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Mental Cache to #1 Used Coupon; (In Inverse Ingeneering I lost Inhibition)

by Wriskypump

A/N: Ultimately, Knowledge is the only thing that's not a waste of time. Most of us don't truly hunger to know the reality of life.

I’m not going to leave anything off limits. Keep swimming half-drowned out into nowhere, or get on Board.

So you wanna spin straw into gold, you say? I’ll tell you what though, the Treks of Epic in life are never very dramatic. You have to keep up vitality, momentum, you have to balance treating yourself like a King and treating yourself like hired labour. You can’t have your eyes on your circumstances. Chances are they’re not that debilitating anyway.

It’s only in the transreality of hindsight and anticipating that you can ever sit back with a drink or look forward with a sheen in your eye as you ponder the potential crest of the next wave. It is not possible by yourself, or book alone to tape it all together. Even if you aren’t in direct contact for collaborating with people, you can sort of engage them, if you’ve been accruing understanding, to get them to spit up bits and pieces of what they have seen in life.

But Transformation dies without lashes. You’re going to lose something. It’s going to cost. You’re going to have to make immediate cuts out of your way of life in Chunks. It’s excruciatingly punitive. It’s not so bad once you take two steps that direction. You also should not take common hops in public -- you’ll wind up a Caged Creature. You have to be exposed, let yourself be seen a little bit for what you’re after. You’re on a Hunt; and you’re savagely pursuing. Because the world has dogged you savagely.

It all once made me afraid. Afraid, you know, how we all don’t know where we’re going. But it also made me mad. How was I supposed to know what to act like, if I didn’t know who I was supposed to be? The world is too cruel & unforgiving for life to be laughed away. That’s poppycock. Quit doing that to yourself. Joining in with the comedians laughter, and the television series chatter. They’re entertainment. If you feed on that… YOU. NEVER. MOVE. Those bright eyes and brandished smiles will free you out of all your self-pity for an instance -- then you’ll have to come back & do it again. But they’re all cleaning their own shotgun: cause they know if it gets too much congestion clogged up in the barrels - Pow.

So now that you’re not trying to get through life anymore; what are you supposed to Touch? Myself, I realized at a point… I was becoming disinterested in everything around me. And when my greatest dreams were cut out from under me, I was given the ability to recognize… It was just going to end in retirement anyway. I don’t care about anyone else’s Legacy; I mean not in a way that it really impacted me. I didn’t wanna leave one of those old geezery Tombstones. Nobody would hear my thanks out there anyway, and I wouldn’t be hearing those after My Time either. So I bit my face off, and went into a Hole. And I said. I shall know the Purpose of Humanity. For why did we have a healthy world, full of seasons to mellow out our insanity?

Doubt is dramatic. I Erased everything I thought I knew. And I started over. My name was no longer Me. For all I knew I was the wind walking through a Fallow pocket of time, imagining things on a travel for the Fruit of the present moment. I slashed all my biases and watched them bleed out. Then I squeezed their bodies to make sure every last drop was out. But yet I still knew the hardest part had yet to come. I had to Discern. I was going to have to start all over as an Infant. And rediscover what the world was pointing At. Knowledge is all that’s essential. Nope, sorry, not even food or water. Knowledge and Understanding, I knew, if they truly existed out there, would possess alone the ability to bring Security.

Obsession became my first & Foremost Majesty. Attention to detail draws The Artisan’s blood. Nothing else so inspires as Desperation. I ran for the very fear of my Life. Did you ever run for your life before? Run from everyone and everything because this world is Rife with Lies?? TAKE. IT. UPON. YOURSELF.

I’ve heard it been said that people don’t ever really change. It may be that those who say this have not experienced change in themselves and/or circle of loved ones. But although it’s tough, change is simple. Like anything else, it feeds on resolve, self-immersion in destinations and brainchildren, saluting setbacks for electrifying the cravings of the creative spirit, and Time, Time; Time, Time invested: I cannot stress how each, single step along the way enhances the progress. What’s it like to be this way, Growing. Consciously. Every day? Well, only a little bit different honestly.

Marching through the haze of a dry routine, walking past golden opportunities at every systematic approach: I'm relieved that isn't me. You must turn off auto-pilot. Quit going through the motions, playing every card under the sun that that person’s personality is going to be agreeable with. Quit shutting down your personality to select roles that co-align with comfortable environments and won't Bulldoze the cultural behavior Box. Do away with suppressing those lonely itches that consequently demand binge gratification back-stage. Not being vulnerable often enough will make you numb. That’s living life by chance; not by choice. Grit your heart onto your arm—or are you a slave.

But this is a real surprise. I don’t care how altruistic your Goal is in life. Because I know who you are: You are who you are at your worst. And so am I.

Relish it for a moment, picture it, just go back to all those bitter, purposely obnoxious, bitter, severely savage, impish, deceitful moments. We’re more alike to the killer than we’d like to characterize. Or should I say; we’re all as alike to the physical murderers as the thoughts of disdain in place of the humanness we strip off them, but thereupon wash our hands of. Humans are not born with integrity: we have to build that later. What does that say about our “Decency?”

You can’t tell me you are who you are clothed and well-fed, when you have all of your accessories on, and smile and laugh and wave off all your migraines like you’re strong. What about those violent, raging thoughts? What about those tears on the pillow steeped in the dead of night? What are we trying to prove by reinforcing the thought that we’re so notably tough? All that it proves to me is that we’re so hardheaded n’ nervous we want people to comfort us with easy gestures & acceptable lies so that we can go home and sleep with ourselves. Your words and tone of voice make naked who you are. There is no hiding from the considerate eye. We have as many things that we do wrong as we do right. It causes us inner-turmoil. It’s because we are weak, & we are not above crying. Our frailty becomes our song; but we also need to live in the the humbleness of what that frailty should show us.

Most people will fail me for being afraid to show me their skeletons after I had shown them mine. But this is how healing happens, and this is how holding lasts. What's lost, welcome it; what's jealous, gift it; what's cold, cuddle it; what's scarred, accompany it; to what envies, reveal weakness; whatever be hideous, hug it. Let humanity set up shop next door to all the monsters that our stuck-up noses have no room for except in dark closets and under our beds. When we take them into the light, the darkness begins to get bleached out of them. As they begin to fade, the shackles begin to heat up because it is distasteful to others to show the ugly attached to yourself, and for yourself it is Agonizing. But what you may not realize, is that when you put metal chains under sizzling amounts of Heat, their bonding properties slowly soften.

To apprehend solace it must be approached with a game plan. But also you have to SPOT EACH of the causes for all the Pain in the Necks that keep life from being a fun experience. Yet it’s as if people believe wisdom is only something accrued in a good fairy tale or video game. Should it come as a wonder most people feel they are ultimately doing a run-of-the-mill in life? But where does Ultimately stop?

Most people already know who they are, okay. But you want to be able to put it in words.Put a penpoint on your nature. Why are you trapped in that spinning circle? Make a solution for each thing that causes you misery.

Yet the reality is circumstances are constantly in flux, so there’s gonna come along things that will make you stress out, right? Your significant other can hold you tight and Clutch you Close… but they still can’t modify the bind you’re about to face. So what? We’ve all gotten past many of those moments. Death is the last thing we Face. Staring into the unknown face of The Void makes nearly all of us quiver.


What Someday were you entertaining in your mind about building towards? If I have Volumes of Knowledge in many working areas of lie-f I am taken for a wiseman. I am miss taken for a wiseman. Two fools that are friends are insanely brilliant in each other’s eyes. Insanely brilliant is a parallel of irony into how relative and watered-down the perceptions of mankind are. Those two fine friends could be an astrophysicist and an engineer, but until they have enough knowledge to give them an unearthly mission in life, all they may know is a heap of inanimate waste. It’s like if you had the power to do absolutely anything by saying it, but you can’t speak the language that will make it happen.


You could practically say ‘Wisdom is in the eye of the Beholder.’ But better you could say a wise man is liable to whatever put us here - if anything put us here. That’s the bedrock & bottomline we should start at.

Maybe you read your favorite quotes. Do you memorize them in-to your life? Cause that’s what it takes. When are you going to petition their cause? I mean that TODAY you can live by them. Well, actually that's only semi-correct; for did any of us choose to be alive? See, the same species’ have the same problems. But the dilemma Runs a lot Deeper than a lot of us See.

We are shackled: we have been formed to unnotice the unseen; we have left unchallenged its uncomfortable fathoms over matters directly in front of our eyes - in light of self-absorption. Affluence has given us a blessed sense of cursed complacency. Remember, neither constitution, nor any other soulless lump of words on a piece of parchment has the hands to grant today's freedom: much less Tomorrow's: much less if you don't know there's only one FREEDOM to aim for

(for whether rich or poor we are all naked; and all great men, time and chance happens to them all).

What then is our overarching Crisis? Many people will quip, “You can’t haaandle the truth." The satire is old and it just makes me tired. Everybody wants to be a comedian; except it's not a show, we can't just memorize our lines and spit things out. I stop. Because truth is lent its credence by the discoverer.

When people speak for themselves they speak for everyone else. But when people speak for others, they speak to themselves (to their character and pass by unseen --- for noble things are whispered before light and flown before the afterglow of dawn).

When I hear one next to me, I hear myself. We all just want to go home. But WhEre, the Hell, is home? Cause you feel you belong here, or did you think this messed up world was your only option? We need to know things; except we can't usually test the Biggest Things (not directly anyway). But most everything in life can be gathered in by context clues. Do your revived Post-Mortem homework or be Fated to die.

Consider what you place your Trust in. Has Man ever REALLY been able to step in your life and save you? No. Why continue to Act as if that is going to change or if it’s something you can do by yourself?

So even for all the urgency in my voice, you've gotta relax about the times you get weak and vault yourself into mischief along the path. It's not about performing well: we bags of bones can scarcely control that. Everything hinges on this, and through it, you can see what Pride's folly is:

it is always easier to fight for one's principles than to live up to them. Besides, judging the amount of control you have in your life, that's only one denomination of Pride. This goes against all we’ve known. It's about Who We Are as humans. Funny enough, our Living Conditions on earth seem immensely ideal, as if we were infants showered with love & not happenstance. This is because Jesus is beside us every day, & why would we ever think to look that way? If you research it, you find Christianity is different from other religions because it talks of spiritual things that don’t make sense to us - but neither are vague: It tells us where we came from & where we’re going… That it might flood our minds with intent to make room for, grieve for, and be shielded with encouragement to deflect what’s happening here for Paradisiacal Life.

I hear a jangling "Train" by Flipsyde

I hear that train just callin'

It's lost but there in the voice of the crInging & the Poor

I see that steam's forewarning

And I get flashbacks towards my Origins!

I hear that horn it's like lightning; but it’s not BLINDING

since it's drastic, gonna take drasticity

to get into that Whole, that Complete Story!

From Life to life has been vowed mi-i-ine!

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Sun May 28, 2017 11:43 pm
SubSubLibrarian wrote a review...

I'm just going to go right into it.
First of all, I'm not completely sure this can be categorized as an article or an essay. Articles and essays are based in fact and evidence. They use evidence and details to back up claims. I'm a religious person, but I don't think that Jesus being beside us proves your specific claim in any way. Even opinion editorials have basis in fact. If you want this work to really be an article or an essay, you should probably find examples or statistics or something to back it up, or use more religious evidence.
Second of all, articles and essays are a little more formal than this is. This is much more of a speech or sermon than an article or an essay, in all honesty. You use spectacular vocabulary, but you could use it more to your advantage by using a little more colorful lingo. I don't see the purpose in capitalizing random words and letters. Your text should be uniform.
I like the idea behind this and I think it has potential, but your ideas were kind of all over the place. You made statements, but many of them were disconnected and made it sound like you were rambling and had slipped off track.
It would have been better, had you organized your ideas and explained some of them more completely. You mentioned that knowledge is more essential than water, as if you are countering an argument that someone might make. This is essential in an article or essay and it was a great move on your part, but it was not successful. You talked in your article of purpose and not just doing whatever is set before us, but actually making a conscious effort to choose, think and take control of our lives, yet your article wasn't exactly purposeful. You did not convince me that knowledge is more important than food and water. You simply said 'sorry, but I'm right.' That makes no sense. It doesn't show me how your right and doesn't prove anything. It simply tells me what you think. For the second time in two sentences.
I advice you to use a more solid argument, to add evidence, be uniform in your text, and be more direct and purposeful.
I'm sorry for being kind of harsh, but articles and essays exist for serious purposes. Because of that, we need to treat them with equal seriousness.

Wriskypump says...

I had more of a philosophical or hypothetical approach with this one. Not tremendously rooted in fact: I could have but I don't feel like wasting my time just to be dismissed by most as usual. Facts mean almost nothing a lot of the time, as hard as that may be to grasp

Wriskypump says...

Plus, in the beginning, I made a point to imply it's an individuals responsibility to seek out the truth about the world. Remember the line, Take it upon Yourself? that's why I had it in all caps

Wriskypump says...

if I put all the stuff I've researched over the last 4 years on this, first of all people would consider it too long to read, and when I only show parts I get the response: "You don't have all the facets of the subject covered." But you can only directly observe so much firsthand, and the skeptics crawl out from the woodwork beginning with the secondhand evidence

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Sun May 28, 2017 11:41 pm
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alliyah wrote a review...

Hey Wrisky! I'm here to review your last piece that's in the green room.

So, I'm going to pretty much ignore any grammar comments on this, since I think all those choices were probably intentional where the grammar seemed off.

The opening line is quite intriguing: "I’m not going to leave anything off limits.".

There were parts I had difficulty following, although I did enjoy your colorful references and metaphors throughout. I understood the main theme to be to pursue knowledge and to move forward.

I think a few of your claims could have used some examples or proof seeing as it seemed to be a bit of an attempt at persuading readers to view the world in a particular way. For instance you say Humans aren't born with integrity but give no warrant or evidence to support that claim. I didn't quite see how the post-note related to the piece but overall you give an interesting perspective yet again.


Wriskypump says...

I thought that humans aren't born with integrity was self-evident. I wanted people to consider it themselves. I have always tried to be doing the right thing when no one is looking, and am not always able to. Maybe I should've said that

Wriskypump says...

but remember, I said in there, take it upon yourself

Wriskypump says...

I mean heck, everyone has to do their homework or be Fated to die. That was pretty much my theme. I can talk till I'm blue in the face, but very few are going to believe me without doing a lot of their own rummaging through a lot of detailed topics

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Thu May 25, 2017 5:01 am
Aleta says...

This was recommended to me and I like it :)

Wriskypump says...

xD, I'm glad it was profitable for something

First you broke my moustache, now you break my heart.
— MaybeAndrew