mad dash after leisure!
everybuddy out to make a moniker,,, from this fallacy of coNqUErIng sprung;
Tongues nurtured int{o~{ chains
oprah's Degree33spoilers OWN W311 internatioN.O.A.A like-a monopoly on ll monolithic atmospheric Sceptorship called World Trade Center might come-around-for-an-unreel-pause
Hasting the recreated Babylonican PLANES
( cos that weren’t no foreign soil terrorists on 9/11 btw ). Not any physical nation, Anyhow

Sucked into the unanticipated drag attained through luxury and minimal labor
Imprisoned hearts combed Earth for a weapon against the Meaninglessness
Allocating their own answers, however truly muddled, deeming it authentic whence
Curious children poked at the moral line
And gradually_ it_ [rearranged in a mystifiable coma

There formed a classroom
Around a world infected with POP!ular CultUe,
By coerced funds, fueled on puppet strings from a behind-the-scenes swarm of vultues
From the beginning, Key to the clandestine crime of furtively nudging the Races
Into the Spoon-Fed Zone
I know such a thing Free Will is there, but Destiny in the end will make her statement
witH iNdepend`Aunt unCompliance,
leaninG UpON techNology more & more dEE~-p~-~pEndent
Working careers that constrict time from goals and distance one from One’s Time
So easily amused, they are mesmerized,
with Hedonistic a$$urance
Absentminded, caught up in daily routine to the point of negligence
Consumed by hands of idleness,
Awaiting a magical Someday with no real reason to believe
Striving for an “embrace everything” society
Clinging to intangible rights structured by lawmen, constantly
Borrowing from a dry well of debt to pony up their secluded “Fallout Cities”
(and we’re not invited).
Yet The Vultes and vampes alike cannot hide: God knows they stole your ability
To make your own decisions; engen`erring us vampires to get preoccupied with virgual dope
--In more ways than one--

There is an asteroid nearing its journey’s end.
Nations always fall from the inside,
when the Sagacious
is sacrificed6for6self-sought-supposition6 {bloo.{spot.`here mankind’s inherent wickedness resides { Cursed by our maN-eyeacal stEp_fAtehr {

There no longer is ability
For The World to discern where the line, untouched, lay.
That original space can be retraced, go back beyond the Emperium Millenial incurring Flexibility of unstable fumes blocking out the Son...
the centennially-dead vampires would rather the Light, be not faced...

Still will come "The Day" of the Inelegant COMEating dis-integration
Whatever the fiddlers believe in: Shadow or Sunlight or Both
The vultures will devour the flesh, overjoyed
Until they fight over the last scraps, then dine upon fez-brother

There will be few friends and many foes
The impact of the asteroid will release dreadful woes
Nothing will stand; except who marked the line’s original pose, delighting righteousness
These will be goners=outcast; completely flipped will be the moral magnetic poles
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going
What? Did you buy the witch hunts weren’t real; now any battered juvenile angels wet-behind-the-ears will be inept, and exposed

Get equipped for a global order established:
it’ll be the old “bright spirits will bring you Agree-Meant” favor-Ship Of tricks
Imps in Pose-essions & masking essences of Lights like devils from below
Preaching a pre=intended Bliss is finally yours to kiss

Yes, since Trump’s land crumbled, in the name of peace it arose
Maintaining “peace,” (at the cost of violence towards all who oppose)
Subtly disguised, it rewards those that dutifully carry out its objective:
The leaders won’t deceive in black and white
Never have, it’s all sleight of hand:
Purge the darkness with the blood of the innocent; Fear is their incentive
None wish to be found a traitor and join the tormented. Gotta get the Holy Ghost
Like it was published in the bible before the UpbRaided Earth
Great deceptions are never obvious.
Remember, The Presidents too let you down
There is misdirection everywhere. {bloo.{spoo.`and You Think the Ships can be repaired ? ?
While it’s hull stagnates in the open bBody of water ? ?
Aren’t ads that seem Too-good-to-be-true dubious?

There is an asteroid that is making landing
A massive rock from the heavens encroaching
It isn’t going to dissolve.
It will touchdown, Unlike so many others, the largest Ingestion of m’Olten ever known

There is no way the apocalypse
Can be fully understood, or arouse the attention deserved, until the effects are seen
And the time prophets the sentiment.
Remember this testament for there is no way out once signed aboard with the peace-proclaiming con artists:
They produced the pOisons & Behemoths that sponsored Everything’s Termination: forget your well-being; the mark ain’t worth your Unslayable Soul

Make no mistake
When the Chief Establishments are SEGA-Magis ;they play two faced cards.
Followers, the vampires, will unwittingly participate in unspeakable actions
Condemning any expression of conflicting views as evil, go the route of Revelation.

In their eyes, validation to hate a Hater of their illusory Unanimity of peace—
But as the Evolulusion Alien Storyline daze unRavel for a Beyond-The-i-Mage-ya-nation kill
Hesitate at The sight These extra-terrestrials, have patience
What is unseen is not perishing
Lo! A voice speaks,
"Hold fast, ye faithful, momentarily the test will cease,
Such the evil Time for you who trusted in riches and missed the aRch of Noah’s Door
Who couldn’t enter the strait gate that is Belief,
So take the scourge like the saints whom I just stole away from My Wrath toWards the earth
before it’s indefinitely too late
And don’t think for a second I can’t or don’t Still have Love for you,” - I, The Lord

Begun - February 5, 2014 

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Tue May 09, 2017 5:07 am
alliyah wrote a review...

I liked the consistency in this piece. I also think that this piece's theme lent itself to your style a bit more because obviously the end of times and apocalypse is mysterious and hectic (which is how I would characterize your style of writing). I think if this piece is intended to be a religious warning or prophetic it would be good to make even more biblical allusions in the piece, like some more references to Revelations. I think some of what you say in the piece might be taken with controversy, but I do think it's interesting and bold.

I'd love to see a bit more groundedness in this piece, but I think your level of complexity works well with the theme and style here. I also think if you worked a bit more with the odd capitalization there might be a way to make it more symbolic or meaningful by choosing words and changing their capitalization to write a sentence, reference a Biblical verse, or draw out another theme. As is, it seems like most of the wonky capitalization happens to create puns, which is great for humorous poetry but for more serious apocalyptic poetry seems a bit odd for me.

Nice work, I like the consistent theme in this one.


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Tue May 09, 2017 2:25 am
WanderingCloud wrote a review...


I didn't clearly understand the poem. You are dumping information here and there. All I know is that, you talked about the end of the world and it was some sort of punishment. There are a lot of confusing symbols and capital letters appearing out of nowhere. I respect your style of writing but then it's really jumbled up. You are putting symbols that I guess should not be put there.

In short, "It's a mystery, so unnatural like supernatural." (no pun intended). My advice is be specific and keep it simple.

Wriskypump says...

but did you understand it generally? thanks for reading!

WanderingCloud says...

The answer to your question is, yes. There was America and ending of some sort-apocalypse. An apocalypse full of beings that we only thought are myths.

You are creative with words, though. I like it. Specially the (Agree-Meant & Pose-essions).

WanderingCloud says...

The answer to your question is, yes. There was America and ending of some sort-apocalypse. An apocalypse full of beings that we only thought are myths.

You are creative with words, though. I like it. Specially the (Agree-Meant & Pose-essions).

Wriskypump says...

Great! I problay coulda cut out parts of this. It now seems a little redundant in places. Kinda messy too. Shoulda polished it more, but i guess I was tired of messing with it

WanderingCloud says...

Don't worry. You are not alone. Hehe

WanderingCloud says...

Don't worry. You are not alone. Hehe

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Mon May 08, 2017 11:54 pm
Thisislegacy wrote a review...

Legacy here for a review.

The use of symbols is confusing for me, but if it is for your style, then not everyone has to like it. Just keep in mind that not everyone will be able to understand it. I honestly can't understand your poem because of your formatting and such.

I was able to understand the beginning before it got to the symbols and that's where I got lost. Of what I was able to understand, the content was very good. It comments on how people in the United States live in such a privileged way that they don't even realize that they are realize that they are privileged.

You have random punctuation, I would recommend choosing between only capitalizing specific words or only capitalizing at the beginning of each sentence.

That's all I have to say because I can't understand much else of the content. Legacy out.

Maybe we're all just complex human beings with skewed perceptions of each other.
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