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Featured Member Feb 1 - Feb 15: SilverNight

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:12 pm
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IcyFlame says...

Hmm... what's going on?

A new Featured Member has arrived

Our newest featured member hasn't been on the site for very long (since September) but has already earned an amazing three stars and it looks like she's well on track for the next one before February is out.

They've captained the wonderful Crewmates this past review day and been a really key part in clearing out that pesky Lime Green Room. But quality is even more important than quantity, and this member provides just that with highly thought out and helpful reviews offering critique and encouragement in one go! She's also completed Team Tortoise this month, going above and beyond the one review a day requirement.

You might also have seen this YWSer around in some storybooks in the RolePlay Realm, and anyone who's enagaged with her can agree she's and all round lovely person!

You've probably guessed it by now, but our newest FM is @SilverNight! Please join me in congratulating her for this well deserved title!


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Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:15 pm
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Liminality says...

Congratulations! <3333

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:18 pm
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Seirre says...

Congrats! c: well deserved <333
u make me go wat cuz u so wat n u can always go what around u watcha


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Reviews: 1116

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:19 pm
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momonster says...

Aaaaah Congrats Shady!!! You deserve it; it's been a long time coming!! <3
Someone's missing from your group, someone very important ... Where's Momo?


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Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:35 pm
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shatteredstones says...


much deserve <3
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Mon Feb 01, 2021 3:42 pm
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Carina says...

CONGRATS, SHADY SILV!!! so well deserved :')
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Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:01 pm
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Mageheart says...

Congratulations! :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:

[ she/her, but it's a loose relationship at best ]

roleplaying is my platonic love language.

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:24 pm
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JustPerks says...

Congrats !!!
very, very sporadic activity, will be working on nano 2022.

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:25 pm
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SilverNight says...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! This means a lot to me and I am so deeply touched c:

Thank you to everyone! You're all so kind and amazing <33333

"silv is obsessed with heists" ~Omni

"silv why didn't you tell me you were obsessed with heists I thought we were friends" ~Ace

"y’all we outnumber silver let’s overthrow her >:]" ~winter

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:32 pm
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Riverlight says...

The politics of the world may be corrupt, but that does not mean that we must be corrupted ourselves.

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:44 pm
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SpunkyMonkey says...

WOOT WOOT!!! Congrats!!!!
<3 i lub you wonderful hooman <3

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 4:47 pm
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Lib says...

Congratulations @SilverNight!! <3 <3

*insert quirky signature here*

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:00 pm
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lliyah says...

Congratulations!! Well-deserved! <3
you should know i am a time traveler &
there is no season as achingly temporary as now
but i have promised to return

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Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:04 pm
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Stringbean says...

You've done so great, Shadow! Love you! <3

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