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buried things
by marms in Poetry » Realistic

Play it Loud
by speakerskat in Poetry » Romantic

Am I Too... Me?
by Flumadiddle in Poetry » General

Dust Demons and Stars
by Flumadiddle in Poetry » General

Grim - Part 7 of SMSU Poetry
by Flumadiddle in Poetry » General

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  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General
    Scream and Cry and Calm

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! IT'S OK!!!!!!!! I AM HERE FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! Don't forget that bud. I know Grim may not help you at times, or maybe even at all, but I can help ...

    Lake - 3 minutes ago

  • Forums » Lounge, The
    Holidayify Your Avatar - 2017

    Thanks, I love it!! And don’t worry :)

    Danni88 - 7 minutes ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General
    The Freak Freaks Out

    If you're talking about what we talked about a few days ago, I' still here, so is Pollution but I don't think she'll help. She's such a Debbie-downer, even more ...

    Lake - 8 minutes ago

  • Poetry » Romantic, Romantic
    A Week to Remember

    Much deeper than I was expecting to post for a first poem hahaha.

    Gatorboy - 3 hours ago

  • Short Story » Realistic, Romantic
    Life must go on...

    A story of a girl who left her loved ones on earth to join her loved ones in heaven.

    snowmonkey9 - 4 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Novel / Chapter » Dramatic, Romantic
    How to Kill What Can't Grow - INTRO + CH1

    Let's begin again.

    rawrafied - 5 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Reviews » Poetry » Lyrical, Dramatic
    Your Knife/My Knife

    Thanks for sharing. I like how the poem uses a kife, cutting, sharpness and scars to convey a truth. That others are often very capable of hurting us deeply in ...

    Radrook - 6 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » General, General
    The Freak Freaks Out

    Thanks for sharing this poem about a freak freaking out. You certainly effectively convey the frustration. As one who grew up being forced to listen to constant bickering I can ...

    Radrook - 7 hours ago

  • Reviews » Poetry » Romantic, Lyrical
    She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

    Thanks for sharing this poem of unrequited love. It very effectively expresses the situation involved. I like the way that the loved one is portrayed as flirting, resting the speaker's ...

    Radrook - 7 hours ago

  • Short Story » Realistic, Humor
    What About Joey?

    Christmas gift-giving casus difficulties between husband and wife.

    Radrook - 8 hours ago
    E - Everyone

  • Forums » Art & Photography
    Lee's Art

    Oh. Umm. I forgot to say, I do dual colour art only...

    LittleLee - 8 hours ago

  • Reviews » Short Story » Action / Adventure, Humor
    I took a break from work, so here's some reading.

    Oh my goodness gracious. I don't even know what to say. xD Like. This is amusing, but then I don't know what it is! It's not necessarily a story, but ...

    rosette - 8 hours ago

  • Storyboooks » Specific Storybook Discussion
    Defenders of the Dust City DT

    Thank you, m'dear! Took me a while, but I did my best. If they run into each other, Adrian might just have a hard time copying any manneurism Pango Lyn ...

    Tortwag - 9 hours ago

  • Short Story » Humor, General
    The Case Against Cassandra

    Cassie Baker was not the most pleasant child at Christmas time. She was not pleasant any time during the year, but Christmas was the worst of all.

    ajruby12 - 9 hours ago

  • Poetry » General, General
    Scream and Cry and Calm

    I think I am better.

    Flumadiddle - 9 hours ago

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    The Mage and the Immortal Chapter 14.1

    Reinhard's past begins to openly affect him. Nyx wants to help him, but Avery lacks the subtlety and finesse to bring him in peacefully.

    Thundahguy - 10 hours ago
    12+ Language

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