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The Secret of The Swan Ch20

by Rin321

Warning: This work has been rated 16+ for language.

Taehyung fell into a rhythm for the next two weeks. He would stay in his car when he would watch Jimin to preserve his safety, go home, a few nights a week he would go out with Irene. He thought he could go through with giving Jimin space but there felt like there was something missing in his life. He could see Jimin missed him too.

He felt guilt for not thinking his time with Irene as enough but no matter how much time he spent getting lost in her laugh, it was only satisfying for the moment. The second she was gone he was living with his bitter reality.

The truth of what could happen if he were to further the relationship weighed on him. He knew that he needed to end things and planned on it several times but she was always so distracting. He said ‘one more date, then I’ll do it’ too many dates ago. He had to find his backbone.

While his future with Irene was troublesome, so was the target on Jimin’s back. The fact that he hadn’t been given the kill call yet was a relief but he knew his time was running out. He knew there was no way he was going to kill Jimin, but how was he going to protect him? He also had his father to save.

He was hoping to get answers from Min Yoongi but he hadn’t got a chance to try and watch him again. He knew if he did he would have to be very careful. Taehyung paced his room with his thoughts racing faster than Nascar. What was he going to do?

“Taehyung!” he heard Minjun call from downstairs. Stopping his pace for the first time in an hour he composed himself and went downstairs.

“I made a quick dinner. I was going to eat it with you but unfortunately, I have an errand I have to run,” Minjun explained, seeming annoyed. Taehyung couldn’t help but smile smelling the stew that Minjun had taken the time to make. He hadn't even noticed Minjun coming home while lost in his thoughts.

“That’s really kind of you, thank you, Minjun,” Taehyung said, bowing slightly in respect. He was still in the midst of his moral dilemma with Minjun but he couldn’t refute that the man did care for him.

“I’m gonna grab my stuff and head out, help yourself,” Minjun smiled while giving Taehyung a quick hug. He strolled out of the kitchen and Taehyung headed over to the stove. Before he could open the pot he spotted Minjun’s phone buzzing next to him. Taking a quick glance behind him to make sure the coast was clear, he flipped the phone.

Taehyung had to remain calm. On the screen was a text from none other than Min Yoongi.

Be here soon. 298 Jinbat-gil.

This was the errand Minjun had to run? He quickly put the phone in the nick of time, Minjun walking quickly back into the kitchen. He walked over next to Taehyung and quickly snatched his phone off of the counter.

“Almost forgot this,” he laughed. Taehyung gave a quick chuckle and waved as Minjun left the kitchen.

He continues to make himself a bowl until he heard Minjun close the front door. Not a moment later he abandoned his dinner and grabbed his jacket and keys. He snuck out the back door and crept around to his car. As soon as Minjun pulled out and drove away Taehyung threw himself in the driver’s seat and was backing out of the driveway. It was time to finally find out something.


Taehyung maintained a good distance behind Minjun keeping his headlights off in the quickly setting sun. The location was close enough but traffic held them up. Staying a few cars behind he hoped Minjun wouldn’t spot him

They were finally approaching the street when Taehyung turned off the street before. Parking along the curb he left and turned back toward the address walking diligently. He saw Minjun’s car parked and abandoned in front of the run-down home. He crept low to the ground until he heard voices. He froze on the side of the houses before recognizing them. Minjun and Min Yoongi were laughing like old friends in the back of the house. He crawled slowly until he got to the back edge and saw the two men sitting on the back porch. There he listened.

“I can’t believe he has you working for him like an obedient lapdog!” Yoogi laughed.

“You have it easier! You just work and get to actually go after him and get information from me. I’m more of a rat than a dog,” Minjun snorted. They both broke into laughter.

“He doesn’t know you’re here, right?” Yoongi asked.

“Nope,” Minjun shook his head. Months we’ve been meeting and he doesn’t have a clue. I just shut off my phone but that’s why I have to make this quick,” he said, his tone getting more serious. Yoongi noticed the shift and waited.

“His top hitman has been assigned watching this kid, I think you know him,” Minjun sighed.


“Park Jimin.”

Yoongi swore and slammed the armrest of the chair. Minjun let him have a moment before continuing.

“He’s been watching him for weeks and it’s only a matter of time. I don’t know what to do. His father was a great man and look what happened to him. I know that Jimin is innocent and I want him to be safe.”

“See!?” Yoongi exploded. “This is why we need to get to him, now! We’re so damn close, why not let me get him?”

“Because it’s not the time. If anyone starts guarding the Parks it will raise attention. You can’t trust anyone at that station Yoongi, He has so much money in that force, you know that.”

“But there has to be something! Listen, this has gone on long enough! I’m not letting anyone else die, not another person abducted into his ring, he needs to be taken down! At least tell me who this hitman is!”

Minjun stood up. “You know I will never do it. This man is the only one that is innocent in all of this, I know what you will do to him.”

Taehyung gulped a mouth full of air. The tone of Yoongi’s voice made him not doubt for a moment that Taehyung would be screwed if his identity was known.

“Do you hear yourself? A hitman and the word 'innocent' does not fit in the same sentence of anyone sane! You’re undercover and going to save lives, this man is in this life not as an officer and he has killed and assaulted people! We take him out and it buys us time! An accident won’t get too much atten-”

“No!” Minjun bellowed. They both fell silent for a few minutes. They sat and seemed to be lost in their own thoughts.

“Fine. I have no idea why you’re so protective over this scumbag, but if you care I have no room to judge because I would do the same,” Yoongi said quietly, finally breaking the silence.

“That’s the only person I’m truly loyal to. Not anyone else, and especially not The Swan. You have to know I want to get him as much as anyone else. I’m in almost thirty years deep here, Yoongi. Longer than you’ve been alive I’ve been ordered by this man who took the love of my life. You know what that does to you?” Minjun asked timidly, his throat almost clogged.

“I know this isn’t easy for you. We’re just lucky to be working together on this. It’s only been a few months but we’ve gotten so close, almost as close as Park Pilwoo. We have to set a trap for him and find out his true identity. That mask and title can only protect him to an extent.” Yoongi pushed.

“I know,” Minjun agreed, nodding his head. “But what are we going to do in the meantime?”

“We have to protect the Park’s as all costs. Do you have any time frame of when he could be targeted?”

Minjun shook his head. “I don’t know, it could be any day, it could still be months. These assignments all vary in time. I myself don’t know why he is targeting Jimin. Jimin poses no threat to anyone so either there’s something we don’t know or the sick son-of-a-bitch is bored enough to want to torture Pilwoo further.”

Yoongi sighed and held his head in his hands. “We’ll figure something out. You should get going but I’ll brainstorm and keep you updated.”

“I’ll see you soon,” Minjun said giving Yoongi a half hug. Taehyung took this cue to get his ass out of there before he was seen. He got up and ran as quietly as he could down the street. He had to get home before Minjun did.

He got to his car quickly and began to drive home. Everything he had just heard laid heavy on his mind. What was he going to do? A thought scared him.

What if Yoongi told Jimin about the threat? Would Jimin put two and two together and think it was him? He wasn’t going to go down as the bad guy and lose Jimin. He didn’t want Jimin to know the truth and to leave. He knew he was being selfish but he had to be the one to save Jimin.

At least one thing was clear-Minjun was a good guy and genuinely had a heart for him. Yoongi was a good cop as far as he could tell and they were working together to capture The Swan. He wished he could join them but he knew Yoongi would never let it happen. He also knew he could never talk to Minjun, everything was seen in some way or another. He also knew Minjun would never admit his role.

With all of this, Taehyung had to formulate a plan to save Jimin and get The Swan in the cage where he deserved.

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Tue Mar 31, 2020 4:34 am
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Honora wrote a review...

He thought he could go through with giving Jimin space but there felt like there was something missing in his life.
Maybe this is me being picky but you used two “theres” is really close proximity. To me it disrupts the flow but if you like it, don’t worry about it!

Taehyung couldn’t help but smile smelling the stew that Minjun had taken the time to make.
Just a grammar mistake. I think a comma should be placed between smile and smelling.

And done with that!

EEEK! MINJUN IS GOOD? Whaaaat? I mean I kind saw it coming but at the same time I most definitely did not XD poor Taeyhung is probably so freaked about everything...
I really do not like The Swan. He’s so creepy and I get cold when he’s no like him :-P also, his interest in Irene is just adding more mistrust on my part towards no like her either XD

Awesome job! :D

Your friend,

Rin321 says...

I love your reviewsss
we'll see what happens, won't we? ;)

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Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:37 am
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Anamel wrote a review...

In your introduction, you're doing more telling than showing. You're not including the actual emotion the character is feeling, just narrating what's going on.

"He could see Jimin missed him too."
How can he see this? Did they have some sort of contact that showed him this? You can add a memory in here or really any event that caused the main character to come to this conclusion.

"He said ‘one more date, then I’ll do it’ too many dates ago. He had to find his backbone." I suggest taking out the needing to find his backbone part out completely. The reader is smart enough to know what's going on and that the character is struggling with telling her, and as a result, the reader does come to the conclusion that he's the type to have difficulty with speaking up and affirming himself.

"Taehyung paced his room with his thoughts racing faster than Nascar. What was he going to do?"
I can't really seem to explain why but the Nascar comparison just seems out of place here. It kind of makes the seriousness of this whole situation appear a bit silly. I think you could combine these two sentences together to make it more serious. Example: Taehyung paced around his room in panicked fervor; the question of what he was going to do refused to leave his mind.

"Minjun explained, seeming annoyed."
How does she seem annoyed? Did she sigh? Is her voice irritated?

"Yoongi swore and slammed the armrest of the chair."
Armrest of the chair? I thought the main character is watching them outside their house and if they are in the house it isn't explained that they are. It's kind of hard to keep up with all these names; a good way to solve this is point out a locater of the person(tattoo, scar, mark, hair color, clothing piece).

Regardless this whole gang part of the story reminds me of the web comic Lookism(idk if you've read it but I recommend it because I think you'd like it).

" Staying a few cars behind he hoped Minjun wouldn’t spot him"
Forgot a period here.

"They were finally approaching the street when Taehyung turned off the street before."
Turned off the street before? The wording is a bit confusing here, did he do a U-Turn onto another street just before?

"Parking along the curb he left and turned back toward the address walking diligently."
The issue with starting off sentences like this is that it becomes a fragmented sentence. Read this aloud and it'll sound odd. You can't start off a sentence with an action with -ing so I suggest just adding "He parked along the curb".

Rin321 says...

Thank you! You make a lot of good points, this is a long way into the story so a lot more would make sense with prior knowledge, but you made very valid points for me to look into

Anamel says...

Very true, your writing style is good though so please continue to write

Rin321 says...

thank you so much!

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