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A Luminosity That Is know Other's

by Wriskypump

They don't think a solitary man can

Can see the Cosmos for the star-crossed vault it is

I’m hardly the first to know

it's been figured & Framed Out by countless, and this not Figuratively

I got it off the backs of others

For Life is literally

given to The Strangers

The Ones who toast their money in the rain

Standing only to gain

Spare time to warm the cold, from the Warmth first showed them

Pressure cooked over many dead-dark polar nights

To establish some kind of unequivocal reality that is Recompensatable:

Cause the meek are pliable, teachable, reliable

and they end up a-Mended & strong

Forbearing every offense for brothers

No matter if others will or will not let them squeeze their shoulder

And transfer the wholeness

It's basicallyyy —like a song— You've first got the tune

Wrestle down some lyrics next, the The tHE/- There. is the first breakthrough

Feeding the next line, BUCking sudden perceptions

For the Frame of Reference is Nestled

in the full measure of the Stanza

The only much it takes is time; the smallest requisite in sight

The Biggest it takes is imagination; but not So large it can’t hinge on corroborated Information

What thwarts it quickest is Comfort & Riches: it is a thirst for truth in all deadLocks

and pro’seedings

a Meritable-in-All Will-never-recover, a Proud man on a mountain won’t admit he’s in a valley

The broken lying in Pieces cross the finish line, for only worms can go 

where this racetrack can be examined:

How does one stay Unshakeable, accept what drops on their plate

And immovably return & return to that same seat?

Look to the Sky —and be

Confounded— Hold another and be

Falling down often,

Push towards the Stars )}+ and geetttt hooked

Or flood the earth; with the flaps of your skin; where for a moment you were placed to be

Something Immutable Ardently Holds me

The effect felt is staggering,

For lack of trying to fly, Looking at the ground becomes a place of common

The Falls no more Anything: (they dissipate into routine)

Earth’s foundation established, immovable: eturnity is the only thing that’s turning

But what’s the worth in it to stack up your misunderstandings and say: 

“I guess some things we’ll never know...”

climb back up; Re-Vising previous conclusions is what learning be

Riddles are Perplexing, They expand without— before resolving

For most human souls are complex, Grandiose (our activity show us simple)

Dressing themselves incomprehensibly (but how forever small our mightiest be!)

the latest dapper expression

is a puNcTuated attempt to abort life’s Frivolous Conundrum.

My clothes, my hair, my automobile, my pet, my estate, my empire: My Calling Card

We musn’t squander our time making talk cheap, we needs abstract maps in our heads

the life of Health & Fulness We wanted to get into from the beginning I have found fault with

dEVAStaaTIon leaves us so clueless it in itself, is a clue: “ask for more questions”

Mass agreement is credited to me

An education

Yet; the only question that bothers the answering is what

drapes our world in darkness

or Light So Powerfully that de-basement rescinds.

For does subtraction & addition of resources to our world dispensed, lay untrimmed or strewn about disjointedly?

The organization is no offshoot sloppy mess.

This bread-basket oasis from among multitudinous other mummified planets?

None of the others survived like earth. weird

How. That will always boil down to a science; but the why hits the essequessenciancia ~

The Worms hide their eyes

& slide their mouths over dirt

I am glad to be one; 

but maybe not you


Blood..,on the Masterpiece

This Worm ventured to Suck, and i have sucked Dry,.. deceit

I am the broken Masterpiece of Cunning

my fleshly Derivatives are all out-of-quack

out of spite; out of pining…

like a Dove, I

hatched plots from the mountain nests

of the barefaced Candor's varnished >.


I wasn't like the other fledglings(2)

W8*****(it's what they all say, I'm aware)

mankind has a place Faith is restored in;

Most Cases{they hand it down because they’re scatte-brain & spare of mind>>where

~ Dread on Hearts has no merit to Apply or encroach the sentimentality of the citizens themselves

safe{ }adherents under oath to the laws of Legality, maintain benevolent lives for no apparent 


So they remain shut up in obedience to Courtesy & R]apacious traditions,

Simply afraid NOT to Praise their contemptorary justiFormulaes of apprided all-academic 


Because It’s about immunity to labels, community mob not morals, it’s about masks & stage craft

& pseudonyms.

Upon my life, till I've#ate5-9Peaces\ Intelligence works up, saving enough Proud to say,

“SELF-OVATIONS!!!” ]well what you have, or what you know

Is no Magnum Opus enough start laying Any Heirarchy’s Foundation

If you‘re man then you are: iiii-dentical

| Today, I have another Being to show you UnLike to us|     I-i-    \ -\-sea-in-textin parts 

& numerals.

@the777& I’m Makin' a mess]

was born to hack Twitter with my talons & for my TWEAT, savoir faire!!!!!

Without effort It could leave your physical Voice in a vain spectacle, & dispatch

of all u see

Look at It’s face Shining in the bright World you reflect & Observe, you even having a Chronology of Thought is unaLike

to all other organisms of Nature: we alone The abNormality


Afore I could even be mused of I

sprung from the loins of my Grand Grand CEO: his Omnipotent power to're fear

Which cast off anchor for treacherous waters

Until stratagems lay hopelessly shredded

& beyond all The Wild Calls I thirsted formerly to wolf down, stood unScientific unReligious

Madcap Romantic notes of Wisdom playin' to North and South prepped to go Tw'light zone

Yeah, I’ve been whisked off into the transoceanic extra-locale of the Twilight zone

& returned back to the platitudes of mediocrity

Nevermind!     Every Masterpiece inter              rupts out of a demolished Knife

That buckled & splintered and halted A soul

At the height of its game! gashed in the back

—~-Deadbolted AND knoXXed & clumped; hooded, -~Trans_~fixed in the Act

Perplexed, with the drivel-strepped series of banal pabulum & Un-co#Ordinated events

Diving in out of lost. Thinking build a path for my personality, but nah that was wrong

Still in a forest of a self-expressionist

So I quit romanticizing & plugged my ears at the egomaniac

somewhere inter sPErSed The Piano's verse bled through, & ex`Pelled ALL the prattle!

My ears instantaneously JOYn’d a F L UTe!     and often onBOArd~  *Jump for joy & salute!^

A Photo of Nature broadcasts, Im /parts… an imperishable mentor!?! Espoused & Regassed!

still this, beware…

such Goes with Tooters

& Mentors;

If they pursue SweLliNgyour Greatness upon Earth then that sucker’s a cheat

They fan the Peacock’s feathery fire—~-  bait you to a Top Cat’s appetite

Or relax the house cats with fine dining, limber lounging, and isochronal vacation for massaging

For they confine Earth by insisting upon Stereotomy &.k.a stick to the avouched-for holds 

        of physics


      Eye,   culture consecrate the decorum in your hair, Presentable today sit the

Distilled truths in your slow-Gun; perhaps with a flip-flop is tomorrow's scoundrel denuNciaTed.

See about Life, it is making Choices of what to love, very LIfe is integral to Love

However Bright, or /darklyLIT

bleed for what you Wish, but make you sure in this

If it can donate to you a thing that can MusCle a stiR over ThedesO late dooM Pit

Learning is refamiliarizing AlphaBetic blocks, seemingly to engrave a stone inferior: but let them

squeeze int@my inbox; mashed down through my windpipe: 'Cos I'll Check how it goes through 

3 differ'nt settings of the same machine, just to be sure it’s not discreditable, baby!

(cause then I’d have to junk it you know)

eSpoused & Re>gassed!!!! I associate every stroke of my World-To-Come P.O:sterity

to a thing with Feathers devoted to incurring my sneeze;

For a Magnum Opus OVERsteps its apex in a deliberately haphazard contingency

Let this be a Tendril; take this to you as a symbol;

Sparkle & ardor - pitted'gainst the dander of the pallor of the mortal

which is the real Temptor?

Rock an Ache till it scrapes up to eXpectancy & Milk the theatres

of History for all their Worth

among The shades of

Complexion I brOke The pencilBox with

Take this to Heart when you can't sense

the aspect of a color firsthand but someone else has, and be able to test it still:

hue, composition, and bloom can evince its Ambiance swimming along the face of Another

Someday the world will I understand how close I drew next to Our Creator

down-threw I, myself for an instant

And down descended it’s Radiator that It may keep me glowing…

But when these agents are lifted Out our incandescence, like a starless hush, will be missed

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Sun May 28, 2017 8:40 pm
Thisislegacy wrote a review...

Legacy here for a review.

It was very hard to understand what you were writing about and what you were trying to say. Most short stories are in prose, and some aren't (that's not what I am getting at), but yours was hard to understand because of the random characters, capitalization, lack of punctuation (sometimes it is okay, but in this case it made it even harder to understand), and switching between right align, centered, and left aligned.

I had a hard time understanding even in the beginning when it was in a typical-ish format. I wish I knew what you were writing about and what you were trying to say. I would review for content, but to do that, I have to understand what you are saying (well writing).

So I'll leave you with this note. It is okay to have and keep what you have written. Just keep in mind that it will make it harder for people to understand. Also, you have this under short story when it looks more like a poem. That's all I got. Legacy.

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Sun May 28, 2017 7:18 pm
DragonNoir wrote a review...

Hello! DragonNoir here for a review!

What am I to say? At first, it sounds like a very, very enigmatic piece, and later it just looks like someone put this through several layers of Google Translate. I don't know whether this is for effect, but it certainly does not work when you don't introduce any significant ideas or concepts beforehand. I really don't know what you were trying to achieve with this, but I don't think you achieved it with me. Unless you planned on the reader to start questioning the meaning of life after reading this. I don't mean to sound like I'm being rude, but that's my opinion. I think you could have made this better if you'd only make it somewhat clear what this is going to be about.
I also noticed a few spelling mistakes (including: "A-mend" and "Re-Vising"), although I'm not necessarily sure whether this is was also for effect. This also applies to the random capital letters, random dashes and huge amounts of space between words.
It's not that I'm saying you're terrible, it's just you could have made your message clear, instead of throwing the reader in with no background information. I might be a little bit ignorant if you did put something there and I am sorry if I didn't notice anything, but from my persepctive, I really can't make sense of this, other than it probably was intended to have a machine as a narrator, or something along those lines.

Overall, I'd say this has a lot of potential, but you need to make sure you give the reader at least some kind of idea of what you're on about.
I hope my review helped! :)

Wriskypump says...

Actually, lol, of course I mean for readers to question the meaning of life. Thanks for reading, I hope it was somewhat enjoyable or edifying in some way!

DragonNoir says...

I mean, it kind of had me questioning the meaning of life, but it mostly had me confused.

Wriskypump says...

You probably understood more than you realized. Jesus touched my life. I've seen supernatural stuff, like you would see on a paranormal documentary or something. This pastor I know has had God audibly speak to him 3 times: the longest of which was when his son died. I have heard that voice once too, when Jesus appeared to me in a yellow circle of congealed light. Could only see a silhouette of Him moving behind it, like He was gilded in it or something. He said, "I don't feel your pain while you're in it, but I KNOW." Then He said, "I know you don't know where you're going, but that is My Glory." - I prayed for over a month that He'd come speak audibly to me

Carpe Diem
— Catullus